Reaper of the Martial World
720 Second Trial 38
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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720 Second Trial 38

The moment Amphorae and Dyon finally connected, blinding lights erupted. Holy intent flooded into Dyon, bearing down on his soul and forcing its tears to heal.

Amphorae's walls convulsed with Dyon's every stroke, causing her to cling to him even tighter, unwilling to let go for even a moment.

Her gentle and soft moans were constantly being interrupted by their deep kisshoes. Neither of them seemed to notice that the reds in Amphorae's hair were becoming blinding golds, and that those golds, were then becoming blinding whites.

Amphorae's soul intertwined with Dyon's. Within Dyon's slowly building inner world, a goddess descended from the skies with wings of pure white. A halo of gold graced the crown of her head, reflecting off of her snow-white hair and eyes.

She floated downward, smiling with a light that caused grasses of deep green and ancient trees and beautiful spiritual flowers to sprout from the once dead ground.

Soon, she found herself in front of Dyon's Humanoid manifestation. He gentle aura was in complete contrast to his domineering and demonic aura, but the once emotionless king seemed to finally have a gentle expression on his features as he watched this goddess descend.

His face was pale, clearly severely injured, but even then, there was happiness in his heart for what felt like the first time.

The goddess cupped his face lovingly, tilting his head upward and gently planting a kiss on his forehead.

The humanoid manifestation was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of comfort. The pain he had endured for nearly four years now was being washed away. His strength slowly returned to him, feeding the weapon's pagoda and causing it to reawaken from its slumbering state.

The inner world suddenly erupted with energy, expanding rapidly. It suddenly went from the size of a small city, directly to the size of a country, skipping over the size of a continent, to the size of an entire planet.

Its foundation became sturdier, solidifying the once quaking world.

In the real world, Amphorae's red hair was replaced by a pristine and unblemished white. Her skin became softer and fairer, her eyes deepened to a profound and royal blue, and the faint signs of a halo trying to force its way into reality hovered above her head.

As for Dyon, it seemed the faster his soul was mended, the faster the tattoos of black, white and gold etched their way into his back, nearing completion with his every stroke.

In the next instant, the tattoos stopped. A violent tremor shook the Angel Clan as an unbreakable aura forced its way through the depths of everyone's soul.

The goddess within Dyon's inner world smiled, hugging the humanoid manifestation and clinging to his back tightly. Love permeated her gentle eyes and happiness flooded her heart.

Dyon's soul erupted, tearing through the barrier of the peak 7th stage, and storming toward the 8th. After being suppressed for so many years, it roared into the skies, causing tremors and natural disasters to overrun Dyon's inner world.

Cracks raged through the ground and the recently formed grasses and trees crumbled, unable to withstand the aura.

Celestial energy spiraled out of control in the real world, causing massive changes in the skies. The entire planet trembled, bowing down to the birth of a celestial.

Dyon's bones groaned and his muscles tore, but he seemed to not notice, focused entirely on making love to the woman beneath him.

With every bone that cracked, Amphorae's intent would wash over it, healing it instantly. With every muscle that tore, a holy light would mend it, strengthening it to an all new level.

Dyon's blood essence percentage integration began to steadily climb. He had already integrated a whole five percent because of Clara, and now he was being washed over with yet another powerful primordial yin.

Every time a virginity was taken, the universe would display its power, transferring over the primordial yin from the female to the male she loved. Depending on the power of this primordial yin, the energy the universe would provide varied. This was why there was an initial jump in cultivation during the first time a martial couple dual cultivated, but a decline in this jump during later times.

Because of the overwhelming power of Clara's primordial yin, and the fact she was technically rebirthed and lost her virginity twice, the first primordial yin of hers that Dyon took boosted him by several partial percentages – because her soul talent could be considered high. However, since Dyon already had a saint body, there was barely a change at all.

And yet, the second time Dyon took Clara's virginity, and her two primordial yins combined, he jumped up by 5 whole percentages. Storming straight from 15% integration, all the way to 20%!

This was shocking. One may not understand why… But if the world were to know that a woman with no cultivation and a soul of barely the third stage was able to so heavily effect a saint level character, it would implode. This shows just how overwhelming the Origin primordial yin is and how beneficial it will be in the future.

However, this jump to 20% integration still left 10 more percent before Dyon could reach the level of having a celestial level body. If Clara had been a saint, there was no doubt he would have fulfilled this requirement. But… As fate would have it, she wasn't… And Dyon's overbearing soul talent was threatening him once again.

That said. It wouldn't succeed.
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