Reaper of the Martial World
733 Second Trial 51
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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733 Second Trial 51

Luna's small mouth struggled to envelop Dyon's tip, but that didn't stop her tongue from swirling with an awkwardness that made Dyon's blood boil.

Realizing her inability to fit her mouth over the rod that was throbbing in her hands, Luna changed tactics. Her hands delicately played with Dyon's shaft and balls, stroking them gently as her tongue continued to swirl. She was suddenly engrossed in her actions, completely forgetting that her purpose was only to make Dyon back away. It all of a sudden became less of a competition to her as a faint excitement filled her heart.

She had never done something like this ever before, as was seen by her awkward and often clumsy actions. But, she was always deliberate and gentle with her every action, causing Dyon to quiver and tremble. His muscles clenched, his eyes closing in hopes of limiting the stimuli. If he had to look upon Luna's immaculate figure and adorable features while feeling such sensations, he would have long since lost control.

"Do you like it, husband?" Luna's melodic voice filled the room, unifying with Dyon's heavy breathing. She didn't need to ask to know the answer to the question, but she felt a gratification in her heart seeing Dyon's closed eyes and clenched jaw.

She trailed kisses along it, enjoying the robust throbbing and twitching on her cheek. It felt almost like hot coals in her small palms, but somehow comfortable at the same time. There was no embarrassment or hesitation in her actions, it was almost as though this wasn't the Luna Dyon had thought he knew all this time.

Was this truly the same delicate and fragile beauty he met on his first night? The same one that almost burst into tears and asked him to hold her? The same one that spent her days leisurely looking at the moon? Was that her true self? Or was this it?

Luna's attack was relentless as the minutes passed by. Her teasing became bolder along with her actions more pronounced and shameless.

Her hands played with the hem of Dyon's shirt before she caught hold of his pants, pulling them away completely. Her heart beat quickened as she trailed over the hard and lean muscles of his torso, engraving every peak and valley into her mind.

"You're so big…" She said softly, deliberately trying to get a rise out of Dyon. It seemed to have worked because the throbbing of Dyon's cock intensified with those words, almost escaping her gentle grasp.

"Look, husband, I can't even cover it completely…" Luna giggled, enveloping Dyon with her breasts.
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If Dyon's eyes were opened at this point, they'd be entirely bloodshot and without focus. Luna's teasing was making him lose his mind.

"Husband, if you don't look, I'll feel sad. Am I not beautiful?" Luna said softly, a hint of melancholy playing her voice.

'This vixen.' Dyon clenched his jaw tighter as he opened his eyes, finding Luna's glistening violet ones staring up at him submissively. His blood pumped through his veins, somehow inadvertently causing him to jump into Demon Emperor's Will first act.

Luna gasped faintly as Dyon's cock grew to another size between her breasts. Veins of gold throbbed through it, coursing with a new level of vitality that overwhelmed Luna's senses.

It didn't take long for Luna to regain her composure though. Since Dyon had even lost control of his own techniques, it was clear that she was very close to winning. So what if it was a size bigger? It was already too much for her to handle before, but she'd never admit that.

The sight of Luna's small tongue licking his tip as her small breasts barely covered half of him caused steam to escape Dyon's lips. His muscles grew to another size, making him feeling like he could make Luna disappear in his embrace.

"Husband, if you get any bigger, how will you fit?" Luna said playfully. "Don't you know how much I want you inside me?"

She pulled back, using her finger to gently play with Dyon's tip. Her slender hand was so small that it almost slid into Dyon's hole, but it pulled back, taking with it a faint string of liquid that glistened under the large carriage's lights.

Dyon's blood pumped with he saw this. Even Luna's breathing quickened as Dyon's masculine smell raised to a new level, causing her cheeks to flush.

Then, Luna did something that made Dyon snap.

She looked her husband directly in the eyes, never daring to look away as she raised her finger to her mouth before licking the liquid away.

What Luna didn't know was that she had already lost the moment the she took Dyon's shaft into her mouth. Before, Dyon had made even the rowdy Clara bend to his will with just a drop of his blood. What kind of effect do you think his actual reproductive juices would have?

Dyon's body was at the point where it was dealing with unbridled lust constantly. If it wasn't for his will power and morals, he would fuck anything that even remotely caught his attention. This problem only grew to an all new level when his soul was sealed because now he couldn't use celestial will to calm himself.

The conclusion was simple. If Dyon lost him mind to the demonic side while his soul was sealed and without his wives by his side, an all new persona would come out. One that would make that silver haired beauty between his legs yield at all costs.


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