Reaper of the Martial World
707 Second Trial 25
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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707 Second Trial 25

"Sit." Dyon's voice filled the hall, obviously referring to the three ministers before him. In one move, Dyon had shattered the spirits of those who wanted to oppose him. If it was just the three ministers who were singled out, it would be one thing. After all, what was impressive about seeing through their actions? They were always late and disrespectful. It was obvious to single them out. However, the fact there were others, and judging by their reaction, it told a completely different story… It meant their King had seen through their subtle movements. This was their last chance, and they knew it.

The power of a King wasn't limited to himself, but was rather found within the scope of control he wielded. Dyon understood this, therefore he didn't have to supress these men with his own cultivation. All he had to do was use his authority as a King. And the moment he did, the wave of pressure in the room doubled once again. Dyon's Presence had broken into the Duke levels.


Moments later, the eight traitors were laid at feet of the stairs leading to the thrones that held Dyon and Amphorae.

Dyon and the ministers silently scanned the traitors while those who were essentially called out by their king tried their best to regain their composure.

From what they could see, four of the eight were merchants, and judging by their injuries, they were treated much better. This was because Dyon took into consideration the fact that their betrayal may not be so simple. In the mortal realm, companies usually benefitted from war, but that wasn't all companies. In the same vein, war was clearly detrimental to these merchants. They likely sold luxury items that would be completely useless in these times. Who needed furs and jewels when their lives were on the line?

However, there was a fifth merchant that they took much longer to recognize, and that was simply due to the bloodiness of his face. He was almost completely disfigured.

By this point, it was clear that Dyon decided the treatment of these traitors based on a series of rules. What those rules were? The ministers could only make some guesses.

Firstly, they were correct about the first four merchants being luxury peddlers. This made it less likely that their betrayal was a stand against their Clan. That said, this was, of course, not enough for Dyon to trust them. For one, despite his deductions, he treated them as prisoners regardless. Secondly, they had been escaping with their luxury items in tow. This made their motives more acceptable, although still punishable.

Secondly, when the ministers finally recognized the fifth merchant, a coldness swept over their hearts. This merchant was the very first to be allowed into their village and many ministers here thought highly of him. In fact, he was invited to many important functions.

After the death of the former King, the one thing that the ministers managed to appreciate about their King was the fact that he built up the economy of their little clan very well. He took advantage of their spiritual vein's ability to produce rare stones and cornered a market all to their own, but he also facilitated trade between clans as well. Much of this was because he wanted Queen Luna to feel more at home, so he tried his best to reflect her experiences here, however despite the slight bitterness that brought, it still held an overall good within.

This was one of the few bright spots of his rule. Unfortunately, it seemed that the very first merchant they allowed in, one many of them called friend and even spoke secret matters with, was actually a spy implanted from the very beginning. How could their hearts not go cold? Just how deep did the schemes of the Moon Royal God Clan go?

It was very clear to them that a merchant truly had the best disguise. They could freely enter and leave the clan, and only had to undergo minimal inspection at the gates. Considering what they were truly dealing in was hidden in their minds, how could that be checked?

With the knowledge that Merchant Brinsop was a traitor, Dyon immediately knew that the Moon clan had full knowledge of not only their military strength and numbers, but also their equipment. After all, he was responsible for dealing in such things. Although the Moon clan had many capable Weapon-smiths, they had been forbidden by their ancestors to dig out the resources of their land. This was much of the reason why their young King's new innovations were so well received. He allowed precious metals and minerals that the Angel Clan hadn't seen in millions of years to come back into their society.

Unfortunately, with every bulk order of precious metals suitable for weapon making made by the Royal Angel family, the easier it was for their enemies to calculate just what kind of weapons they were working with. This was especially so since Merchant Brinsop had many private dealings with weapon-smiths.

The truth was that the scouts last night had almost let him go. After all, Dyon ordered a mix of escapees to be taken in. The scout assigned to Brinsop's area just happened to be one assigned to watch and not capture. However, because of Dyon's communication devices and the fact he had thoroughly studied everyone in the village through his reports, he was able to organize a proper ambush.

Dyon immediately made a mental note to inspect every weapon before war. Worst case scenario, they would have to start from scratch…

Suddenly, Dyon's perception caught of something odd.

He abruptly stood, his actions catching the attention of the entire hall.

'Am I really so lucky?... If he had managed to slip through…' A cold sweat permeated Dyon's back. He finally realized a flaw in his plans to allow a few to escape. If he hadn't been lucky enough for this person to be on the docket to be caught, who knows what kind of disaster would have been stirred.

Dyon's figure flashed toward the prisoners. Amphorae's heart was caught in her chest, injured and chained or not, many of these traitors were beyond Dyon's strength. He was being too reckless!

The aurora flame stone on Dyon's neck roared to life as he picked up a traitor they had all seemingly ignored to now by the throat. Panic overwhelmed the eyes of the traitor. He couldn't help but think: How?!

Dyon didn't respond. He didn't have to. His perception had grown to an unprecedented level. This disguise technique was near perfection, and somehow maintained through a beating. The only explanation was that it wasn't a technique at all, but rather, a pill capable of changing one's appearance.

The aurora flames scorched the inside of the traitor, causing him to scream in horror. The cold sweat of the singled out Ministers came back in full force, each one imagining that he was them.

But, the next moment, a resounding shock shook the room. Even Dyon couldn't help but widen his eyes as complete confusion colored his features. When had he ever been so confused? This feeling was nearly foreign to him! He could be in the dark about something. He could not know something. But confusion?!

He couldn't be blamed. As the pills effects were cruelly burned away by Dyon, the appearance of the traitor began to slowly change…

This traitor was none other than the father of the dead Michael… Minister Brodaya…

There was no doubt that this meant that the "Minister Brodaya" currently in the stands beside his fellow ministers… The one completely white as a sheet… Was a false replacement…
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But, then… Why was the real Minister Brodaya in on it?... Why would he betray a clan his son gave up his life to protect?!


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