Reaper of the Martial World
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Amphorae was a genius, and was also less than 50 years old and already approaching the peak stages of sainthood. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact she wanted to break through from the second grade toward the peak of the first, she would have long since broken through.

On top of that, losing her virginity to Dyon had brought her untold benefits. Her soul broke through continuously, shaking off the shackles of its essence gatherer level and breaking into lower saint levels, and her body seemed to have also gotten a boost in talent along with her Angel bloodline. Dyon had witnessed the latter for himself. Before, Amphorae had white wings with red tips, similar to her father's black wings with red tips. However, after dual cultivating with Dyon, she gained a mutation. She now had the purest of white wings, a halo, and even the ability for her hair to shift between red, gold and white colors. In fact, her current hair had shifted from a fiery red, to a red with heavy golden accents.

This was all to say that in the Ancient era Dyon was currently in, this is what it took be known as a genius. And yet, wasn't Luna also labeled a genius? In fact, she was known as the foremost genius of the entire Moon Clan. Having such a feat had to mean there was something special about her, right? So why did Dyon know nothing?...

'Why am I in love with you?' The words spun around in Dyon's mind with no answer.

He knew he loved Madeleine. She was the woman to opened his heart, the one who showed him that there was something else to life than mourning his parents. When Dyon saw the death sentence hanging over Madeleine's head, and how she still managed to keep a beautiful smile, he didn't think he had the right to complain about his life. She deserved his love.

He knew he loved Ri. She was strong and resilient. Her parents left her, without a word, and yet she took the responsibility of saving their kingdom on her own shoulders. She planned, she bided her time, and even if Dyon hadn't shown up, Dyon was certain that she would have taken hold of the Kingdom without him.

He knew he loved Clara. She was his childhood friend… They had shared the losses of their mothers together, they had grown strong together… He owed her so much, but he knew that it was more than just guilt that sat in his heart for Clara, there was something deeper… something purer.

He knew he loved Amphorae. Strong didn't seem like a powerful enough word to describe her. She was a woman of duty and loyalty, one he was sure would never leave his side even if it meant ruining her own life…

Each and every one of these women had a reason for their place in Dyon's heart. And each and every one of them deserved it…
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Dyon knew that, even if it hurt as much as having his heart ripped from his chest, if it meant their happiness, he would be willing to let any one of his wives go… He didn't want to be the reason for their suffering…

And yet, when he thought of Luna, he hated such an idea. He would rather die than let her leave him.

But… The problem was that he didn't have any reasons for it…

Was it because she was beautiful? Because she was gentle? Caring? All of those sounded like shallow explanations that held no water compared to the other four, and yet his feelings for her were easily 100x what he felt for any of the others.

Dyon thought back to the first time he met Luna. He was on an trip to temper himself, hoping to break through a bottleneck he was having in comprehending intents when he stumbled onto tournament.

At first, he didn't think much of it. He was only focused on cultivation and already had a woman in his heart. So, he didn't even care for the fact Luna, her elder sister and her father were watching the proceedings.

In the end, it turned out that this was actually what they called a Universe Tournament. It was a step up from World Tournaments. Whereas the latter pit worlds against each other, the former pit entire universes.

Dyon didn't think about why a mere Royal God Clan would have the honor of hosting such an event, because again, he didn't particularly care. He only wanted to fight, and this was the perfect stage for him.

He went all out, and his bloodline ignited along with his intent, helping him soar to all new levels. Since these were ancient times, and the universes were on another level, even celestials were considered to be juniors. However, there was an age restriction of 100 years old, so Dyon's strongest opponent wasn't even the one with the highest cultivation. After all, many geniuses stalled their break throughs to achieve higher grade levels. But, none of that meant anything to Dyon.

He was eventually rewarded for his effort and became among the youngest to ever place first. Taking his position above the rest, Dyon stood proudly as a lower saint capable of defeating even first grade saints. A difference of 12 whole small cultivation levels was decimated by him….


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