Reaper of the Martial World
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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697 Second Trial 15

Formations were the reason Dyon was currently zipping through the air. After his few moments with the clan's formation experts, Dyon learned of how "array alchemy" functioned before his grand teacher created the aurora. He immediately noticed the similarity between array plates and formation flags, and he also made, and was currently making, great use the aurora flames stones.

That said, his greatest idea from that interaction was the possible benefits of combination ancient formation technology and modern refinements of it. What would happen if he combined the natural energies of the environment with perfected arrays? Wouldn't the benefits exceed anything ever created before?

Unknowingly, Dyon had stepped onto a path no one had ever stepped on before. Much like his grand teacher's first disciple, he was about to improve of the uses of the aurora again.

However, Dyon understood how difficult this would be. In fact, he had already understood that he was missing a very large piece of the puzzle. And surprisingly, when he figured out what it was, he couldn't help but shake his head in amusement. It seemed the heavens were really shining down on him.

The concept behind using the energies of the world around you to improve formations had long been lost, but Dyon now had the books on the topic at his finger tips. Unfortunately, he couldn't use his speed-reading technique to go through them because his ability to use wills was locked, but that didn't stop him from reading them normally. With his robust memory, he wouldn't forget a word. Such was the benefit of having such a talented soul alter the abilities of his mind.
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After Dyon finished going through the first book, he immediately thought of a mortal world comparison. Wasn't the exactly like feng shui?

From what Dyon understood of the concept, it took decades of learning to comprehend such a thing. Even worse, that was when you were looking at the simplistic nature of the mortal world. After all, Dyon's home world had a severe lack of energy, as such, the patterns were much easier to read. The martial world, however, was a completely different beast entirely.

So, why did Dyon smile? Because of the people he brought into the Epistemic Tower with him, there was one little genius beauty that just so happened to specialize in this rare will: Bai Meiying!

Dyon still remembered the first time he had seen Meiying's feng shui compass will at Focus Academy's opening ceremony. Little did he know that it would be the key to building his empire. With Meiying's help, the formations they'd be able to create would be nearly impenetrable.

Unfortunately, although Dyon had invited Meiying to the tower, she hadn't come. Meiying wanted to stay behind to try and repair her familial ties. After being shipped off by her father into a forced marriage, one could understand just how strained such a relationship was. Dyon could only hope that she would eventually come and see the world with them.

As much as Dyon wanted to just learn this feng shui compass will himself, this was a very special kind of will. He still remembered the words of the Elders to this day. They said, very specifically, that Meiying was "competing" for her space in will mastery of the feng shui compass.

Before, Dyon hadn't fully understood what these words meant, but not he did. Wills could be seen as being finite, however, there were a collection of wills that were so scarce that there was only a limited number of individuals who could comprehend it at a given time. Unless Dyon killed one of them, it would be impossible for him to grab a hold of his place with this particular will.

Dyon didn't know what this meant for Meiying's past, and maybe that had something to do with why she decided to stay home even in the face of a brighter future. What he did know was that if his theory was correct, her value was immeasurable.

There was one obvious problem with all of this right now, though. Meiying wasn't here… Knowing this, Dyon had no choice but to push forward and see what results he could gain on his own.

The idea behind this energy studies truly intrigued Dyon. Areas would be divided into their elements, and would provide energy based on their configurations. Dyon suspected that these energies were eerily similar to Gama.

In the present world, millions of years ahead of this time, Gama energy was formed by tearing through the void of space to reach the depths of a universe. After all, it was this very energy that was responsible for everything created in said universe. Needless to say, this process was expensive, and even in the best of clans, it could only be used by the most core of disciples. As cultivation progressed, the requirements became even more stringent. Often times, clans wouldn't be able to afford tapping into Gama energies beyond the saint level. This added to the difficulty of becoming first grade experts.

However, what if you could analyze the flow of energy of the world and find sources where Gama energy willingly came up? And what if you could then use this energy to power formations?

In reality, this was Dyon's ultimate goal. But, for now, his expertise was much too far away from being able to find the culmination point of such a place. Gama energy was the representation of every will in existence, how could it be so easy to manipulate? Even if Dyon was trained enough to find such a thing, its occurrence would likely be very rare.

For now, Dyon focused on learning to find and sense the simplest of elements. Earth, water, metal, wood, wind, and fire. As expected, lightning wasn't considered by these ancients as a simple element. In fact, there were major warnings to avoid such signs, especially for beginners.

Dyon would obviously not ignore this. He understood how dangerous playing with lightning was… There was a reason it was the weapon of the heavens. He wouldn't allow himself to get in his own way.

Right now, his only goal was victory.


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