Reaper of the Martial World
696 Second Trial 14
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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696 Second Trial 14

Standing above the mountain ranges with his wings flapping gently in the dead of night, Dyon decided that the only way to move forward was to finish his second task for the night: Completely understanding and planning for the surroundings of the Angel Clan.

The moment Dyon began thinking of battle plans, he immediately realized the greatest flaw of most of his battle formations: Martial Warriors could fly. This fact alone crumbled many of his seemingly ingenious innovations to dust.

There was a simple reason he hadn't bothered to consider this before. The Earth Gate, although had a cap of essence gatherer cultivation, was a mostly forgotten gate at the time, and as such, was mostly populated by meridian formation experts who couldn't fly. As for the few essence gatherers there were, there weren't enough of them to make a large difference. The variable they provided would be easily handled by Dyon.

However, Dyon was stepping into an all new world now. Many of his coming opponents would be in the saint realm, with quite a few celestial level opponents. Luckily for him, when it came to dao formation enemies, his Angel Clan had enough to offset them even when all four clans were taken into account. Such was the talent of the Angel Clan.

As a result, Dyon understood that those dao formation experts wouldn't attack unless those experts of the Angel Clan came out. The reason for this was simple logic. Why would they place their lives on the line when they could simply use their numbers to overwhelm? Although Dyon thought of using his dao formation experts to force them to act, this would gain him nothing.

So, Dyon decided to build up his new military strategy from scratch. That said, he had two very solid starting points.

The first was a formation he had already implemented with his demon generals. His efficiency formation.

Because of Dyon's foresight, he had long since realized the foremost problem of chaotic martial world wars: the strong killing the weak.

In the long-lost mortal world, there was strategic organization, even in ancient times. The weakest and youngest of warriors would be used as vanguard. This was in order to train them up to become elites in the quickest fashion possible. However, this was also decidedly brutal, yet, effective.

This was not the only reason for such an arrangement. It also allowed those elites to rest for decisive strikes.

One might wonder just how effective such a scheme was. Well, the Roman Empire was quite an overbearing presence for a very long time, no?

As a result of this arrangement, it was very rare for number losses to be sustained because of elites taking out the weak. Unfortunately, the martial world didn't have such a thing. This resulted, of times, in the more powerful and talented warriors weaving their way through the battle field and picking off the weak. It was only after many deaths that an equivalent warrior might realize the mess being stirred up and go to stop this person.

Dyon, however, didn't want this. Whether other overlords viewed their army as cannon fodder or not, Dyon would never do such a thing. His goal was to always enter and leave battle with the fewest amounts of casualties possible. As such, the efficiency formation was born. The solution itself was quite simple.

Squads of 5 would be formed, perfectly balanced with those of various cultivation levels. For example, in this coming war, Dyon's army was only 50, 000, and that was made entirely of saints and celestials. With the talent of the Angel Clan, Dyon deemed essence gatherers much too young to participate in such a battle. They would often times be younger than 10 years old! How could Dyon send them to battle?

Interestingly enough, the ratio was a perfect 1:4, with 10, 000 celestials and 40, 000 saints. As such, the squads would be balanced using the same ratio.

There would be one lower saint. Two middle saints. And one high to peak level saint. They would them be coupled with one celestial. Unfortunately, the only flaw was that these celestials would be wide ranging and could be anywhere from lower levels of the realm, to higher.
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That said, Dyon of course saw through this flaw immediately. To combat this, he created something called areas of attack. Squads of 5 wouldn't be allowed to leave a certain radius and cardinal direction from a central hub which would, of course, contain Dyon, or someone he appointed the roll to.

Essentially, the battle field would be viewed as a giant illusory circle. At the very center of this circle, there would be Dyon or whoever was currently in control of the central hub. The squads would be given coordinates within this giant illusory circle, coordinates they would not be allowed to leave.

This sounds overly complicated and unnecessary. However, the truth of the matter was that this was yet another ingenious idea.

What would happen if a peak celestial suddenly attacks a squad led by a lower celestial? Wouldn't death of that squad be near immediate?

However, what if the area of attack of that squad was overlapped by another squad that happened to be led by another peak celestial? With Dyon's communication devices, they would be able to relay this immediately and call for help, thus preventing any losses.

To ensure the smooth nature of this transition, Dyon incorporated two types of communication arrays. One would be connected to him or the central hub. The second would connect each squad to the other four squads surrounding it.

Any squad led by a lower celestial, would always be near another squad with a higher-level celestial. Their areas of attack would overlap just enough to allow aid, thus resulting in smooth transitions.

The second starting point Dyon had were his bread and butter: Formations.


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