Reaper of the Martial World
709 Second Trial 27
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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709 Second Trial 27

"You have a lot of nerve attacking the King in our presence!"

Punches and kicks flew toward Minster Brodaya. They were restrained, of course. That said, it wasn't to a great extent. After all, as a dao formation expert, he was quite resilient.

Amphorae placed her small hand on her chest, taking a deep breath to steady her breathing. That was much too dangerous.

However, at this point in time, the hall was eerily quiet. When Amphorae noticed it, she too had her eyes widen in shock. Without exception, every single one in this room couldn't take their eyes off of Dyon.

Inwardly, Dyon raised an eyebrow. 'Is there something on my face? Or is it because they're surprised that I evaded a dao formation expert's attempted attack?'

Just as he thought that, Dyon's Perception picked up something odd. They weren't looking at him… Or, more accurately, they were looking at his wings?...

If Dyon thought about it, this was indeed the first time he had used his wings in public. The last time he did, was in the dead of night in his and Luna's private garden. At the time, even Luna hadn't seen him take off since she was in the room. Her field of vision wouldn't have picked up on it.

Amphorae's heartbeat quickened. The sheen of her husband's wings were so holy, yet somehow also so devilish. She felt her bloodline trembling under his presence. But, the problem was that her senses were sharp. This suppression wasn't coming from Dyon's bloodline, it was coming from something else.

All of the experts were thinking the same thing. If they hadn't been here to witness Dyon grow up themselves, they would almost not believe that he was a member of their clan at all. Somehow, the moment that the golden lightning dragon struck down, the boundaries of reality and fantasy were becoming blurred.

Just yesterday, Dyon was known as a prodigy of the Angel bloodline and one with the purist inheritance of it in hundreds of thousands of years. However, in that moment, the story changed, it was a completely imperceptible change…. To those of this time, things had always been this way. Unfortunately, it caused more trouble for Dyon.

The reason was simple. They felt no bloodline power from Dyon. How could they accept a King with such a weakness? Suddenly, it was not only Dyon's leadership that came under question, but also his right to lead at all. It was suffice to say that those two Ministers that bowed to him were doing so in respect to his Presence, but also the legacy of the Angel Clan.

This was something Dyon had not a single clue about. To him, this was just an adaptation of the trial. It made sense that anyone who entered the trial would have troubles, and he just assumed that this was one of them.

But, none of that mattered. Dyon had seemingly grasped yet another advantage.


The Ministers stood. Angelic wings burst from their backs, filling the room with a pressure that made traitors tremble.

Minister Brodaya finally saw this and an unwillingness and regret filled his eyes. He felt to the ground, unwilling to support his own self to look up.
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The loud thumping of kneeling filled the room. Even Amphorae felt the need to do so, but Dyon's words reverberated in her ears, so she refrained from doing so. She understood that it wasn't proper to do so.

Dyon silently landed on the floor, retracting his wings before looking around.

It was quite the majestic scene. Some elders had white wings. Others had black wings. Some more powerful ministers even had slight mutations. For example, Amphorae's father's black wings faded to red at their tips, giving them a sinister feel.

It was definitely a surprise to see even that man kneeling. Were his wings truly so compelling?

When Dyon thought back, he knew that his soul was responsible for his wings, not his bloodline. However, what he also understood was that the Martial World wasn't so simple. For example, the Ancient Elvin Tomes technically resulted in specific soul manifestations, however, they weren't so simple, right?

The Ancient Elvin Tomes required Dyon to body cultivate in order to manifest a particular Ancient Manifestation. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact Dyon realized that doing this was silly when he had such an overwhelming blood essence within his, he would already have foster an Elvin body.

Using this line of logic, it was clear that bloodlines could lead to manifestations… So, why wouldn't the opposite also be possible?

The moment Dyon manifested his humanoid manifestation, it caused him endless pain, but it also etched tattoos of white, black and gold into his back. Of those colors, his wings had already very clearly manifested the first two, but there were no signs of any gold currently.

Dyon knew little about Angels. His knowledge was limited to what his master knew, and even she was only aware that they were the limit of evolution for humans. If a created human universe had great potential, then after a few tens of billion years, they would begin to birth Angels. Obviously, not every universe was destined for this, but those that had relatively higher purity in Gama energy would eventually accrue enough Heaven's Blessings for such a thing.

But… The problem was that the universe Dyon was from was much too young to have produced an Angel…


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