Reaper of the Martial World
714 Second Trial 32
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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714 Second Trial 32

Dyon looked down on the three kneeling figures.

There had been eight initially, but then with the appearance of Minister Brodaya, it had climbed to nine.
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Five were merchant, one of that number being Merchant Brinsop.

That left four, but one of them was easily dealt with. It turned out that she was a spy from one of the clans Minister Brinsop happened to also have connections in, leaving them with three. Not surprisingly, putting aside the two Minister Brodaya's, the third kneeling figure was yet another spy from a neighboring clan. This made the visits Dyon had to make tomorrow hundreds of times easier, but it also made his disdain of the previous King increase even more.

It was clear from these two spies that other Kings had foresight while he didn't. The only reason that the Angel Clan King even allowed their economy to grow was under the suggestion of Queen Luna, and all that did was allow even more spies to infiltrate them easily. It was pathetic.

Dyon wasn't angry that the neighboring clans sent spies, though. In the human world, before its destruction, such a thing was beyond normal. Countries would always keep an eye on each other. It didn't have to be out of malicious intent, it was just a matter of maintaining personal security. In fact, Dyon treated them even better than Merchant Brinsop, even "shattering" the arrays he put in them.

In truth, Dyon was only putting on a show. He still needed some leverage, so in reality, he only forced the arrays into a dormant state and placed them under heavy observation.

After dealing with everything, there were only two kneeling figures left. Currently, both of them looked the exact same since Dyon hadn't burned away the pill the fake one was using. Although Dyon could burn it away, he doubted the same plan would work again, so he didn't feel up to the task of toying with a dao formation expert. In the end, it hardly mattered anyway since there were arrays placed within them.

"You two have nothing to say for yourselves?" Dyon sat lazily in his throne. The mental fatigue he underwent planning through every minute detail was quite taxing, so he was getting annoyed with this whole process. The fact that these two traitors had the face of someone he had warm memories for didn't nothing to help his mood. It was only when Amphorae's hand found its way to his that he felt himself calm down a bit. Dyon couldn't sense the exact will she used without his soul, but he could tell it was more effective than his own celestial will.

He smiled faintly, thanking her. But in his heart, waves were flying through. He had always known that there was one will that surpassed celestial will in terms of purity, could it be that Amphorae had mastered it?

A holy light coursed through his veins, pumping him with vitality.

Suddenly, Amphorae sensed something. She frowned lightly but immediately went back to a neutral expression.

'Dyon … He's heavily injured …' Amphorae's heart ached. This man beside her looked so strong, but she sensed a deep scar in him that surpassed the emotional turmoil he had been going through. His soul was in tattered pieces.

What Amphorae had sensed was none other than the state of Dyon's soul. She was astonished by how strong her husband's soul was, but that was overshadowed by the worry that was building up. She couldn't understand how Dyon could walk around with a soul that was so injured.

Amphorae didn't let go of Dyon's hand. In fact, she held on tighter, pouring her will into him.

There was only a single will in existence that surpassed celestial will in purity, and only a single will that was unparalleled in healing.

Much like celestial will, it was nearly impossible to comprehend this will without the appropriate bloodline or a kernel to study from. However, unlike celestial will, this will's bloodline had disappeared from the world, making it impossible for anyone to use the latter option.

Madeleine learned celestial will from Dyon who was able to give her the kernel to learn from because he received the bloodline from his master. But, there was no one with this bloodline in existence!

Dyon's eyes widened as he felt his soul mending. The process was slow, and would like take many months, if not years, but it was actually healing!

There was no doubt in Dyon's heart anymore… This will was none other than the peak-most purity will in existence. A will capable of healing even the soul – something even celestial will couldn't do to such a degree.

This was none other than Holy intent.

Simple Holy will wasn't enough to heal a soul as powerful as Dyon's. Not only had Amphorae reached the intent level, she had mastered it to the One With Will level – the fifth level – a step higher than even his demon generals had reached with their wills, and their wills weren't even at the supreme law level like this was!

What Dyon didn't know was that Amphorae was currently holding back. She wanted to help her husband as soon as possible, but she also didn't want these ministers to know he was injured.

The truth was even more shocking… Amphorae, a saint of less than a hundred years old… Was capable of using a supreme law to the One With Law level – the seventh level – as long as she released her wings!

Dyon's prediction was wrong. With Amphorae's help at her greatest potential, his soul would be fully mended in a few weeks.

The only oddity was that maybe Dyon was getting further and further lost in this world. Because if he was of right mind… He would wonder just how a trial that was meant to be an illusion, could possibly heal his true body…


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