Reaper of the Martial World
722 Second Trial 40
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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722 Second Trial 40

Soon, everything calmed and Planet Haven finally stopped quaking. Dyon sat with his back against the nearby couch with Amphorae two small fist and head gently resting on his chest. Her eyes were closed as she fell into a deep sleep, a small smile playing her delicate lips.

What Dyon didn't know was that there was another surprise waiting for him in his inner world, one he wouldn't know about until it fully awakened a few years from now. However, it was a surprise that made his soul finally content with its sealed situation, enough for it to calm down and enjoy the beauty in its arms.

The spiritual vein was large. So large, in fact, that it didn't make sense for it to be so. However, at the center of it all was a blinding sphere of light, flickering with all sorts of colors.

This was the true secret of the Angel Clan. The reason for its overpowering spiritual vein wasn't because of luck, it was because of the most sought after Energy treasure of the 33 Heavens… Energy Core.

When this weapon saw the momentum of Dyon's soul breakthrough, it didn't care. In fact, it remained silent. However, what caught its attention wasn't that, but rather Dyon's energy cultivation technique.

All of the weapons of 33 Heavens spent their time looking for the most suitable masters. With Dyon's current energy talent, he would be ignored by all 11 of the energy category, in all likelihood. However, the Energy Core was slightly unique.

Unlike the other ten, like Amphorae's Golden Dragon Lyre, it didn't rely on the cultivation of its owner to be the most effective. In fact, much of what it produced couldn't even be used just because you have great energy cultivation talent.

For example, the aurora flame stones. These were extinct in the modern realm, but would technically still have many uses. Yet, Dyon didn't need energy cultivation to use them at all. In fact, he was the most effective that the Energy Core had ever seen in using that particular stone of its, which made it interested in Dyon. It was just that Dyon's energy talent was still far too low for it.

The energy core had the ability to manifest all sorts of rare crystals. From ones that produced aurora flames, to ones that could store soul power, to even producing abyssal cores. Producing these crystals would be its active ability, meaning it required some sort of input to do these things.

However, its passive ability was even more heaven defying. If stored within the meridians of an expert, it could directly boost the energy available and the replenishing ability of that expert by hundreds to even thousands of time. Quite simply put, if you lost a battle with the Energy Core at your side, it wouldn't be because of energy cultivation stamina. And considering the fact energy cultivation could heal the body and soul, you should lose a battle due to stamina ever!

Not to mention the fact that this would also vastly increase the rate of energy accumulation and absorption, thereby increasing cultivation speed by several fold.

Because of these two abilities, one could see the Energy Core's dilemma. The first ability hardly cared for talent, anyone who had intelligence could make great use of it. However, the second ability was much more demanding. If you didn't have the talent, how could you handle the vast increase in energy accumulation?

The universe didn't slow the cultivation speed of the less talented just to be biased or mean. It did so to save lives. This was the restriction of the Energy Core. No matter how talented a person was, there was a limit to the energy they could wield safely without imploding. This was simply the way of life.

Because of these reasons, the Energy Core decided to not choose Dyon as its owner…. Until it saw the changed Dyon's soul was making to his inner world.

Unlike other energy cultivation techniques, [Inner World: Sanctuary] required the cooperation of the soul. As such, while Dyon's energy talent limited the technique, his soul talent made up for it by leaps and bounds, completely shattering the mold created as soon as it was healed and building up a new world with Amphorae's help.

When the Energy Core sensed this, it realized that even the best of geniuses would pale in comparison to Dyon's ability to accumulate energy. Although Dyon would be limited in the amount he could control, the Energy Core could output as much as it wanted without worry. After all, Dyon's meridians had essentially been replaced by an entire world! And it was still growing!

So, the Energy Core made its decision, rooting itself deeply into Dyon's inner world and beginning its journey toward crafting a new spiritual vein.

However, Dyon was oblivious of this. His Perception was distracted by the beauty that laid on top of him, and his energy talent was too poor to sense such a thing. Even if it wasn't, it was currently sealed, so he wouldn't be able to sense it anyway.

In the end, Dyon's golden wings finally retracted along with Amphorae's dove-like wings. The sun set in the distance, but Dyon had no intention of leaving.

When Amphorae noticed this, her smile widened even more, snuggling into Dyon further.
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What they didn't notice was that fact that the appearance of their king had completely changed. It could be said that Dyon had regained his true body in this mysterious trial world.


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