Reaper of the Martial World
694 Second Trial 12
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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694 Second Trial 12

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Dyon could only see her back, but butterflies fluttered in his stomach, churning through his insides and forcing the shortness of his breath.

He couldn't see her face, but just her back sent waves through Dyon's heart.

She stood bare foot, wearing an elegant white gown that likely doubled as her sleepwear. He hair was so long that Dyon had only just made out the soles of her feet. If he hadn't known that the moon was silver as well, he was have sworn with his life on the line that the radiating silver color was from his wife's hair.

Dyon's brain stuttered. He had inadvertently called her his wife in his mind… Did he really mean it?...

Suddenly sensing Dyon's presence, Luna turned.

The entire moment seemed so slow. It was as though every centimeter her head moved, another minute would go by in the world. Dyon's perception pushed itself to max, wanting nothing more than to catch every frame of this moment so he could revisit it every moment of every day.

However, the reality was that it was only a moment before Luna's perfect countenance graced Dyon's visage.

Cool air charged through the slits of Dyon's teeth, but it did nothing to stop the heating of his limbs.

Luna looked like a perfectly sculpted doll. Dyon couldn't imagine that her height reached past his chest, yet her petite figure seemed so otherworldly that he found it difficult to breathe.

Her eyes were a piercing violet, shining under the night sky even as her silver hair fluttered. And yet, her small smile, caused by the curve of her delicate and soft pink lips, outshone it all as she slowly walked toward Dyon.

Before he even realized, Queen Luna had made it him, standing less than a foot away, her fragrance filled Dyon's senses with such a comfortable feeling that his limbs threatened to collapse under him.

Her face matched her petite body immaculately, graced with a flawless sheen with the slightest rose glow that gave her an adorable appearance.

Luna looked up at her husband, scanning his face with love in her eyes.

She reached up, gently stroking Dyon's cheek. "You seem different today." She paused, but didn't say anything further, as though she was trying to decide if she liked this Dyon more or not. "Will you hold me under the moonlight? With everything that's happening, who knows when we'll see these mountains and skies again."

Dyon grasped her hand, almost melting away when he felt the softness of her skin. Recovering, he left her to a reclined chair covered with soft pillows.

Moments later, Dyon stared at the sky with the petite Luna in his arms. Her ear lay on his chest, listening to the constant pounding of his heart. Feeling her touch, she couldn't seem to calm down.

"Are you doubting me?"

These words came out of nowhere. One had to understand that they had been silently laying together for at least a few hours now. Even with his cultivation Dyon had begun to feel like sleeping. However, this question jolted him awake completely.

That said, this was good for Dyon. In the time that had passed, he had managed to calm him heart. He was finally beginning to feel like himself again. But, this threatened to send him right back into a spiral.

"Yes." Despite his thoughts, Dyon's answer was brutally honest.

The truth of the matter was that there wasn't 100% certainty that Luna was the culprit behind all of this. Dyon had many other factors to consider.

For one, her father had died, and control of their Royal God Clan had essentially passed over to an all new family. This was because Luna's elder sister had married someone not even of this planet, and if his cultivation and talent were any indicators, he was from quite a powerful place.

Secondly, Dyon's perception couldn't see any faults with Luna at all. Yet, he had seen many possible suspects among his concubines.

Considering these two factors, Luna didn't seem to have anything to gain. Since her family had lost control of their clan, what was the point in her telling them about he Angel Clan secrets? After all, it would no longer be her family that benefitted.

"I understand." Luna's voice was as soft as a mosquito. She couldn't hide the pain in her voice, but she did truly understand.

There was a reason Dyon called her the weaker of her and Amphorae. Luna was incredibly shy and reserved. Maybe Dyon was the only person she could speak to so freely. Because of this, Dyon couldn't imagine what would happen to her psyche if he neglected her for Amphorae. He had truly never felt such a strong instinct to protect…

"In the case that you're guilty, I'll have no choice but to cut off all ties with you. Our roles as husband and wife will come to an end."

Dyon didn't explain any further. He didn't have to say how much this pained him because Luna could feel it. Whether she was a traitor or not, anyone could see how much Dyon loved her.

That said, Luna couldn't help but tremble at these words, tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Her fragile figure felt so weak that it was as though the softest breeze could break her.
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Luna froze, looking up at Dyon expectantly.

"If you're innocent, I'll crush our enemies beneath my feet and use their lives to pave the way to your peace. I'll never let you feel this way again, and those responsible for it, will pay."


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