Reaper of the Martial World
702 Second Trial 20
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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702 Second Trial 20

Finally, Amphorae's enlightenment came to an end and her dim eyes finally returned to their lively but reserved light blue.

The moment her vision cleared, she saw her husband lying on the ground and panic racked through her heart.

"Dyon? Dyon!" Tears fell from Amphorae's eyes as she scrambled to the floor. She ripped Dyon's linen shirt off and even his pants, searching desperately for a wound to treat, but in the end, she found nothing.

Worry colored her features. No external wounds could only mean one thing: the injury was within.

Amphorae tried to calm her breathing. With so much time on her hands, she had studied many things, and as Dyon had said, she was a genius. Although she wasn't perfect at everything, she was quite serviceable in most things. As such, she was aware of how to use her soul to check for wounds within a person.

Normally, doing such a thing was very dangerous, after all, it was similar to attacking with your soul. You would be vulnerable. But, no matter how Amphorae was treated, there would always be one man she trusted more than anyone else.

In truth… Even if Dyon hurt her and she died, she wouldn't regret it for even a moment.

However, when Amphorae searched Dyon, other than a few odd arcs of lightning that seemed happy to sense her presence, she didn't see anything wrong. His heart was beating just fine, his organs were running optimally, it even looked like he was even more healthy than he had been before.

In a situation like this, all Amphorae could do was wait. So, she silently kneeled by Dyon, laying his head on her lap. She didn't seem to notice that fact the roof of her house was completely gone.

Some of the concubines of course came to see just what happened, but Amphorae sent them away, saying that their King needed to rest.

About an hour later, Dyon's eyes finally started to flutter. The moment they opened, an imperceptible arc of lightning flashed within, but disappeared in the next instant.

Dyon blinked, realizing he was looking up at the now clear skies. When he turned his head, he was greeted with not only delicate and soft skin, but Amphorae's toned belly.
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Realizing Dyon was now awake, Amphorae sighed in relief, but when she noticed that he was naked, she blushed profusely. She had been so distracted by his health that she completely forgotten that she had stripped him to check him.

However, Dyon would never mind something like that. Instead, he immediately propped himself up, gently caressing Amphorae's cheek in his hand.

His eyes scanned hers, leaning forward slowly.

Amphorae's heart beat quickened, but she didn't resist. In fact, by the end, she found herself leaning forward.

Their lips met for the first time, each enveloping the other in their scent.

Dyon was overwhelmed by Amphorae's delicate fragrance. He couldn't help but wrap his arm around her, lifting her up and placing her on the bed.

Minutes passed before either broke for breath. Amphorae's delicate skin had flushed completely. Her perfectly sculpted breasts heaved, glistening with sweat.

"Will you come out with me today?" Dyon asked, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

Amphorae didn't trust her voice, so she only nodded. But, when she heard the cheering and whistling from the other concubines who had somehow appeared in the air at some point, she couldn't help but trying and pull Dyon close to hide her face in his chest.

Dyon's laughed, waving the girls away until it was just him and Amphorae again. That was when he said something that sent ripples through her heart.

"When this is all done, you'll be my Queen." Dyon said firmly. There was no hesitation in his voice.

Although Amphorae didn't say anything, her grip on Dyon tightened and tears began to drench his chest.


This entire process was seen by Dyon's grand teacher, but he had completely lost his neutral expression. This only seemed to happen because of Dyon, but at the moment, he truly knew nothing of what was going on!

There was a very simple reason for all of this: He recognized that bracelet! It was none other than a weapon of the 33 Heavens, a member of the energy category, The Golden Dragon Lyre!

Did he just witness the creation of one of the 33 most legendary weapons? Did it always happen like this? That was impossible, in the original history, the King never repaired his relationship with Amphorae. The Angel Clan would have been wiped out, and Amphorae would have been taken in as a sex slave, only for her to kill herself. She would have never had the opportunity to create this weapon. What the hell was going on?!

This was way outside the scope of a trial. There's no way anyone witnessing any of this could still think in such a way.

Dyon's grand teacher understood what had just happened. That phenomenon wasn't caused by Amphorae's power. No, she wasn't strong enough to cause such a thing. What had happened was that a new will was born into the world!

The very first instance of any will being tapped into would always lead to such a phenomenon. Until the person who tapped into the will died, every other user of the will would be suppressed when facing the originator. However, music will was one of the few that was different.

Among the 11 energy weapons of the 33 heavens, there were a few exactly like this. Its dominance transcended the life of the originator because it was also tethered to the weapon! This meant that any wielder of this golden weapon would always dominate music will users, even stretching into sound will variants like Saru's vibrational will!

A sudden realization came over Dyon's grand teacher… There were two possibilities… One much less awe inspiring than the other.

The first, and normal possibility, was that this trial was simply realistic. Dyon had the advantage of knowing music will existed in the future, and therefore pushed the process forward much earlier. This meant that when the trial was over, none of this would matter and nothing that happened was real.

The second possibility was heaven shattering…

This possibility said that Dyon was part of the creation of music will and therefore a partial creator of a weapon of the 33 heavens! This meant that everything that happened here was real and time will was much more complicated that even Dyon's grand teacher knew.

What Dyon grand teacher didn't know was that this trial was already crossing the boundaries of reality…

When Amphorae called out to her husband, she didn't say Royal Husband… She didn't say my King… She didn't use any of the generic phrases the other concubines had been using… She said, very clearly: Dyon.

Even more conspicuously, the golden lightning that struck Dyon had done something even Dyon didn't know about…

With Dyon, his soul remained in a dormant state, nursing a slowly growing world along with its own injuries. Within this world, a domineering black and red tower stood tall, but what really held the main presence was a humanoid manifestation with wings of white and black and 6 flaming circles hovering behind it…

In the top three circles, floating in a triangular fashion, an eye, and a white and black flame filled their spaces…

In the bottom three circles, floating in the reverse fashion, the once empty bottom most flaming circle was flickering with an image that seemed to want to come into existence far ahead of its time…

That image was an arc of lightning..

Maybe… Just maybe… Dyon's overwhelming destiny had nothing to do with luck… Maybe… He forged his heaven's blessings here…


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