Reaper of the Martial World
711 Second Trial 29
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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711 Second Trial 29

Merchant Brinsop shivered, but could do nothing as Dyon crushed the plate, forcibly flicking the array toward him. In mere moments, Brinsop was restricted by an array similar to the one Dyon used on the Uidah and General Mace, although much stronger.

At this point, the ministers still didn't understand what was going on. They had heard of techniques capable of enslaving people, even things like soul contracts existed in this time, but using an array to do so? It was unheard of!

Seeing Merchant Brinsop struggle so hard, shivers went up the spines of those present for what felt like the millionth time. This King of their had barely displayed much effort, and yet had made them all bow down in respect.

"Let's try this again, shall we?" Dyon smile faded, replaced by a cold glint. "Firstly, chop off your own finger if you want the pain to stop."

At first, the minister and Brinsop almost asked what pain? But, as time passed by and the merchant didn't listen to Dyon's words, a burning sensation filled his chest. It was as though molten lava was encasing his veins and meridians, coursing through his organs and searing them black.

Soon, Brinsop's cold sweat became heavy panting, and his heavy panting became the audible sound of his gritting teeth, and then screams filled the hall.

Dyon watched this expressionlessly, as though he was looking down on an idiot. Didn't I already tell you what you had to do? Tsk tsk.

Brinsop's agony raged onward. Eventually, the poor man started slamming his head against the ground, trying to kill himself to escape.

Dyon sighed, shaking his head. The wave of pain doubled and Brinsop's muscles seized. How could an array like this allow the slave to kill himself when he pleased? How ridiculous.

Brinsop pulled his hand up to his mouth, viciously chomping down on two fingers. Blood flew into the air as he collapsed, the pain finally disappearing.

"Well, that's one way to waste 10 minutes of everyone's time." Dyon shook his head. "I hope it's clear to you now that the pain will only increase as time passed and you will never reach a point where it kills you. You either feel more pain, or do you do as you're told. If you try to kill yourself, your energy flow and muscles will seize, and the gradual increase of pain will jump forward drastically. Don't waste my time again." Dyon's voice was cold and commanding. Even looking down on the Brinsop who had clearly pissed himself, he felt nothing. The only thing he felt bad about was that Amphorae had to see this.

Brinsop grit his teeth, but the moment the pain started to spread again, he gave up. "Yes… King."

The Ministers all looked at each other, not knowing what to think. Such a large problem was solved so easily… But the question was, just how useful would this information be.

"Excellent." Dyon smiled. To him, these ministers were far too short sighted. Presence wasn't just about having a domineering aura, it was also about having leader and foresight. Dyon was well aware that they thought this interrogation might only bear useless fruits. However, he was of a different opinion. Any small bit of information was important.

"First," Dyon's eyes flashed, "Who are you?"

Brinsop was stunned by this odd question, but he didn't dare to be slow in his answer. "My name is Brinsop. I am from a small branch family of the Moon clan. I have poor cultivation talent, but my management skills and intelligence managed to gain my family wealth. Unfortunately, without power, wealth means next to nothing. I understood this, so I tried to spread my influence, showing my worth to higher echelons.

"Eventually, I had enough power to be recognized, but that kind of political power means nothing in the martial world. In a manner of a night, everything that I had spent centuries building was claimed by the main moon clan…"

"Then why aren't you dead?" One of the ministers couldn't help but ask. Dyon didn't mind this, of course. These ministers might also have good ideas for questions, by allowing this question to be asked without reprimand, it would let the Ministers relax and do their jobs better. He had gone through a round of instilling fear in them, but ruling by fear wasn't smart in the long run. He had to use a push and pull approach. A true King isn't the only talent in his Kingdom… A true King knows how to make the best use of those around him.

Brinsop sighed, "I believe it is because someone in the higher echelons found a use for me. At the price of a large part of my profits, I was allowed to live, but I had to make myself useful by infiltrating clans that were deemed as threats."

Dyon's eyes flashed as he inwardly grinned.

In this seemingly useless information, he had already grasped two things.

The first was that his opponents were clever enough to think of such a plan. Such planning and foresight… It didn't match the description of the current Moon Clan King. That meant Dyon couldn't plan based on his rashness. There was someone else in the background pulling strings intelligently.

The second point was even more important. Brinsop didn't say that he infiltrated just their clan. He said clans.

'I can use this…'


In the highest palace room, one reserved for only the King and Queen, Luna watched this scene on a reflective mirror silently, her heart shaking.
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She didn't understand why, but she was moved by these scenes. For so long, her husband had been the shell of a man, hardly even treating her like a woman. But, recently, maybe because of the danger they were facing, he had become someone that she couldn't push out of her mind.

It was safe to say that the previous King did not understand Luna at all, nor did he ever truly gain her affections. He somehow thought that the way to a woman's heart was to constantly shower her with needlessly empty things, and protect her "oh so fragile feelings". Without a doubt, he was wrong. And the way he changed had even turned the Amphorae who did love him away from him.

But now, Luna felt her heart quicken. For the first time, she felt guilt… Even to the point where she didn't have the heart to report in yesterday…

"You've changed…" She said softly.


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