Reaper of the Martial World
698 Second Trial 16
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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698 Second Trial 16

As Dyon continued to diligently study this all new formation theory, the plans he had set in motion were still working in the background.
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The women of the Imperial Harem had set off into their missions as soon as they finished comforting Amphorae. As expected, it was actually her that kicked them into gear, quickly organizing tasks and sending them off.

Because of the freedom Dyon gave the women of his harem, and since they started moving before the 5pm curfew, no one was suspicious or wary of their movements. They were very much used to the free spirits of these women.

As Dyon expected, the women of the Angel Clan were highly skilled. As a result of their culture, many of them were forced to learn supportive roles, but they were highly skilled within them. Using the pill formulas Dyon provided, the lights in the eyes of these women were rekindled, and they began to feel like they could finally play a role in helping their sons, husbands and fathers. Pride welled up in their chest as not a single one said no to Dyon's demands.

By curfew, all of the tasks had been handed out and the women returned to the Imperial Harem, waiting patiently for the next day.

As for the Angel Clan warriors, they were handed concealment arrays etched personally by Dyon and posted in strategic locations, allowing them to spy on every one of the traitors that tried to escape under the dark of night.

According to Dyon's instructions, 60% of them were captured. After all, it would be far too suspicious if they all survived. Only those with the highest skill and cultivation were allowed to live, although in order to maintain balance a few more powerful ones were captured. This may seem counter intuitive, but it was the ending that made the most sense.

Not only would this allow capturing them to be quick and easy, it also only made sense for the most powerful to succeed.

However, as Dyon expected, the enemy didn't risk mobilizing any of their most important pieces. Many of the traitors were unassuming merchants. Dyon even suspected that many of those who were trying to escape weren't doing so to provide intel to the enemy, but instead to protect their businesses. After all, if they were holed up in a land doomed to be conquered and pillaged, their losses would be immeasurable.

That said, Dyon would find out when he personally interrogated them the next day.


Thousands of miles away, the Royal God Clan and its subordinate God Clans were moving. They had yet to set out toward their destination, but they believed that they had plenty of time.

Within a room, a man with long dark hair sat naked a table filled with food. Off to his sides, women lay panting in the nude, but judging by the blood seeping from between their legs, it could be said that they had done much more enduring than enjoying. After all, none of these women had been virgins when they walked in… Yet look at their states now.

The man himself was rippling with muscle and vitality. But, most disturbingly, the meat he ate was much too red… It was without a doubt raw.

The only other seat at the table was filled by an elegant and busty lady with long silver hair and sharp green eyes. Although she was the queen of this man, she was fully clothed and seemingly completely untouched.

"My sister hasn't sent her daily message." The woman spoke calmly, slowly dividing the spiritual fruit in front of her to eat in small bites. One had to say that although she was less beautiful than her younger sister Luna, she was definitely a world shaker in her own right.

"Maybe that useless King is smarter than I gave him credit for. No matter. We'll still attack in a week."

If Dyon had heard this, he would have laughed to himself. This supposed clan head was so arrogant that he didn't plan on changing his attack strategy at all. Dyon had accounted for the possibility of them moving the attack date up even as much as four days, but clearly this would give him a few extra days to prepare. It would only be later that this man would understand his mistake.

"You're right, it hardly matters. He is much too in love with my sister to do anything to her. In all likelihood, she will still be of great use."

"Ai, my little Laura. Still so jealous of your little sister? How can my two wives be siblings yet hate each other?"

"How can that be so? She is my little sister, and as such, I love her dearly. We will serve you well."

The man's eyes shone with an unrestrained lust. He couldn't help but reach his large hand over to a still gasping for breath woman.

The woman trembled in fear, but she didn't dare to say anything as she was lowered on an object much too big for her to handle. Her whimpers filled the rooms as tears fell from her eyes. It was as though she was nothing more than a sleeve for his pleasure.

"I look forward to the day."

This man, standing at over seven meters tall, was none other than the very same man who had married into Luna's former Royal God Clan, the Moon Clan.

He, himself, was not from Planet Haven. Instead, he was the first prince of the Ahpuch Emperor God Clan, a family known for their demonic arts and robust body cultivation. His name was Jabari Ahpuch, and he wanted nothing more than to uproot the last of the Angels and press Queen Luna beneath him.

Luckily for him, he saw half this goal as already completed. Queen Luna had already accepted her fate to be his.

As for the second half, in little more than a week, he'd be feeding on Angel flesh.


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