Reaper of the Martial World
725 Second Trial 43
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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725 Second Trial 43

As anyone could see, the importance of bloodlines were not only important, they were heavily tied to what a family represented.

Dyon could already see that Ri and Madeleine were following the right paths. Ri was especially fond of her dark ice techniques which took advantage of her Snow family bloodline and her Acacia family bloodline. As for Madeleine, she started with her Queen Peacock techniques which were modified from a yang version of the technique. Although this wasn't anywhere near the most powerful technique Amethyst had, it was the one that aligned with her constitution the best.

All of this said, when the Spirit Body was thrown into the mix, all of this was interrupted. The weapon itself could be considered to be banned and wouldn't be a surprise if anyone wielding was immediately wanted dead.

The real problem was that this wasn't even the limit of the Spirit Body. Not only could it gift bloodlines and constitutions, after stealing them, to its owner, it could even store them to give to subordinates! It was truly a demonic weapon…

Unfortunately for Dyon, he needed that weapon to make full use of his Origin constitution. He didn't plan on awakening all of the constitutions within him, because that would be a waste of time, but awakening a few of the most helpful ones would aid him greatly.

For example, if he had Femi's God level body constitution from the World Tournament, Tyranny's Rage, his battle power would increase as he fought, tapping into his potential with each punch. With the body kernel within him, the potential of his Tyranny's Rage would far surpass the norm, likely being the equivalent of a lower tier True Deity bloodline.

Even more shockingly, Tyranny's Rage wasn't even ranked that highly among male God constitutions. The fact the body kernel could boost it in such a way was already shocking, just what kind of effect would it have on the top ten? There were even constitutions a step above Tyranny's Rage that could not only increase battle power, but also steal battle power from opponents on contact, thus lowering the strain of the constitution.
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The possibilities were too many. What about constitutions that specialized in the rare magic that Loki practiced? Or ones related to the eyes? What about constitutions that guaranteed great talent among your children? All of these were thoughts swimming in Dyon's head.

The only problem was quite a glaring one… Without the Spirit Body, all of this was impossible.

Just like other pills, Constitution Awakening pills lowered in effectiveness with every dose taken. Normally, this wasn't a problem. After all, usually, martial warriors were born with only a single constitution to worry about. Even those who were lucky enough to be born with two, or three – those absolute geniuses from old and ancient universes – usually had only a single one that was worth awakening. For example, they might have only a single God constitution, while the other might pale in comparison – being a Heaven or even Earth constitution not worth awakening.

In the extremely rare cases where a true genius was born with multiple high tier constitutions, usually they could awaken at most two of them. After the second time, the pills would lose effectiveness, only being capable of awakening less than 50% of the third. And for the fourth, less than 20%.

Even then, it was rare to be able to awaken two fully. It would require a moon level constitution awakening pill.

These were the pills that the Celestial Deer Sect had. Unfortunately, Dyon had already used them all.

This said, there was one other way to awaken a constitution, and that was by using the method Delia used. Unfortunately, this was again, a very rare occurrence and required finding the very essence of the constitution. Such a thing usually required centuries. The only reason Delia succeeded was because her mother's life was on the line, and she spent centuries with her constitution within her mother's womb with her birth being suppressed. As such, her resonance with her constitution far surpassed those of her age.

Obviously, Dyon didn't have centuries to spend resonating with hundreds to thousands of constitutions.

The only other way Dyon could think of to take advantage of constitutions, although it was the weaker methods, was to dual cultivate. Through dual cultivation, Lionel was able to gain Evelyn's Eternal Balance constitution in order to perfectly fuse his red and blue flames. His version of the constitution was much weaker than Evelyn's, and he had many limitations that would have taken decades if not centuries to surpass, but it was still effective nonetheless.

Using this logic, Dyon could possibly use this method to increase the resonance he had with his constitutions and shorten the time needed to awaken them naturally. After all, he had Clara's Origin primordial yin, he could pick whichever he wanted to use. Unfortunately, they would only be from the female constitutions which was a very different list. And if he didn't want to become too feminine, he'd have to be really selective about which he chose. But, some female versions had male counter parts which could increase his resonance.

Suddenly, Dyon's thoughts were interrupted by Amphorae who had seemingly been awake and staring at him for a while.

"You look… Different." She whispered.

Amphorae no longer felt like her husband was the same man… In fact, he could be said to be someone else entirely.


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