Reaper of the Martial World
703 Second Trial 21
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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703 Second Trial 21

Dyon stood in Amphorae's room, now fully clothed and looking out at the sky through the massive gapping hole that now replaced the roof. It was such an odd atmosphere, yet Dyon felt oddly comfortable. Maybe the only thing that was unsettled within him was his blood practically burning his veins up. But, he ignored the feeling, fully suppressing it.

It wasn't that he didn't want to take Amphorae right here and now, but he just didn't feel it was the right time. He was fully aware that Amphorae would never reject, but Dyon also knew that two days wasn't enough to repair a relationship that had been chipped away at for decades.

Turning back, Dyon watched as Amphorae's alluring back wrapped herself in delicate silks. He lamented the fact her long hair covered her plump ass, but he was also glad he didn't have a more stimulating view, or else maybe even his overwhelming will power would lose out.

Dyon walked over when he noticed how tightly Amphorae was binding her chest. His hands wrapped around her, stopping a process he thought had to be very painful. Why should she have to do such a thing?

Amphorae paused, "Why are you stopping me?"

Dyon smiled to himself. He had spent morning with Amphorae, trying his best to get her to speak less formally with him, it seemed it had worked.

"You're hurting yourself, that's why."
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Warmth filled Amphorae's heart, but she still shook her head. "It's proper etiquette. I have no choice."

Dyon thought for a moment before walking around to face her. "Let me."

Although Amphorae didn't know what Dyon meant, he let him try. However, instead of trying to bind her, Dyon directly undid the ties around her chest, causing two boundlessly beautiful mounds of soft flesh to drop into his view.

Dyon shook his head to focus. Seeing his reaction, Amphorae felt gratified in her heart, but she also inwardly giggled before catching herself. Since when did she giggle?

Contrary to Amphorae's expectations, Dyon didn't stop there. He proceeded to also remove the silk wrapping around Amphorae's hips and thighs. He realized that they also tried to hide the plumpness of her ass, Dyon found this more blasphemous than even the chest bindings.

Soon, Amphorae stood naked and confused. She blushed thinking that maybe Dyon had stopped holding back and wanted to take her here. A slight anticipation, but also a blanket of worry colored her heart, leaving her with a slight unsettled yet wanting feeling.

Her heart beat quickened as Dyon cupped her breasts and slightly supported them between his thumb and index finger. But, if Amphorae's mind wasn't wandering, she would have realized the focused expression on Dyon's face.

A slight moan escaped Amphorae's lips when Dyon's thumb accidently slid by her pink nipples. However, Dyon didn't seem to react. He was so focused on controlling his impulses that he had practically shut down all of his other senses.

A moment later, Dyon nodded to himself, finishing his calculations in his mind. He grasped onto the purple-gold aurora flame stone once again, causing a blinding purple light to fill the room and envelop the room, with Amphorae covered in specific.

Amphorae was snapped out of her fantasizing state to find the feeling of fabrics wrapping around her skin, but somehow, it felt much more comfortable and much less restrictive than usual.

When the light finally faded, Amphorae looked down at herself in amazement. To help her see, Dyon moved away from his position, allowing the mirror behind him to be seen by her.

Stunning red lace lingerie covered her important areas, and although this wasn't conservative in the least, she fell in love with the design and feel. Dyon had even replaced the normal uncomfortable metal why with a much comfier flexible fabric.

Seeing that Amphorae liked it, Dyon smiled, ignoring his fatigue and using the purple-gold stone again. Soon after, a beautiful red dress covered Amphorae's figure. It was loose and unrestrictive, but still maintained the air of conservatism that he knew she still wanted.

"Is it okay?" Dyon asked.

Not trusting her voice, Amphorae could only nod.

Smiling, Dyon approached her side, giving her his arm. "In the future, I'll show you something even more comfortable." A grin spread within Dyon's heart, thinking about the conservative and elegant Amphorae wearing sweat pants.

Although Dyon was trying to ignore his fatigue, it still caught Amphorae's attention, causing her gratitude to blossom even further. She happily accepted Dyon arm, and for the first time in a long while, she couldn't hide her smile.

When they walked out, it wasn't much of a surprise that the women were immediately caught up in Amphorae's new dress. In the end, Dyon had no choice but to promise to make one for each one of them. Having so many women was truly too tiring.

Despite this thought, Dyon actually felt quite happy having Amphorae cling to his arm. Her queenly aura caused the air around them to tremble in fear. It made those they passed realize that there was truly no man worthy of such a woman that wasn't a King.

For these few moments, Dyon was finally able to set Luna aside in his heart. He didn't forget her, and the love was still raging in his heart. But, what he could do was ignore her possible betrayal for now. All that mattered was Amphorae's happiness right now.

Just like that, the two of them headed toward a secluded part of the Palace. It was time to deal with the traitors.


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