Reaper of the Martial World
726 Second Trial 44
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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726 Second Trial 44

Dyon smiled. He had realized that his real body had come into this world for some odd reason, but again, he attributed it to rewards from the trial. After all, if his real body wasn't taken in, how could they reward him with a boost in cultivation that would have taken him years to accomplish?

From Dyon's prior knowledge, those taking trials usually spent decades in them, if not longer. Only the best of the best would taken a short time. And even those geniuses would spend a long time within the God level trial. If the trial didn't help cultivation, wouldn't those geniuses stall out for all this time? No one would want to give up so many years of potential.

"Bigger?" Dyon grinned, not taking Amphorae's question too seriously.

Amphorae blushed, remembering how Dyon really had gotten bigger inside of her during the night. She hadn't thought much of it then, mostly because it made her mind go blank, but maybe it was because his body was changing.

"More handsome?" Dyon's grin widened.

This only made Amphorae's blush deepen. Somehow this husband of hers was right again.

The previous king couldn't be said to be an ugly man, in fact, he was above average. However, in terms of martial warriors, his looks were 'meh'.

But, this current version of him made it hard for Amphorae to look him in the eye. The combination of his demeanor and his features that seemed to be perfectly sculpted out of the most precious of stones was too much for her handle, even with her queenly aura.

Amphorae hid her face in Dyon's chest, unable to withstand his teasing. It seemed the easily embarrassed Amphorae was back, causing Dyon to smile lovingly.

Dyon absentmindedly stroked her hair, almost falling back into his thoughts.

"I've never seen wings like yours before," She said softly. "I've also never seen a mutation that adds pairs of wings. Your Angel blood is quite overwhelming." A light breath escaped her delicate lips. She meant every word she said. Even their ancient books didn't speak of such a thing.

One pair of Angel wings was oppressive enough. Not only could they rival the fastest of species, from wind Dragons, to lightning transcendent beasts, to even light elemental bloodlines, Angel wings also had a myriad of other mysterious effects.

For example, an Angel could break Heaven's rules to a limited extent. They had profound spatial abilities which were a huge part of the reason for their oppressive speed. They were constantly bathed with Heaven's Light which boosted healing abilities by hundreds of times. Maybe one of its scariest abilities was known as a soul flame, which allowed its wielder to spark flames using the power of their soul to directly damage the soul of an opponent.

The price was that Angels faced heavy penalties during break throughs, making their tribulations many times more powerful than normal.

Considering the fact that these abilities were only the tip of the ice berg, maybe such a penalty was worth it.

"You also seemed to have both Angel and Hell's Angel abilities within you… I've never seen anyone have both…"

That's right. Those abilities listed were merely Angel abilities. Hell's Angel abilities could be considered to be even scarier, although they lacked in healing properties.

They provided a major boost to fire based attacks. They had the ability to call down Heaven's Judgement, smiting opponents. They also had profound abilities directly opposing to the will of highest purity: Holy Light. Hell's Angels had access to the will of highest darkness: Chaos, which was many steps above destruction will. Even Void will only had faint traces of chaos within it.

None of this even touched the most heaven defying ability of Angels and Hell's Angels alike. Innately born with powerful souls, they could split their souls at no cost to themselves, breaking Heaven's laws, and focus on multiple things at once. Imagine training in multiple techniques at once without losing efficiency or talent! The Florence family technique tried to replicate this, but it resulted in a vastly inferior version.
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Unfortunately, Dyon knew none of this. Or, more accurately, he had never tried because he didn't know there was any connection between him and Angels at all. He couldn't be blamed. After all, he was born a mortal. Not only was his knowledge of the martial world still limited compared to others, how could he think he was born with something so amazing?

Listening to Amphorae, Dyon decided to do his best to learn as much about Angels as he could while he was here. Although he had never sensed these abilities before, maybe that was because his talent was too low before. Maybe he'd have a chance if he focused. If he failed, that only meant his soul had mimicked something it had no right to be.

Dyon gently picked up Amphorae, holding her tightly as he climbed the steps to her bed. It was almost dawn and the skies were starting to hold a faint dark blue, it was time he went to Queen Luna.

Laying Amphorae down, he kissed her forehead. "I believe in you. Let me know if anyone bullies you today, I'll teach them a good lesson."

Amphorae smiled, kissing Dyon before letting him go. They both had very important things to do today, so now wasn't the time to cling to him.


"Of course I'll go with you." Queen Luna's smile made Dyon heart quake as she stepped closer, tracing her small hand against his strong chin as her long silver hair and violet eyes sparkled.

Although Luna didn't show it, her own heart was trembling as well. The pressure and Presence of this husband of hers far exceeded something she could be nonchalant about. When did he get so handsome? She couldn't help but think to herself.

If Queen Luna was bothered by Dyon being away all night, she didn't show it. Instead, she left the room to dress and prepare, leaving Dyon behind to do the same.

Dyon glanced at a mirror Luna left by the bed stand. His brow furrowed, he had never seen this mirror before, but even without his soul, he could see that this was at the very least a transcendent level treasure.

He looked away, pretending he hadn't seen anything. But, unbeknownst to her for now, Luna's shell had finally shown a crack.


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