Reaper of the Martial World
684 Second Trial 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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684 Second Trial 2

Dyon scanned the room silently, his gaze caused the ministers to feel a level of nervousness they had never felt before. Was this truly their King? When had his presence become so overwhelming?

Whereas some had broken out into a cold sweat, some of the more elderly and quiet ministers who had participated in the debate silently nodded to themselves, happy with the growth of their King. It seemed that every sovereign needed some pressure in order to grow.

Finally, Dyon spoke. "Bring me a collection of every important event that had occurred up to ten years prior to my father's death." Luckily, Dyon's grand teacher wasn't to sadistic and had given him some fragmented memories. But, it was clear that it wasn't nearly enough. "Include detailed information about everyone in our village, and all notable figures within our enemies.

"During this time, prepare logistics," Dyon would never forget something like this. After all, his mother was the head of Logistics&Intelligence, he always understood the importance of detailed intelligence and support. However, since Dyon expected the confusion on the faces of the ministers at this request, he had already prepared to give a detailed explanation. "This will include food rations enough for a year, manufacture tents of furs for weather and easy transport, carriages and beasts for safe travel. Do not forget to ration for the beasts as well, they are our means of swift movement and protection, they cannot be neglected."

A flood of commands sprung from Dyon's mouth. Every word seemed like a stroke of genius and insight that some of the ministers really felt like they were in a dream.

"We won't be working under the same laws as we would in peace time. For the foreseeable future, unless I say otherwise, all decisions will be made through me. As of now, these are the rules.

"No one is allowed to leave the village. You are only allowed to enter.

"Food is not allowed to be horded. Have the formation experts do a thorough scan of every inch of this village. The food will be redistributed appropriately by gender, weight and age.

"Everyone is only allowed three sets of clothing. As for other valuables, if they don't have the ability to put it into a spatial ring, leave it. When those unable to fight leave this village, the only things they should be holding is that ring, their clothes, and their tent. Everything else will be handled by others. If you see anyone hording and smuggling valuables, 10 lashes is the punishment administered by strength depending on cultivation level.

"As for the spatial ring, it is obvious that not everyone can afford such a luxury. As such, everyone will be given a 9 cubic meters spatial ring, taken from the merchants and paid for with our treasury.

"This move will occur in tomorrow. There will be no exceptions. As for tonight, there will be a curfew of 5pm. All businesses will be shut down."

With a flurry of newly implemented laws, Dyon shut down all avenues for chaos. There would always be those who tried to take advantage of the times, so it was necessary that they controlled such an event.

The land was unaware that their end was weighing down on them, but as soon as such an announcement was given out, one could imagine the fallout.

The only decision that the ministers found odd was the fact that Dyon had said to pay the merchants. Much of these people were from the God clans, after all, how could a small land like this survive without trade? It was very likely that they were spies, wouldn't it be better to kill them?

Dyon shook his head. "I understand what you are thinking, but you are wrong."

Hearing these words, the ministers were shocked again. How had they been seen through so easily?

"Those merchants, it is more than likely that many of them are innocent. They have friends and family. Are we murderers without reason? No.

"However, I am not so magnanimous as to allow our enemies to run free." A baleful aura erupted from Dyon, stifling the atmosphere in the room and heavily weighing down on the ministers. "They can be used. When they try to escape curfew tonight." Dyon's eyes flashed with something imperceptible. "Let them."

After giving out these orders, Dyon immediately proceeded to separate out the tasks. The good thing about being cultivators was that there was no need to write much of this down, their memories were near perfect. As a result, they could work efficiently.

There was a bit of a headache for Dyon, though. Because this was an ancient martial world society, it was suffice to say that there was little to no military organization. In fact, even advanced martial world societies hardly had such a thing. This made dividing up work much more difficult. As a result, it had to take a backseat to first reorganizing the military.

Luckily, it was very early in the morning, the sun hadn't even peaked over the mountains yet, So Dyon had time before curfew.

Seeing their King's new arrangements, those adept at military matters had their eyes shine. How long had they spent pondering over the art of war? They had thought of some crude tactics to use, but often they were boiled down to simple surprise attack. At the end of the day, the martial world relied too much on strength to succeed in wars. However, Dyon flipped all of that on its head.

He couldn't make detailed changed to the armies structure until he received the report on everyone that he asked for, but he could make a few structural changes to make the next few days more efficiently. By 6am, the meeting was over and the ministers had a new light of hope in their eyes and the look they had for their King had multiplied several fold with overflowing respect.
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"Make no mistake." Dyon's words caused the ministers to stop their movements and look toward him. "Not only will we save our future, we will also defend our holy land from defilement. The only mistake my father made in his life was being too magnanimous and conservative. Those days are gone. In memory of my father, we will crush our enemies and let the world tremble under the name of the Angel Clan."


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