Reaper of the Martial World
691 Second Trial 9
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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691 Second Trial 9

As Dyon spent time in his Imperial Harem, the cogs he had set into motion were firing off as the 5pm curfew approached.

There was no doubt the implanted Spies were getting nervous. For the entire day, the Angel Clan military had been making odd movements, even preforming an impromptu census in the early morning. When that had happened, they had immediately wanted to leave, however that was when they found out that there was a lock down on the clan.

Some of these traitors were quite prominent officials, and tried to throw their weight around, but all they found was a staunch opposition. Needless to say, those that insisted were added to a black list to be further monitored.

Luckily, these officials were smart enough to not use violence. If not, considering they were some of the most powerful people in the clan, how could the patrol soldiers stop them?

Dyon's influence on the clan was like a blanket of energy, suffocating the traitors into a corner. However, this was only for those less intelligent. Those who were too clever for their own good simply did nothing. They didn't have to. No matter how talented the clan was, 50, 000 could never win against millions.

Back within the Imperial Harem, Dyon pretended to be oblivious to all of these events. But, the truth of the matter was that a communication array was constantly relaying information to him. Their land's formation experts had been astonished to know that their King was such an expert. But, the truth was even Dyon was stunned for a bit.

Because this era was before the time of his grand teacher, there was no such thing as an aurora. As a result, formations were built using a variety of other means. These means included using the nature of the land it was built upon, the materials used to construct it, something they called formation flags, and a special stone capable of etching arrays that Dyon was quite surprised to find matched the very same signature of his sealed aurora flames!

This gave Dyon, quite literally, millions of other variables to consider. That was until he realized something.

What Dyon found out quite quickly was that these formation experts only needed to make use of the help of their surroundings and formation flags because their array drawing was refined enough to work without those things. However, how could Dyon struggle with such a thing?

Using his expertise, Dyon took the formation flags, stripped them, and used their flag body as the base for his array plate. Then, he used the aurora flame stones to draw this eras very first communication devices.

However, Dyon didn't completely ignore the olden ways of these people. In fact, he set aside a few books to study. In the back of his mind, a grand plan was forming… Since the earth and environment could force such crude formations into working, what if Dyon combined perfected formations and the help of the environment? Wouldn't his formation mastery reach an all new level?

"Tell us, Royal Husband, are you well endowed?" The sudden question made even Dyon have a weird look on his face, causing the girls to go into a fit of giggles. It seemed they had truly warmed up to him.

However, Dyon's domineering demeanor came back in an instant, replaced by an evil grin. "Bring me an aurora flame stone."

The girls blinked in confusion, but in the end, brought it to Dyon anyway. After inwardly sighing about the fact these stones were likely extinct, Dyon stretched out his arm to the girl who spoke.


The girl blushed profusely, her heart threatening to leap out of her chest as she waded through the water.

She was actually one of the concubines who had been taking a swim when Dyon came, so her drenched see-through attire put her eye-catching curves on full display.

The concubines knew that their King liked long hair, so Pearl was the only rebel among them that cut hers away. As for the woman that approached Dyon now, her beautiful blond hair was so long that it fanned in the clear waters as though it was the tail of a mermaid.

Soon, she reached Dyon. Because her King sat at the edge of the water, she found herself resting her hands on his thighs. She didn't know where she found such boldness, but there was something too alluring but Dyon's eyes.

"Tell me." Dyon twirled the fiery red-gold stone in his hands, speaking to the beauty in front of him. "Why do you ask?"

The girl blushed, "All of the married women seem to joke around about size often. But, even they vary in opinion. Some think larger is better. Some prefer it smaller. While others like a middle ground. I just wanted to know where my Royal Husband fell."

"Oh?" Dyon smiled, "Did you not want to test it out for yourself, Helena?"

Hearing her name called, Helena's delicate skin seemed to catch on fire.

Dyon clutched the aurora flame stone in one hand, channeling the golden flame through his body. Seeing this, even Amphorae couldn't help but look over with keen interest. They had never seen the stone used in such a way, they had always been told that it was dangerous and to never do such a thing. Some wanted to directly stop Dyon, but that was when his free hand moved forward, starting at the tips of Helena's fingers that rested on his lap.
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Helena's eyes widened as she felt a heat surge through her. But, this heat wasn't the regular kind… It was the kind that made her loins burn with passion. Without even realizing it, a moan escaped her lips.

Realizing what had happened, Helena tried to back away in embarrassment, but she was caught by Dyon who pulled her onto his lap, caressing her waist.

Then, under the eyes his blushing concubines, all of whom were waiting with baited breath, Dyon planted a kiss on her delicate lips. In the next instant, Helena convulsed with pleasure as years of frustration rushed out of her body.


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