Reaper of the Martial World
716 Second Trial 34
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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716 Second Trial 34

"Tell me more." Dyon ignored the screams of Minister Brodaya, focusing his attention, instead, on the fake.

He was quite intrigued by Luna's elder sister, Queen Laura. It seemed that this woman was pulling the strings. Although this may seem like a rushed conclusion, Dyon had multiple reasons to believe this.

The main reason was the characteristics of the current King. According to the detailed reports that Dyon had received, the Angel Clan had had interactions with him before.

As a subordinate clan, they were, of course, obligated to attend the wedding of Queen Laura to her current husband. One had to say that the humiliation that the Angel Clan sustained during those few days was not a small amount. It was even to the point where he blatantly flirted with Queen Luna in the presence of both Dyon's current body and his wife to be, Laura.

The previous owner of Dyon's current body was forced to endure. Firstly, because with his father dead, the Angel Clan had fallen in status. The second reason was actually because of Queen Luna herself.

Coming to this point, flashes of memories entered Dyon's mind as he triggered more of them.

He remembered Queen Luna acting extremely respectful and almost subservient, despite being in the presence of her husband.

Dyon knew that with his personality, he would never allow something like this to happen. Even if it meant offending the Moon clan and warring, he would rather die than allow another man to freely treat his own woman as he pleased.

The truth of the matter was that if Queen Luna hadn't acted as she did, the outcome would have been very different. Despite her previous husband's cowardice, he was head over heals in love. If she showed dissatisfaction, he would act. And yet, she chose not to.

Dyon decided to keep this observation in the back of his mind. But, the more he learned, the colder Luna's place in his heart became. It was likely that if Dyon knew that Luna had promised herself to that King, he would dispel her from his heart completely.

No matter how the trial affected Dyon's feelings, his personality was still his own. With how arrogant and prideful he was, would he accept such a treatment? He had no intentions of being played a fool.

Ironically, this was likely the very change in Dyon that made Luna see him in a completely different light.

That aside, how could a King with such a personality – one with complete lack of regard for proper etiquette and diplomacy have the patience to wait decades before attacking?

Somehow, this greedy King with powerful backing, saw a woman he liked in Luna, and yet waited before taking her?

The cold light that flashed in Dyon's eyes when this memory surfaced in his mind caused the fake to tremble and not dare to be slow in answering his question.


Dyon sighed as the fake was interrupted by the still writhing Minister Brodaya.

It wasn't as though Dyon couldn't guess why he was angry. If one thought logically, Minister Brodaya was mad that his son had died and for some reason, blamed him. Clearly, that meant that for some reason or another, he believed it was Dyon's fault that his son was forced into his scouting position and therefore his fault that he died.

Even the world's worst fool would find such reasoning ridiculous. So, Dyon knew that there was likely more to this story. "Dyon" had to have had a stronger role to play in this minister's son's displacement.

Dyon did find it odd that a man from such a prominent family would be a scout, though. Not only was Michael from a major family, he was also, clearly, very loved by his father. To have the doting of a dao formation expert from birth wasn't something to look down upon. In fact, it was luck beyond belief. By all rights, this young man should have had a much more prominent role.
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Minister Brodaya sobbed, seeming like a broken man. His soul was close to given in, so he just spoke. After all, Dyon's question was very broad, as long as Brodaya felt that he was answering it, the pain would lessen. However, if he tried to attack Dyon again, there would only be more pain.

"My son… My son…" Minister Brodaya's words choked.

Dyon decided to listen silently, signaling for the fake to remain quiet for now.

Even before Brodaya began to speak, another flood of memories was triggered, causing Dyon's anger to raise to another level.

'This bullshit King.' Dyon grit his teeth, reaching a moral dilemma.

Michael used to be a member of Dyon's personal guard, among his most trusted. However, the problem was that he fell in love with Amphorae.

Under normal circumstances, these feelings would be buried, avoiding a Lancelot situation. After all, in reality, Dyon was his King and best friend of decades. In addition, Amphorae had only ever had eyes for one man her entire life.

The problem was that Dyon practically treated Amphorae like dirt. His treatment of her made it impossible for Michael to bury his feelings, even causing them to fester.

In the end, he couldn't take it anymore and tried to break Amphorae out to give her a life she deserved. Unfortunately, Amphorae wasn't swayed and was completely duty bound.

Feeling guilty, Michael confessed his crimes to Dyon, and insisted on being punished. As such, he was banished….


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