Reaper of the Martial World
687 Second Trial 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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687 Second Trial 5

At first, the beauties were surprised beyond belief to see who stood before them. In fact, two of them immediately blushed profusely.

Although Dyon was sure that there was some discontent within his harem, the vast majority of his concubines were blindly infatuated with him.

Despite the fact his predecessor had flaws, one could see from the way he treated his wife that he was a kind-hearted man to the core. How could these women not see this? From his youth, he had grown up with these women, and many of them knew from birth that they were destined to be his. This led them to fantasize about him from the very moment they understood relations between a man and a woman.

However, this was a double-edged sword. All of their dreams had come crumbling down when they realized they hardly had the right to see their husband, let alone live out a fairy tale with him.

It could be said, though, that Dyon tried to treat these women as best as he could. He understood tradition, it was just that he loved his wife too much and felt that this tradition betrayed her. This was especially so since his wife wasn't from their clan.

As a result, despite the fact Dyon wore the simplest of linens, the Imperial Harem was built not to their small clan's standards, but to the standards of the largest clans on the planet. They were given the best food, dress and entertainment.
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Since they weren't treated poorly aside from the issue of neglect, Dyon would have no sympathy for traitors.

Ironically for them, the first day they could be said to have the attention of their starry King, was a day he was investigating them.

All of this said, Dyon couldn't very well let them sense the hostility behind his visit, so he wore a warm smile. His cover was simple: there were massive waves surging through their lands with the planned evacuation, so how could he not check on them?

The women who greeted him wore pristine silks. The two blushing beauties were simple, yet cute. One had light brown freckles to compliment her bobbing brown hair, while the other had sparling black eyes to match her cascading dark hair.

However, the woman in the middle was on an entirely different level. Dyon had to admit that she was among the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Her dress was a fiery red dress glittered like rubies as it clung to her outrageous curves. Her chest seemed to want to escape its tight bindings along with her plump bottom.

Despite such a description, she could be considered to be dressed conservatively. It wasn't her fault that she was born with such rich assets. Judging by the tight bindings, she even tried her best to hide them. In fact, there was no cleavage to be seen. Even her slender arms were covered with a shawl.

This made Dyon inwardly nod. It was clear she took her modesty and position as Imperial concubine seriously. But, the cold flash in her light blue eyes was something Dyon would never miss. Seeing this red headed beauty act so coldly, yet try to cover it up, Dyon simply took a mental note before taking a step forward.

"Amphorae, Destiny, Pearl." Dyon nodded and greeted each and every one of them warmly.

Despite his neglect, they couldn't help but feel a shred of warmth when he called them by their names. At the very least, he hadn't forgotten them enough to not remember that.

Hearing Dyon's voice, the three of them finally snapped out of their own worlds. They so rarely saw their King that they had completely forgotten etiquette, it should have been them who greeted him first.

Understanding this, Amphorae, the fiery red head, was the very first to step out and apologize, "My King, Royal Husband, I apologize for our rudeness."

Seeing Amphorae attempt to bow, Dyon immediately stopped her, taking her soft hand in his, "Don't worry about such formalities. I've neglected you all so long that even I've forgotten the customs, forget it."

Amphorae was stunned by Dyon's words, her cold gaze had completely melted into a profuse blush. One had to say that she, and every other concubine here, was still a virgin. Even their wedding night had been spent without Dyon, which was a large part of the reason many families were angry with him. So, Dyon touching her now was truly a first for her.

Her first reflex was to pull away. After all, she had been avoiding all thought and touch from other men for as long as she could remember. But, when she realized that it was her husband in front of her, she blushed even more profusely.

After helping Amphorae up, Dyon released her hand, leisurely looking at the three of them.

"Where were you all headed?" Dyon finally asked.

Pearl, the freckled beauty was the first to anxiously speak out. She was much less conservative and reserved, so she directly grabbed onto Dyon's arm and looked up at him with a pleading expression. Quite frankly, Dyon found her to be adorable.

"Royal Husband, we heard that we were being attacked and have to run away? Is this true?"

Dyon patted her head, realizing that they were likely leaving in order to gather information. After all, his predecessor gave them freedom to do almost anything they wanted.

"It is only for a little while. In fact, that is the reason for my visit. This matter has put a lot into perspective for me. Now is not the time to be selfish, it's a time for our clan to band together and become stronger than it's ever been before."

A majestic aura weighed down on Dyon's surroundings as he spoke these words. Although Destiny and Pearl were seemingly simple women, they were highly intelligent. After all, they were the best their families had to offer. This was doubly so for Amphorae. As such, all of them understood the deeper meaning behind this. It seemed some heads would roll soon.

"Come. It's time I stopped neglecting you all."


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