Reaper of the Martial World
695 Second Trial 13
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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695 Second Trial 13

Luna didn't know what compelled her to do so, but she couldn't help but raise her head and plant her soft lips onto Dyon's.

One had to say that there were too many flaws with the previous King. He loved Luna, yes, but he lacked decisiveness. He treated her like a doll, as though she was truly an object only meant to be placed on a pedestal and ogled. Truthfully, he rarely even touched her. The guilt he felt over Amphorae ended up placing both women in a place where they felt nothing but endless pain.

Many thought that Dyon hadn't birthed a child yet because his and Luna's talent was too high… But the truth was that Luna was still a virgin.

As soon as Luna graced Dyon with her lips, that thought immediately flooded his mind. This was the first time he felt true disdain for this King he had taken the body of.

It wasn't that Dyon was looking down on him for lack of "manliness". It was more so that he hadn't taken responsibility for anything. He hurt so many for the sake of one woman, yet even that one woman wasn't happy.

From Dyon's neck, an aurora flame stone hung. In that moment, the golden flames raged, immediately turning Luna's fair skin a fierce red.

Her breathing became ragged as Dyon hands trailed along her body. It was clear to Luna that something had changed within her husband, she had never felt this way before. Even kissing used to be a rare thing between them.

In the end, Luna could hardly handle the new wave of stimulation. Her frail body collapsed in Dyon's arms.

After a few moments, Dyon silently picked her up, bringing her inside to escape from the cold night and laying her down to rest. Luna had a light smile on her face as though she had just enjoyed her very first true date with the man she loved.

Dyon watched her sleep for a long while before he stood, leaving through the balcony. His wings erupted from his back, sending fierce gales spiraling around him before he left through the air, disappearing over the mountain range.

Moments after Dyon, Luna's long eyelashes fluttered open, revealing her beautiful violet eyes. Her shy and reserved nature seemed to disappear, replaced by an emotionless abyss. Her once sparkling eyes became dark holes wanting to suck anything that made eye contact in.

She slowly stood from the bed, walking to their large bath room before slipping her white gown off.

She silently stared at the steaming water, her petite body reflecting in the shining tiles below her feet. One had to say that it seemed as though she was sculpted of diamonds and perfectly refined to the finest of details. Even her supposed petite figure had hidden her curves well beneath her gown, enough to entice the blood flow of any man.

Luna reached her small hand to the treasure between her legs, her lips slightly trembling when she felt its moist folds. Never had she expected that a man would truly be capable of making her feel such a way… To her… Her feelings and emotions had been dead for a long time now…

A sparkling liquid attached itself to Luna's slender figure, shining even the slowly building fog and humidity.

Even after just one touch, her legs felt weak, but it was clear there was no more denying what had happened.

She couldn't help but think back to the change in her husband's presence. The way he didn't hesitate to say that he'd protect her feelings against the will of the world. The way he finally treated her like a real woman for the first time in their relationship.

Yet… Luna slipped into the water and washed the liquids away as though it would take the feelings it brought with them, her heart finally settled to the same rhythm of the steady lake of her eyes.

It was too late to go back now. What's done was done.

With that final thought, Luna buried whatever feelings were stirred within that night as she cleansed herself.
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Over the mountain, Dyon was oblivious to this change in Luna. Or, more accurately, there was still a barrier in his heart to accepting it. With his perception, was it really true that he hadn't sensed anything amiss? Maybe the only reason why he even noticed Amphorae's cold eyes was because these feelings hadn't been triggered yet.

Dyon didn't truly understand just what kind of treasure the Epistemic Tower was to be able to do such a thing. A treasure capable of altering and building emotions a person had never had before? How could such a dangerous thing exist in this world?

The worst part was that everything was so very real and clear. The people were real. The Angel Clan was real. The enemies they were facing were really real.

All Dyon knew was that his grand teacher had used some sort of odd path of time will to construct this trial with the help of the Epistemic Tower. But, this information wasn't enough. Could a trial really be so realistic? Even when Dyon partially partook in the True Empath trials, in order for his grand teacher to test his mental fortitude, everything there had seemed so fantastical, and the only emotions were ones he felt in his day to day life anyway. It was nothing like this…

Dyon suddenly wondered if he could truly kill Luna… He wondered if he'd be able to handle the trauma of betraying Amphorae again… He wondered… If when he left this trial… If their imprint on his heart would ever disappear…


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