Reaper of the Martial World
731 Second Trial 49
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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731 Second Trial 49

Dyon silently took a glance at Luna. When he heard her say those words, his heart was immediately caught in his throat. All fighting between his personas seemed to calm down, both seemingly wanting to comfort her.

Although something at the back of Dyon's mind was nagging him that this was just another play, another façade she put up.
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However, the one thing that wouldn't ever leave Dyon, something etched into his bones, something he built his dao on… Was his arrogance. Even if this Luna had his other persona's love, he'd be the one to choose how he expressed it.

There were two reasons why Dyon took Luna on this trip. The first was that he didn't trust her to be alone in their clan without him. The second was more calculated. This was already his third day here, and with so few days remaining in his five-day deadline, this would be his best opportunity to truly test this wife of his.

It was time he went on the attack.

"You know, there's something I've always wondered." Dyon said playfully. He lightly pulled his arm away from Luna's grasp, instead wrapping it around her small frame.

Luna froze for a moment, her chest heating up under Dyon overwhelming masculine smell. Although Dyon no longer imperceptibly leaked demonic will, since it was currently sealed, with his growing body cultivation, his existence alone was enough to shake the hearts of women.

With his increased essence integration, and the break through of his soul, all coupled with the fact he was now approaching 20 years old and true adulthood, it could be said that Dyon now had a sophistication and alluring Presence to him that he didn't have before.

"What's that?" Luna managed to speak, but her words were soft. It wasn't only that Dyon was particularly alluring to her right now – after all, she was a married woman who had never been truly touched by her husband, what woman wouldn't be frustrated? – it was also that she was afraid of the question. Was Dyon about to confront her? Now?

"I was just wondering –"

The words seemed to tumble out of Dyon's mouth much too slowly, and Luna's anxiety only made the situation worse. To her, time might as well have been stopped.

" – how special this wife of mine had to be to catch the attention of an Emperor God Clan on this small planet of ours."

Luna froze. Was her husband toying with her? This question was right on the borderline. On one hand, it directly referred to maybe the most key thing leading to this whole situation. But, on another, it could also be completely innocent. After all, wasn't she the one who brought up when they first met? How could she blame him for continuing the conversation she started?

However, Luna regained her composure quickly. It had been a long time since her husband had shown any semblance of a real personality. This was the sort of playfulness their relationship was missing. Whether or not he was only probing her, she'd dive in head first to find out.

If this situation had to be painted out with artistic freedom, one would likely see a Noble Knight facing off against a Silver haired goddess. Both with cunning in their eyes and both with a purpose.

It seemed that this husband/wife pair never truly understood who their partner was as a person at all… And they were now about to use the next few hours to find out…

"Shouldn't you have found the answer for yourself by now?" Luna's small hand rested on Dyon's inner thigh. She pretended to do so innocently. After all, Dyon was the one who took the arm she had wrapped around away, no? "It's your job to know everything about me, isn't it?"

The competitive fire in Dyon's eyes lit with a brighter flame. The fact they were meeting a man who supposedly hated him to essentially ask for an alliance was thrown to the back of his mind. Right now, all he worried about to bending this woman to his will.

"Ai. You must forgive your husband for being blind and stupid. I only just found out that you liked a forceful man. Clearly I'm quite slow."

Luna smiled, snuggling her head on Dyon's shoulder once again. "What are you going to do with that new information?"

"It depends."


"I could give you exactly what you want. But, that depends on if you'll give me what I want."

A playful giggle left Luna's lips, seemingly causing the atmosphere to brighten up. "What have you done to deserve such a reward?"

"I may have been a bad husband who didn't know enough about his wife." Dyon said, before suddenly grinning. "But, how much does my wife know about her husband?"

Luna paused. Although she thought the card she played was quite unexpected, this was probably even more so. Dyon was correct, how much did she know about this husband of hers?

They met by accident. His personality suddenly changed drastically form what she thought it was. And then in the blink of an eye, almost 30 years had passed before his personality suddenly changed drastically again… And seemingly changed to the personality she thought he once had…. The personality she thought was perfect for her future husband.

Luna was suddenly stumped. How could she answer this question?


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