Reaper of the Martial World
718 Second Trial 36
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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718 Second Trial 36

Amphorae's words were sharp and to the point. Not only did she managed to cherish the memory Michael left behind, she also expertly left leeway for Minister Brodaya to be punished. In this way, the Royal family wouldn't seem ungrateful for the sacrifices of one of their own, but could also hold someone accountable.

There were no lies in her words. As a father, Brodaya should have seen the struggle of his son. While their King should have as well, he had less of a burden to do so because his relationship was, obviously, shallower than a father to son one with Michael.

Minister Brodaya's anger twisted into sadness and despair. Maybe if Dyon had said these words, he wouldn't have taken them to heart and his anger would have just deepened. But, hearing it from the woman that his son loved shook him to the core.

"Former Minister Brodaya," Amphorae's words cut deep once again, immediately stripping him of his title, "You should know that the punishment Michael undertook was chosen by him and him alone.

"My husband would never tell you this. Nor did he tell me this. If it wasn't for the fact Michael told me himself, I would never have known.

"This King that you hate so much was prepared to forgive and forget. He had no intention of removing Michael from his personal guard, nor did he have any thoughts of handing out punishment. It was your son that insisted on banishment.

"Learn from him." Amphorae suddenly said. "Learn to take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming others. These were your mistakes. These were your flaws. You have no right to blame any one else.

"Not only will you be stripped of your title. The Brodaya family with be regulated to a sub family and its power and resources will be limited as such. No ministers will rise from your family for three generations. In addition, you will face forced seclusion for ten thousand years without light or food."

A cold air was sucked out of the room as Minister Brodaya sunk to the ground, completely defeated. He hadn't expected Amphorae's words to place such a dampening on his feelings before hitting him with such a massive shock.

Dyon eyes flashed with something imperceptible as he inwardly smirked.

"As for Michael Brodaya, we have yet to award him for his service.

"Firstly, his status as a banished member of the clan will be revoked. He will be buried along with his ancestors with the highest honors.

"Secondly, the Brodaya family will be promoted to a Major family due to his service. Even in the face of a clan who threw him away, he was willing to remain loyal. Such a man is admirable.

"Thirdly, the penalty of no ministers will be erased. A new minister of the Brodaya family will be chosen to replace you immediately.

"Fourthly, the Brodaya family will receive 10% more resources than a standard major family. All in reward of Michael.

"Take him away." Amphorae waved her hand. Her word was law. Before the guards even noticed, they had followed her words to the letter without even looking to Dyon for approval. When they realized this, a cold sweat spread as they glanced at their King, but all they found was a man smiling warmly.

The following few hours were spent learning all they could from the fake. In the end, Dyon didn't bother with his identity. It seemed he was just a branch member of the Moon clan who was particularly adept at spying due to the techniques he practiced.

Much later, Amphorae walked out of the throne room with Dyon by her side, never losing her queenly aura even as she lovingly clung to his arm.

Soon, they had made it back to the Imperial Harem, but it seemed much more quiet than usual. It was likely because the women were away doing the various tasks Dyon had asked of them. With Amphorae in the lead, they seemed to always have something to do.
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By the time they got to Amphorae's cabin that was apparently fixed in the time they had been away, Amphorae was feeling more and more nervous.

Biting her lip, she suddenly paused, "You're not mad… Are you?"

Dyon stopped his steps as well, looking over at this otherworldly beauty with a puzzled expression. "Why would I be mad?"

"I .. I made decisions without asking you."

Dyon suddenly laughed, taking Amphorae's hand and leading her into the cozy cabin. "If you couldn't do at least that, how could I trust you with the clan? You handled the situation perfectly. In fact, you handled it much better than I could have."

Amphorae looked up at Dyon with her sparkling light blue eyes, but her emotions didn't seem settled.

"Are you feeling guilty that you wanted to accept Michael offer?" Dyon asked knowingly. He could see the guilt in Amphorae's eyes, and it was an emotion he had become all too familiar with in the past two days.

Amphorae trembled at these words, no longer capable of holding Dyon's gaze. However, she suddenly froze when she felt her slim body fall into a warm torso.

"There's nothing you have to feel guilty about. Even if you left, I would never blame you. I've had such a perfect woman by my side all this time, and I've done nothing to earn you.

"I want to be not only the man you love, but also a man you don't have to be ashamed to love… A man you never feel guilty for loving… A man that never causes you pain…"

Dyon felt Amphorae's head move as she tilted it upward, breathing lightly as the knots in her heart fell away, shedding the scars and pumping with a renewed vigor.

Her soft pink lips lightly grazed Dyon's before their kiss deepened.

Amphorae pulled back, out of breath and blushing profusely. "Take me…" She said in a voice so soft that Dyon's heart fluttered.


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