Reaper of the Martial World
719 Second Trial 37
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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719 Second Trial 37

Dyon carefully lay Amphorae's soft body on the carpet floor. His actions were slow and delicate, as though he was afraid that any rash movement would shatter the red headed beauty below him.

The somber lights and the flickering of the fire place and candles set the mood, even Amphorae couldn't find herself feeling embarrassed, it was as though this was the most right and perfect moment in the world.

Dyon's hands trailed up Amphorae's flawless thighs as they clung to his waist, gliding over the straps of her underwear all while sliding her dress up.

Amphorae's eyes never left Dyon's. Their soft blue light reflected a face he didn't recognize, but the one thing that remained the same were his eyes. The love they held, their sharp and Kingly nature, it was something that Dyon would never lose.

Even Amphorae seemed to notice this even as her perfect skin was exposed more and more with each passing moment. She didn't know when it happened, but she had long since stopped paying attention to what Dyon looked like, it was as though the King she used to know was being erased and replaced with a man she could love without regret.
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The more she stared into Dyon's eyes, the ordinary appearance of the past King seemed to fade away, replaced by a young man so handsome that Amphorae's heart beat quickened.

Her hand inadvertently reached upward, gently cupping the side of Dyon's face.

What she saw was so unfamiliar to her, and yet so familiar at the same time. Was this the true visage of her King?... Her husband?... Her love?

Without having yet crossed the line with one another, Amphorae and Dyon's souls began to resonate, causing Dyon's former appearance in Amphorae's mind to shatter, replaced by a young man that she had never seen before, and yet had grown up with all her life.

Memories of their life together began to flood her memories as Dyon trailed gentle kisses down her neck, sliding his hand down her soft back and expertly unclipping her bra strap.

Two beautiful mounds of flesh seemed to fall from the heavens themselves, pressing against Dyon's bare chest. His lips found their way to hers, allowing her small tongue to intertwine with his own.

Amphorae's past seemed to burn away. Images of her childhood friend smile, of his jokes, of his presence… They were all replaced with Dyon.

In that instant, there were no longer any holes his Dyon's memories. Never again would he have to trigger a fragmented piece… A life that he had substituted into had somehow become his own.

Black, white and gold balls of light suddenly lit on Dyon's back.

Although Dyon could use all of the abilities of his real body in this trial world, it wasn't his true body that was here, as such, he could use his wings, but didn't have tattoos on his back. And yet, with his soul resonating with Amphorae more and more, and his wounds slowly healed, his overwhelming soul began to bear down on this world.

Searing pain overwhelmed Dyon's senses, but in the same instant, the delicate juices of Amphorae washed it all away.

Their kiss deepened as she clung to Dyon's neck, wrapping her hands around the back of neck and pressing their bodies closer.

The tattoos on Dyon's back grew more pronounced and complex. Their intricacies deepened, tearing through Dyon's skin without regard.

Amphorae's skin began to glow, a holy light radiating from her inadvertently. Her flaming red hair suddenly locked onto its faint golden hues, making them become more and more prominent.

Suddenly, blazing golden flames erupted from Dyon's neck, coursing through Amphorae's delicate body gently, as though they had already lost all of their edge.

Her heartbeat quickened. Dyon's every touch suddenly felt as though it was hot as coals, and yet so comfortable and alluring at the same time. His hands trailed her thighs and torso, lightly playing with her perfect pink nipples.

Amphorae suddenly felt a hard mass in between her legs when she inadvertently thrust her hips forward. The spike of pleasure was enough to drive her insane, causing her first soft moan to escape her lips.

Dyon's hands ripped Amphorae's panties away, revealing a scene that quickened his breath. His eyes reddened. He was nearly unable to control himself as he watched Amphorae grind into him. Everything from the fragrant smell of her juices, to the way the slight parting of her delicate lips felt on him, to the deep want and impatience in her eyes, was too much for any man to handle.

Dyon ripped off his own pants, kneeling over Amphorae with heavy breath, trying to steady the beating of his heart.

The feelings were so overwhelming that Dyon couldn't sense the changes in his body.

Dyon's soul continued to mend at a ridiculous pace, his tattoos began to etch themselves at a level that surpassed even his true body, and even more damning, he didn't even notice himself losing sight of the fact this was a trial.

Instead, he ignored it all, sliding himself between Amphorae's gently parting lips as he kissed her deeply. Amphorae's hips grinded against his own, beginning for him to stop teasing her entrance and enter. Even for her, this young man before her who seemingly came from another world was the only man remaining in her heart.

So, when she felt Dyon finally slowly glide into her, piercing her completely as her legs quivered, she didn't feel an ounce of regret.


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