Reaper of the Martial World
723 Second Trial 41
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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723 Second Trial 41

Dawn was being to assert its dominance over the darkness of night even as a beauty with blazing red and gold hair slept soundly against the chest of the man she loved. They both sat upright, letting the flickering lights of the fire place warm them as they wrapped around each other.

Although Dyon had a relaxed expression on his face, he was actually quite surprised. His body had shot upward in blood essence integration, shattering the 28% barrier and approaching 29%. At this point, Dyon met a strong bottle neck that let him know he was closing in on the level of a celestial body. He had only just recently turned 20, yet he could already boast having a celestial soul and a peak saint body.

This shocked Dyon. But, he dismissed it as a reward for the trial. Maybe his grand teacher had methods he didn't consider before. What he didn't notice was that the primordial yins within him had increased by one, becoming six.

He now had Kukan's, Amethyst's, Madeleine's, Ri's, Clara's and Amphorae's. Clara's two should have technically made it seven, however they had fused due to their overwhelming compatibility. This confirmed the theories that faith seeds should be separate from one's foundation.

Despite Kukan and Ri, and Madeleine and Amethyst, shared a body, their primordial yins didn't fuse, while Clara's did. It was no wonder why those who relied too much on their faith seeds failed to reach the final steps of cultivation. After all, you'd be following a dao that wasn't truly yours.

But, Dyon wasn't worried about Madeleine and Ri. His wives were all highly intelligent and didn't need him looking over their shoulder all the time. This was obvious considering the improvement in their cultivation while he was in a coma.

Although Ri and Madeleine had lost to the Uidah during the first two tries, Dyon had no doubt that had he not awoken, they would have broken through the third time. After all, they were both very young, the progress they made in two years would have blown the Uidah out of the water.

Within his inner world, Dyon Primordial yang hovered in the center of those six balls of light, each a differing color. Kukan's was a dense black, wafting a thick fog. Amethyst's was a blazing ball of fire, radiating piercing cold and fiery heat all at once while shining a beautiful violet. Ri's was a bright gold, forcing the world to want to bow in allegiance, perfectly matching her Elvin Queen's Reign constitution. Madeleine's was a gentle white light, almost like a pearl, befitting of her Goddess' Disposition. Clara's was a beautiful opal color, swirling with all sort of purples, reds, blues and even golds, matching Dyon's to perfection while only being a lighter shade. As for Amphorae's, it radiated an aura almost identical to Ri's, but had less arrogance and innocence, and a more elegant and mature air. Flames of gold, red and white danced around its perfect white center like the wings of a divine bird.

All six rotated in harmony, not showing any signs of dissatisfaction.

One had to know that there was a reason only powerful men had many wives. It was simply impossible for a man with a weak primordial yang to support so many powerful primordial yins. If one were to try, it would only result in disaster.

Should a weak primordial yang take on multiple powerful primordial yins, it would shatter. Although the man would live, he would be forever impotent. In fact, often times, if the primordial yin was strong enough, it wouldn't even allow itself to leave the body of the woman.

Luckily for Dyon, although primordial yins and yangs were technically energy cultivation based, that was only because of where they resided: the meridians or dantian. In reality, they touched on all three paths. If they didn't, how could taking a virginity of a powerful woman cause a boost in Dyon's body and soul cultivation?
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Because of this truth, Dyon's overwhelming soul talent was able to sustain the four primordial yins given to him by Ri and Madeleine. If not, one could only lament Dyon's talent for wooing women, because they would have destroyed him.

'It seems like need some body cultivation materials to break into the celestial tier.' Dyon looked down at himself, inadvertently smiling when he saw Amphorae lightly and adorably snoring.

The truth was that he wouldn't have much of a bottle neck body cultivating at all. Not only did he have his blood essence, his understanding of his body had increased by millions of times because of this increase in his body talent.

Unlike the soul kernel, the effect of the body kernel was much more indirect. It essentially gave Dyon the ability of multiple body constitutions, and their abilities as well. However, there wasn't a powerful enough constitution awakening pill in the entire world that would be enough to awaken them all. Therefore, Dyon had to be exceptionally selective with which abilities he chose to awaken, and which he chose to ignore. It was unfortunate, but such was the way of the martial world.

Because of the complexity of that situation, Dyon didn't choose just yet. In fact, since Clara was in the same situation as him, he told her to be extremely selective as well. Unless Dyon could find the body category weapon of 33 Heavens, Spirit Body, he would be limited in the amount of constitutions he could awaken.


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