Reaper of the Martial World
705 Second Trial 23
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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705 Second Trial 23

At the moment, time seemed to completely condense in the air. Everyone present could feel ever second that passed, it was as though each one was ten times its normal length.

Dyon wasn't the type of person to lose himself in anger often. And even if he did, he rarely showed it. Even when an entire Universe tried to drown out his name in mud, he laughed before showing them why they weren't even worthy of knowing who he was, let alone attempting to tarnish his reputation. He stood tall over an entire generation of geniuses with barely two years of cultivation.

However, when Dyon did decide to show his anger, those who faced it would pay a grave price. He still hadn't forgotten how he had sworn to destroy Planet Deimos, nor had he not noticed that Tau Aumen had tried to help the Uidah take over their universe. He may have let it go for now, but that didn't mean it had left his heart. He had his own reasons for letting Tau believe that he had hidden himself from him, but one had to say that he had already signed his death contract.

Minister Akhekhu didn't dare to allow the coldness in his heart to spread. He felt that he didn't have the right to have such thoughts, how could he go against this mountain?

There was only one reason Dyon's mere gaze could pressure a dao formation expert like this: Heaven's Blessing.

Why was it that experts could have an invisible pressure to them even without releasing their cultivation? Heaven's Blessing.

However, there was something else growing within Dyon. Just like his perception in the last trial, this trial was once again increasing something within him.

One might wonder just why the ranks of the Epistemic Tower were labeled as such. The answer was simple. The presence of a martial warrior was decided within these trials. Whether one became a member of nobility, or transcended it all and became a God, it was all decided here.

In the first trial, Dyon began to cultivate an all-seeing eye, reaching a level of perception that could look down on the world and read it on a whim. This eye was a Martial Art, something that relied solely on one's body. However, such a thing was exceedingly difficult to cultivate, and as such, was separated into seven levels of foundation that decided its future level. A martial warrior who only entered the first viscount level would only be able to increase their perception within that range. But, Dyon now had the opportunity to cultivate his perception all the way to the peak of the God level.

Each level was split into four level. Early, Middle, Late and Peak.

The levels themselves were decided by titles of nobility. Viscount, Earl, Marquise, Duke, King, Emperor and God.

In order to pass the first trial of the viscount, one needed to birth the seed of viscount perception. However, in order to pass the first God trial, one needed the seed of God perception!

The seed decides the potential. But the level itself is decided by another ranking system. A seed of viscount perception is the equivalent of a half step to Early Viscount Perception.

But… The seed of a God Perception is the equivalent of a peak Duke Perception!

Even more interestingly, Dyon completely shattered the first trial's record. Knowing this, how could his perception possible be at the minimum requirement? No. Dyon's perception had already crossed over into Kingly levels. Currently, Dyon wielded a Late Stage King Perception.

It was no wonder why his Kingly aura was so overwhelming.

If this was all said, then what Martial Art was Dyon currently fostering within this second trial? It was none other than Presence.

This trial wasn't just about wielding the strongest hammer. It was about understanding the will of your people, maneuvering your kingdom even when it was at a disadvantage, and soothing the raging storms of war and politics. Dyon had already seen through this, likely because of his awakened Perception seed. As such, he treated his every action as important.

There would come a point where those of lower cultivation and Presence would directly kneel before him, not daring to fight. Such was the goal of this trial.

Knowing what was currently growing within Dyon, it was no wonder these family heads felt pressure. There was no doubt that any dao formation expert, or even quite a few celestials would have at least one of the Martial Arts. However, not everyone had the capabilities of fostering or cultivating them, and Presence was particularly difficult to cultivate. Many tried to fake it by using their cultivation, but such a thing would simply be fake bravado. It was the equivalent of a brawny man being willing to fight anyone weaker than him but running as soon as he saw true competition.

Dyon's grand teacher had a solid grasp on the fact that it was often the intangible things that formed what made you up on the inside that not only decided what type of person you were, but also the kind of road you would take on the martial path. As such, although some of the trials consisted of needing martial talent, another large segment required the proper mental make up and fortitude.

As for why he did this… Even Dyon didn't know fully… Only the grand teacher and those with him knew that even while he leisurely chatted with Dyon, he had an eyes on a never ending war in front of him… A war that only those prepared could help in.
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He didn't just need powerful allies. He needed unbreakable allies.


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