Reaper of the Martial World
732 Second Trial 50
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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732 Second Trial 50

Luna thought for a moment. This wasn't a contest of speed, but she couldn't exactly stay silent for minutes at a time without response when Dyon seemingly responded immediately. What she didn't know was that Dyon's speed of thought far exceeded even normal celestials. His soul was too powerful and had the perfect effect on his mind. In reality, despite the fact he answered immediately, he likely spent more "time" thinking that Luna.

Suddenly, Luna realized her biggest advantage.

Why was it that the Ahpuch family traveled hundreds of millions of light years to come to Planet Haven? Why was it that even her husband didn't dare to touch her? Why was it that she was likely one of the only women clans would fight an entire war for?

Luna stood, startling Dyon for a moment.

Currently, they sat in an elegantly furnished lounging area on comfortable couches. So, when Luna got up and stood before Dyon, he was still seated. Yet, because of Luna's petite frame, her eye level was still a mere inch or two higher than Dyon's even while he sat.

Luna smiled, dazzling Dyon as she slipped the flats on her feet off, not minding the flash of snow-white skin that assaulted Dyon's vision as she lifted her legs. Whether by her design or not, she placed her foot right between Dyon's thighs each time, using the couch as a stabilizer for her feet.

Although waves were rocking Dyon's heart, he reclined leisurely, never changing the expression on his face. In fact, he spread his legs, leaving Luna with enough room for her teasing.
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Despite the fact that Luna was still a virgin, that didn't mean that she had experienced nothing in the past almost 30 years. Dyon's last persona wasn't that pathetic, right?

Dyon had frequently held her in his arms, and they frequently kissed, although it was almost always initiated by her. In those years of interactions, she had felt and seen her husbands "excitement" many times, and had also become quite familiar with how to trigger it. This was why although Luna was still a virgin, she was still quite proud of her ability as a woman. She knew she elicited a reaction in her man, he was just too guilty to take advantage of it.

Knowing all of this, Luna planned to do the same again. Since Dyon wanted to play games, she would play with him. In the end, wouldn't he lose if he once again backed out due to guilt? Then he would stop questioning her again and they could continue to pretend as though nothing was wrong with their relationship.

However, when Luna glanced at Dyon's open legs, she was stunned when she saw no difference. No bulge, no anything. For the first time, she felt doubt.

She had never acted so deliberately before, but in the past, even just the faint outline of her leg would get this husband of hers excited. Now, he had seen nearly the entire way up her dress without reacting at all? How was this possible?

Dyon smiled to himself, still watching Luna's seductive actions. She wore a pure white dress that only lightly clung to her petite curves. Her snow-white shoulders were exposed by its thin straps, giving her an alluring yet still innocent air. However, what Dyon found most attractive right now was the flash of competitiveness in her beautiful and sparkling violet eyes.

Clearly, Luna was unwillingly to give up. Unfortunately for her, Dyon's body cultivation talent was so ridiculously high right now that the tempering his body had gone through during the foundation stage was millions of times more effective. Before, he could only faintly understand how to control his body from everything to digestion to the circulation of his blood, but now he felt like he could enter his own mind and turn dials as he pleased.

Simply put, if Dyon didn't want to have an erection, nothing on this planet, barring someone with overwhelming cultivation making him lose control of his body, could make him.

However, considering the flash in her eyes, Luna was still not perturbed by this. If nothing but his own will could allow it to happen, then didn't she just have to make it his will?

The answer to the previous questions was still burning in Luna's mind. It was her beauty. And no one could resist it. Least of all the man she wanted to show it to.

Thinking to this part, Luna's heart suddenly became as still as a lake, the only ripples were no longer caused by anxiety, but rather pure and unbridled attraction to the handsome man sitting across from her. Maybe only he could compliment her beauty perfectly.

This was the first fact Dyon learned about Luna. This couldn't be faked. This wasn't a façade she put up. This was who she truly was. It seemed that other than Clara, he had yet another overly competitive woman for a wife.

"Husband, you said we don't know each other enough, right?" Luna smiled lightly, reaching her small hand toward her back and allowing the sound of a zipper to fill the quiet room and cause Dyon's pupils to shrink to the size of the point of a pin.

On one hand, his overly analytical brain couldn't help but wonder how zippers made it to these ancient times. On the other, his every cell was anticipating what would happen next.

"I think we should get to know each other better than, no?" Luna's dress fell from her shoulders, catching slightly on her chest, before sliding down completely.

Luna's body was perfect. There was a single blemish on her white skin, and not a single impurity in her proportions.

Her chest wasn't large, but Dyon didn't doubt that it could still fill his hand. The fact she wasn't wearing a bra was seared into Dyon's mind, leaving him wondering how he didn't notice such a thing before he got lost in the delicate pinks of her nipples.

His heart beat quickened as he realized this was the very first time he had ever seen Luna's body. Everything from the flashing silvers of her hair, to the twinkling of her violet eyes, to the way her pure white panties were partially see through made Dyon's blood roar through his veins.

And yet, she wasn't finished, not in the least.

Luna took a step forward, leaning to place her two small hands on Dyon's thighs.

Dyon could hardly look her in the eyes, his vision still trained on her chest and scanning her body up and down without regard.

But, when Luna suddenly kneeling before him, everything seemed to freeze. He lost control of his body. It wasn't that he could regain it if he wanted, but his lower regions were screaming "Don't you dare!".

"I've shown you what it is Jabari wanted." Luna said softly, implying that Dyon could have what he couldn't. "But now I want to find out what you want."

Luna's eyes trained on the still growing bulge in Dyon's pants before reaching forward and gently gliding her hands over it.

"I want to know more about you…" She said softly.

Luna showed no signs of stopping as she undid Dyon's pants. In her mind, she had already won. It would only be a matter of time before Dyon stopped her, too wracked by guilt to continue.

A massive behemoth of seemed to pop out of Dyon's pants, startling Luna only for a moment before she regained her composure.

Her two small hands couldn't even wrap all the way around, as she grasped onto it with both, pulling it closer to her.

An overwhelming masculine scent shook Luna to the core. Her heart beat quickened as her mind went blank. With her petite frame, would this even fit?...

A small tongue dripping faintly with glistening saliva appeared as Luna opened her delicate lips… And in the next instant, she closed in, twirling it around Dyon's tip.


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