Reaper of the Martial World
721 Second Trial 39
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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721 Second Trial 39

Dyon's soul roared, disdaining the technique that would have it sealed like so. It threatened to shatter the would completely, holding his goddess in his arms and making love to her in the air.

Their passionate love making shook Dyon's inner world, tearing down everything that had formed in the past four years.

The goddess' snow-white skin seemed to glow fiercer under the humanoid manifestations ravaging. Her moans caused the world to collapse just as much, as though it didn't have the right to hear her.
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The twin wings of the humanoid manifestation trembled, expanding to double their size and arcing through the inner world, sending tremors of sharp winds careening. In the next instant, a magnificent third set of wings erupted from its back, causing its roars to increase.

The six rings of black gold shook, rearranging themselves. The still flickering arc of lightning shifted up, making way for a ring of blinding lights to replace it.

At the peak-most circle, an overbearing eye was housed. Just on its bottom left, was a blazing black flame. On its bottom right, a flickering flame of pure white was housed. Just below that, the arc of golden lighting fading into and out of existence sat, although the time it spent being corporeal increased dramatically.

However, the most eye-catching flaming circle was now on the foremost bottom. The entire structure of the six rings shook violently, suddenly flipping completely. In that instant, the overbearing eye sat at the bottom, and at the top, a blinding light continued to increase in size.

In the real world, Amphorae breathed heavily. She had lost count of how many times she had reached her climax, her back arced, even as glowing whites etched into her back as well.

Her cultivation level climbed. Dyon's overbearing soul directly injected its energy into her, not minding for one moment that it was currently a funnel for celestial energy.

Planet Haven continued to quake, giving in all of its celestial energy to this one place, and yet the appetite of Dyon's soul wasn't satisfied.

Those in the real world didn't know what was going on. Anyone intelligent could tell that this was the break through of a celestial, but considering there was no tribulation, it was definitely the break through of a soul. Body break throughs weren't nearly as dynamic because they relied more on resources than anything else. This was why Dyon never had any peculiar phenomenon when he raised his body cultivation.

But, who had a soul so powerful to overwhelm an entire planet in this way?!

One had to know that the area effected during a breakthrough was directly related to talent of the person, the very same way the difficulty of a tribulation did.

To affect a few tens of miles meant that your talent was mediocre to quite poor. Breaking through the hundred-mile mark was about average, and the five hundred mile mark meant that you were above average. The thousand mile mark gave you the bearings of a genius of about the third grade, while the first grade was represented by the ten thousand mile mark.

All of this was true regardless of what the cultivation break through was. This is because the higher the cultivation break through, the higher the quality of energy, and therefore the higher the requirement for calling upon it. Therefore, as your cultivation scaled upwards, so did the difficulty.

When Dyon's soul broke through to the saint level, he had already been able to affect an entire continent, to the point where the celestials across Earth could sense his breakthrough.

However, what one forgets was that Earth's size was increased to millions of time its original size. So, what kind of concept was it for Dyon to be able to affect an entire continent? It was simply unfathomable!

Now that Dyon broke through on a normal sized planet, one could finally witness his true soul talent. He was capable of causing the complete shift of its energy… On his own!

While a first grade genius was characterized by ten thousand miles… Dyon nearly covered fifty thousand with ease!

This wasn't the scariest part… Dyon's soul wanted more… The problem was that there was no energy floating around in space, and the nearly planets weren't thousands of miles away, but millions to billions and even trillions. No matter how much it wanted to reach, it just couldn't.

Dyon's soul roared with disdain for this planet's lack of energy. If one knew, they would choke on the blood they spewed. This was the Ancient era. The energy density was at least thousands of times better than the times Dyon came from, and yet it was being disdained.

At this moment, the vein beneath the clan seemed to have sensed something. If one were to see the size of this vein, they would tremble…. It reached deep into the earth, wrapping around its core with ease.

It sung happily, releasing energy in droves.

The energy around the Angel Clan multiplied… Ten time… A hundred times…. A thousand times… Ten thousand times….

Dyon's soul greedily accepted, funneling all of into itself.

Suddenly, Dyon's inner world resonated. The inferior earth crumbled away, the weak trees became fertilizer, and the grass was burned away by the energy of the god and goddess making love in the skies.

In the real world, Dyon's back finally erupted. Six majestic wings tore their way into existence, but somehow, they were much different. They were no longer alternating in white and black, instead, they were a blinding gold. Origin flames of black and white danced along them, occasionally flickering with golden arcs of lightning.

In that instant, the Weapon's hall perfectly fused with the humanoid manifestation, taking up the sixth and final slot. To its right was an arc of lightning that was becoming more and more real, yet somehow remained incomplete. However, at the very top the blinding light was starting to fade away…

A blast of energy radiated outward causing rings of gold to erupt in the inner world. Everything it touched was cleansed to an all new level, changing the structure of Dyon's inner world to become a true holy land.

The original [Inner World: Sanctuary] technique was only capable of creating the lowest quality of world's, one comparable to a bottom rung universe with the thinnest of energies. And even then, it wouldn't truly be able to be compared to one. The fact that Dyon's soul was damaged the instant he began the technique made the situation even worse. However, even with those flaws, this technique was without a doubt the greatest energy cultivation technique ever created.

But… Dyon's soul disdained the world it was in. If it had to live such a place, it had to become the best it could be!

A golden crown fitted with blinding crystal jewels finally appeared at the top, radiating out with a sovereign aura and changing the structure of the inner world.

Ancient aura only found in these olden times stormed in, turning the land into one only found in the olden times… The cultivation golden ages!

Dyon's inner world healed itself, suddenly going from a mediocre piece of land, to a pristine one that even the top 3 universes on the Epistemic Tower rankings would drool over.

In the real world, the crown appeared on Dyon's head, hovering like a halo as he held Amphorae in his arms.

Her wings of snow-white bloomed into existence, snuggling into Dyon's golden wings almost in an attempt to get even closer with Dyon than she already was.

In the final instead, the rings of gold-black flames flickered into existence, floating behind Dyon's ten yard wide golden wings as he wrapped them around Amphorae gently.

The flames of white and black, and even the infrequent flickers of lightning didn't harm Amphorae at all, instead, it felt comfortable…


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