Reaper of the Martial World
710 Second Trial 28
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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710 Second Trial 28

Dyon was aware of this as well. He knew that it took much longer to produce a universe than the length of time his universe had lived for.

Furthermore, there were other differences between him and this Angel Clan.

While there were some mutations, none were as drastic as Dyon's. Most mutations were held to slight changes in color using white and black as a base – like Amphorae's father and his red tint. However, Dyon had drastically different colors. He had two white wings, and two black wings. None of those in the hall had such dichotomy.

The other clear difference was that even the most powerful Ministers here only had one set of wings, so why did he have two?

The last difference was just a bit petty on his part, honestly speaking. Whenever he used his wings, his shirt stood no chance. However, it seemed that these Angel Clan ministers had a way around that.

Dyon placed this to the back of his mind for now. It seemed he needed to do more to understand this Angel Clan. He spent too much time trying to comprehend their people and culture, and not enough understanding what their history was. He couldn't believe he made such a mistake.

Only when you understand yourself could you look down on others.

Dyon sat back onto his throne. Minister Brodaya had his chains replaced by those reserved for powerful prisoners. Before, they had been fooled and used chains for saint experts on him, which gave him the opportunity to attack Dyon. Luckily, their King was a genius. However, that didn't stop those who captured him from feeling guilty. Dyon simply waved them away when they asked for punishment.

"Merchant Brinsop. Are you going to speak of your own accord, or would you like to experience a few more days of torture?" Dyon spoke out, causing the Ministers to stop their acts of worship and go back to their seats. He decided to first focus on the merchant because he could tell that Brodaya's story was complex. Also, for a man to be willing to betray the country his son lost his life to defend, it could be said that his conviction far surpassed the rest.

That said, the "Minister Brodaya" in the stands that had been pretending to be the real man was captured immediately as well. With so many dao formation experts around him, he had no chance. Soon, he was kneeling amongst the prisoners as well, making the total of 8, 9.

"Just kill me." Minister Brinsop spit on the ground to stop the blood from filling up his mouth. He looked weak and defeated, but he also had no intention of betraying whoever it was sent him here.

"Interesting." Dyon smiled.

Seeing this, Amphorae felt a cold sweat permeate her back. Something was telling her this smile wasn't so simple. Maybe one day she'd be able to giggle at it like Madeleine.

The ministers could only sigh. They didn't have much hope for this interrogation. Someone able to infiltrate a clan for so long, with cultivation as weak as him, would obviously be ether very good at what he does, or have ample reason to keep doing what he was doing. In the worst case, maybe even both would be true. So, how could it be so simple to get answers?

Even worse, so what if they got answers? For one, how could they be trust worthy? Even if most of what was said had an air of truth, if even the smallest detail was twisted with sinister intentions, their supposed advantage could be wiped. Secondly, would any information they have truly be helpful? After all, no amount of information would change the fact they were facing an army of millions with tens of thousands.

However, there was a new-found respect for their King in their eyes. While Dyon may not understand why, they did. So, when they saw him smiling instead of frowning, they felt an unknown calmness come over them.

Dyon's hand flashed as a formation flag appeared in his hand. Ignoring the odd gazes he got, his hands began to work.

Formation flags in this time were made of the same material as array plates. Interestingly enough, they were of higher quality as well.

Array plates were made of special metals capable of conducting and housing aurora flames and thus had the ability to store arrays and release them at the will of their wielders.

Formation flags used this same principle to store higher cores of aurora energies at key points of large arrays. This helped stabilize them, something that was very necessary for the crude arrays of this time.

The moment Dyon saw the use of formation flags, he immediately realized he could use them to draw arrays to bolster the power of the army. Of course, he handed this task to the women of the clan to do. This was the second task he had for them, the first of which was making pills.

One might wonder why Dyon was using the array plate now. Didn't he freely use the aurora flames in the air already?

The difference here was that the arrays he wanted to use were on a completely other level. Some of them even needed to be used on dao formation traitors. How could he create such a powerful array in this state? So, he handed the job to Amphorae's mother, who was very eager to help. Although she too was dissatisfied with Dyon's treatment of her daughter, when she learned that Dyon wanted to give the women a true place in the clan, her eyes flashed with youthful vigor. With her soul power, creating a comet level array with Dyon's guidance wasn't a problem.
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Dyon smiled, leisurely tapping the formation flag, "It seems you want to do this the hard way."


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