Reaper of the Martial World
729 Second Trial 47
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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729 Second Trial 47

Dyon didn't care about his achievement. To him, it only made sense that he was first place. He was the crown prince of the Angel Clan! Despite their decline in numbers, their True Deity bloodline was unrivaled among humans and even suppressed most beasts. Dyon didn't need a faith seed, all he needed was himself.

However, it was obvious that not everyone was happy about this result. The Angel Clan was relatively unknown, only fit to be a subsidiary clan of a mere Royal God Clan, how could the myriad of King and Emperor God Clans that participated be satisfied?

This was where the previous prince was eerily similar to Dyon. He didn't care about offending those greater powers. In fact, unlike Dyon, he had the backing of a father who could be considered top 1 in experts in the entire quadrant. Offending the son of such a man was tantamount to asking for trouble.

Unfortunately, the clans that found this out only took more offense. They thought that Dyon was only acting arrogant because he wanted to rely on his father, and that would likely cause future problems.

To Dyon, however, he wasn't even aware that his father was so famous, nor did he know that his father was so powerful. He only acted so arrogantly because he wanted to rely on himself. He earned his first place spot, why should he apologize or be ashamed of such a thing?

But… This was when Dyon found out why the Moon clan was hosting such a large event, and also why so many were angry. It turned out that this tournament was actually meant to be a formality. The Ahpuch Emperor God Clan's crown prince was essentially guaranteed to be the victor according to many.

Not only had Jabari Ahpuch filled 101 saint meridians at a mere 87 years old, his body held an overwhelming Devil bloodline within it that could only be compared to a Mid-tier True Deity bloodline. Even in Ancient times, such a thing was rare beyond belief.

When Dyon thought to this point, the Pakal family flashed in his mind. Maybe they had a connection?

When the Ahpuch family stimulated their bloodline and fought, their skin would become red. However, the Pakals had mutated to always have faintly red skin. Maybe this was the reason for the Demon Sage's body cultivation talent?

But, Dyon dismissed this idea for now. There were too many millions to even billions of years between now and the time of the Pakals. He couldn't connect them just because of red skin.

That said, neither the talent of the Pakals, nor the Ahpuchs could be underestimated. And that was especially so for their young crown prince. He was blood thirsty and even Dyon had to admit his battle intent nearly shattered when he stood on the stage for their final fight.

None of that mattered in the end. Dyon battle power soared under the pressure and his Angel bloodline evolved to an all new level, shattering preconceived notions. He became a genius towering over the rest. And that was when the truth was revealed to him…

The Ahpuch had decided that the Moon Clan would host this event in order to propose marriage… But, the façade of the tournament didn't say this. The rule was simple. Whoever placed first would be Luna's husband.

When Dyon learned this he was stunned. Although he didn't care about offending clans, he had always had a soft spot for women, and he wasn't willing to reject Luna in front of so many people. However, in his heart, there was only one woman: Amphorae.

The world didn't know about Amphorae because they didn't even know about the Angel Clan. His father was extremely famous, but he had never made his affiliations clear. In fact, the only reason his father even let himself be known was in rare moments when prime legacies for the older generation opened up, so that he could take resources and treasures for the Angel Clan. He never acted out of selfishness.

However, to Dyon, Amphorae was vastly superior to Luna, whether it be in demeanor or talent, and, he didn't believe that his Amphorae lost out to anyone in talent. Since he had taken first place here while being so young, and since Amphorae was very close in talent to himself, how could this Luna be better than her?

It could be said, the from the bottom of his heart, Dyon was more than satisfied with Amphorae as his primary wife although he knew he would be forced to take concubines.
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But, in typical Dyon fashion, he was soft hearted. So, when Luna's father called him son-in-law for the first time in front of trillions of people, he could only smile and pretend to be on board with everything that was going on.

The problem was that not only were the Ahpuch family livid, Luna's elder sister, Laura, seemed to sense that there was something off about Dyon's attitude. In the end, time proved her right.

After the tournament ended, in private, Dyon proclaimed that Luna was his woman now to the Moon family, but he also let them know that he had a wife. This was likely what Luna meant by him being forceful, but it just wasn't in his personality to go back on his word, nor did he have the heart to embarrass Luna by rescinding or disappearing.

And yet… The memories afterward were all a blur for Dyon…

Somehow… That Dyon that hated to hurt women… That Dyon unwilling to pain those close to him… Stabbed dagger after dagger into the heart of the woman he supposedly loved with his everything.

"I liked it though," Luna said, with a rare serious expression, referring to Dyon's forcefulness.

These words snapped Dyon out of his flashback, causing more complex feelings to swirl in his eyes. He thought he had all of his memories back now? What the hell happened after he confronted Luna's father?!

Luna giggled, "This trip will be interesting though. Our first visit is to the fifth-place finisher of that Universe Tournament you stole me at. I wonder if he still hates you."


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