Reaper of the Martial World
688 Second Trial 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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688 Second Trial 6

Amphorae took the lead, bringing Dyon in and closing the gates. Since this was the Imperial Harem, it was closed off to all men. Since their culture had no eunuchs, the rules were kept like this so as to not tempt anyone to do anything stupid.

The Imperial Concubines were served by female maids, of which, each had two of their own. One could see how well Dyon treated them, especially considering he had no servants of his own.

When the women noticed the entrance of a man, they were startled. However, when they realized who it was, the reactions varied wildly. Needless to say, Dyon took this opportunity to not each and every single one.

Without having to say much, all 36 concubines gathered in the central area of the Imperial Harem.

The room itself was quite elegant. It had massive windows projecting outward and toward the mountain ranged to the back of the castle. The rushing water Dyon had heard was actually a river that was diverted from that space, into the central area – it was a true feat of architecture and engineering.

Seeing this, one of Dyon vague memories left by his grand teacher surfaced, clearly triggered by his experience here.

It seemed that his predecessor had left all of the design and specifics of this mini-utopia up to his concubines. Clearly, there were quite a few talents here.

Dyon could only sigh when he saw the looks of apprehension on the faces of his concubines. His predecessor really understood nothing about human relationships. Despite his goodwill, it made him a bad king.

Although Dyon wasn't aware, the more he grasped the faults of the previous Angel Clan king, the more his aura changed almost imperceptibly.

Looking around, Dyon decided that the best course of action was to act as leisurely as possible. These women were meant to be his and his alone, it was only that he never treated them as such. Even if he gave them all the material things in the world, there would always be something missing.

So, Dyon directly took his shoes off, rolling up his loose linen pants until they stopped just below his calf. Then, he unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off before rest his feet in the water.

The women were stunned as they watched this scene. It was almost like this was truly a natural event, and much of this inadvertently rubbed off on them. This was only helped by the fact Pearl sat as close as she could to him, nearly climbing on top of his lap.

Others may not understand why Dyon was doing this, but he had a very clear goal at hand. Although he suspected some of the concubines might be traitors, he would never act without 100% certainty. Therefore, there was another reason entirely that he was here.
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The first was that he was sure that this trial would take years, he needed to repair the culture and grievances of his Angel Clan to push it in the right direction. The second thing was who would know more tidbits about the internal affairs of the clan than its women? As stereotypical as it might sound, what else did the concubines have to do all day besides share information amongst themselves and their circles?

Each woman here touched a core family of their Clan, and each of them was intelligent enough to understand how to take advantage of this.

However, right now, these women were simply innocent souls, blushing while trying to decide whether they were allowed to look at the lean and toned torso or their husband.

Some of the concubines were more embarrassed than others. They hadn't been prepared for such a visit, so many of them were swimming in the river, wearing fabrics that were already see through. They were completely caught between whether they should cover themselves up or if they would offend their King by doing so.

Dyon took note of everything, understanding that his current silence was placing an invisible pressure onto these women.

While this occurred, Amphorae finally walked back into the room. It seemed she had been sending the maid servants away for the day. However, what she was wearing stunned the beauties around her.

This was Amphorae, their conservative queen. In fact, many of the concubines, although they understood this was wrong, saw Amphorae as more of their true queen than Dyon's true wife.

The story behind this was quite complex, but from a very early age, Amphera, being the most outstanding female of the Angel Tribe, was universally recognized as next queen. In truth, Dyon had even treated her like this as well. It could be said that the two of them had some love between each other.

However, when their current King, and the then prince, left to enter the world and temper himself, that was when he met a woman that snatched his heart away completely: Queen Luna.

It was suffice to say that Amphorae was heart broken. Even when she compromised, holding off the anger of her father and protecting Dyon, agreeing to be a second wife, Dyon made no such compromise. In the end, the crowned beauty of the Angel Clan had been belittled into the role of a concubine, only to then still be neglected in favor of another woman. It was no wonder why her gaze was cold when she saw Dyon.

And yet… She now walked out in untied silk robes. Her red hair reached the length of her plump bottom, barely hiding its two masses as they bounced with her every step.

She wore no clothes under her robes, allowing the allure of her untouched and unblemished flower to greet her King's eyes. Her ample breasts, finally unbound by her conservative nature, healthily dipped within the confines of her robes, threatening to escape at any moment considering the faint edges of the delicate pink nipples they could all see.

Despite this being the first time she had ever done something like this, and despite Dyon having not said anything about doing this sort of thing, she led by example, holding the bearing of a queen. She was not belittled, nor did she lose any dignity with her actions.

Pearl, who was still clinging to Dyon smiled, slipping off her outer garments and sliding into the water, leaving her spot by their King to the one woman they truly saw as Queen.

The voluptuous beauty seemed to glide through the air, the tips of her toes barely touching the waters as she made her way to her King.

Without a word, she sat beside Dyon, crossing her long and slender legs.

Although she said nothing, her meaning was clear. If you want the clan to be stronger and work as one, act like it.

Dyon didn't understand it now, but he would soon understand just how perfect this first move of his was. The reason was very simple. When female key wielders took this trial, their role wouldn't be Dyon's. No. Their character would be Amphorae.


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