Reaper of the Martial World
704 Second Trial 22
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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704 Second Trial 22

When Dyon walked in with Amphorae on his arm, the ministers in the throne room were stunned. How long had the seat by Dyon been completely empty? They had lost count of the number of years.

That said, many ministers had unconcealed happiness on the expressions. It seemed their King was finally growing up.

Amphorae didn't seem to notice the gazes on her, but her heart was fluttering the entire time. She felt gratified to finally be able to be by Dyon's side. The fact it was something so important too only made her feel better.

The truth was that a concubine didn't have any right to such an honor, but the fact Dyon ignored such an obvious and clear rule of etiquette made his stance clear. From today forward, Amphorae's status wouldn't be any less than that of Luna.

Dyon sat in the center throne with Amphorae directly to his right. He didn't speak for a long while, instead, he scanned the room silently. Unlike yesterday, he knew everyone in this room now. And it was very clear to him that three families were missing. To arrive after the King was a clear sign of disrespect, but for now, Dyon said not a single word. In fact, because of the atmosphere his aura created, not a single person dared to talk.

The throne room remained completely quiet.

Ten minutes passed. Then thirty. Then an hour. And still, no one said a word.
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Amphorae's heart couldn't help but feel a fiery heat spread through her chest. Dyon presence forced even those of the dao formation in this room to not dare to speak, even to ask what was wrong. His demeanor now was completely different than when they were alone, did her King always have such a side to him?

Despite Amphorae's thoughts, how could she not understand what was wrong? There were people missing, and the most embarrassing part for her was that one of them was her very own father.

A slight fury built in Amphorae's heart before she couldn't only helplessly and silently sigh. How could she not understand why her father would treat their King like this? However, this current King of theirs was very different. If her father continued to act like this, there would only be humiliation and death in his future.

There was an indescribable feeling welling up within her… Something that was telling her that there wasn't anything in existent capable of stopping her husband's current momentum.

Finally, after nearly another half an hour, the sound of three laughing men filled the hallways leading to the throne room.

Soon, the doors of the throne room opened. However, contrary to their previous attitudes, the laughter of the men completely stopped, immediately getting caught in their throats. Whereas they had expected the hall to be filled with discussion, and likely heated as it usually was, the reality was that the hall was completely quiet, making them the complete center of attention. Although this was their goal from the beginning, the circumstances in which is happened were vastly different from what they had imagined.

The man in the middle was tall and handsome, sporting long dark red hair. He was without a doubt Amphorae's father. Judging by how he was a dao formation expert, and could still manage to look so young, he had to have either just recently broken through to a new stage or was ridiculously talented.

Judging by Dyon's information on him, it was more likely the former, although any dao formation expert was an overwhelming talent. He was known as Minister Akhekhu.

The other two men had auras at the peak celestial realm and were very close to their next break through should they decide to forego increasing their cultivation grade. Considering they were only a few thousand years old, they not only had plenty of time, but were also much younger than Minister Akhekhu. They were known as Minister Baria and Minister Hesus.

One had to say, that although they were all family heads, such an arrangement of friends was truly odd. Whereas Minister Akhekhu was Dyon's grand uncle. Minister Baria and Minister Hesus were both his uncles. The difference of one generation in the martial world was much too wide to ignore.

Dyon noted this oddity but continued to stay silent. In fact, he had long since closed his eyes. He didn't even react to the laughter or the opening of the throne room door. The only clue that he was still very much here and very much aware was the stifling dominance of his aura.

Minister Akhekhu's heart froze over when he saw the situation. But, when he noticed that there was someone seated beside Dyon, and the fact that person was his daughter, he was completely stunned. He suddenly went from a completely embarrassing situation, to another situation he had no idea how to handle.

However, the coldness in his heart immediately returned. Did this King of his think that such empty gestures would change decades of suffering? He had to watch his own daughter brave through complete humiliation while never saying a word of complaint. How could such anger and frustration be washed away so easily?

Yet, despite this, Minister Akhekhu's eyes softened when he looked upon Amphorae. He rarely ever got to see his daughter now, after all, the Imperial Harem forbade men from entering. Unfortunately for him, this included fathers.

Amphorae's heart swam with complex feelings when she saw her father's eyes, but her expression remained unmoved. When a woman married, it was only right that her allegiances shifted. No matter what Dyon had done in the past, she still loved him. And from their talks, she could see the guilt that was wracking his heart all of this time and the heavy stone that weighed on his psyche. All that mattered to her now was that he was trying, yet he was also so patient with her.

Right now, Amphorae wasn't a daughter, she was a Queen and the wife of a King. A King who had just been disrespected by his subjects. The side she chose was clear to her.

In the next instant, the wave of pressure doubled… just as Dyon's eyes finally opened.


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