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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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If Dyon knew about this, he would only be able to laugh bitterly. When did he agree to marry Saru? However, if he heard Emperor Shruti's sigh of relief, it's suffice to say that his competitive spirit would flair up.

When Ri, Clara and Madeleine finally understood Dyon's lust first hand, they had felt a guilt weigh on their hearts. Dyon hadn't wanted such a thing to happen, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

That said, just because his wives' guilt had catalyzed their acceptance of concubines, that didn't mean Dyon would act on it if he could help it. As of now, his only focus were these trials.

Dyon whizzed by the final barrier, spinning his body to once again narrowly avoid a maze wall that was easily moving at hundreds of kilometers per hour.

A sigh filled Dyon's mind as he stepped into a room filled with pedestals.

'What was the point of asking your friend Zabia if 3000 could survive the top saint floor if you were just going to cause such a storm anyway?' Dyon's grand teacher grumbled.

Truthfully, Dyon had no idea how much he had beaten the record by. In fact, he wasn't aware that he had broken one at all. But, when he heard the words of his grand teacher, he assumed that that must have been what happened.

'As long as they think I'm alone for now, it doesn't matter too much to me.' Dyon responded while scanning the room. It was filled with all sorts of interesting treasures. 'You conned me, didn't you?'

'I have no idea what you mean.' Dyon's grand teacher said innocently.

However, Dyon didn't buy it, because right now, his eyes were trained on a pair of meridian tempered to the celestial level. The bobbing form of light would have escaped his notice if it wasn't for the label on its pedestal.

Of course, it was impossible for just anyone to absorb such a set of meridians. Dyon had almost died absorbing simple meridian formation level meridians.

This reward was for those who had reached the celestial stage, but were worried about not becoming a first grade warrior. After all, it became more and more difficult the higher you climbed in your cultivation. Because the meridians were tempered with celestial level Gama, cultivation was guaranteed to reach 108 filled meridians, something that was only accomplished by a handful of people through all 100 quadrants. So, one can understand just how valuable this reward was. The question was, why did Dyon say he was conned?
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'The difficulty of that first trial is definitely easier than perfectly mastering the aurora technique. And yet you only gave me a set of meridian formation meridians as a reward. How is that not conning me?'

Dyon remembered very clearly that his grand teacher had to follow the rules of the tower, he couldn't just arbitrarily hand out rewards. Essentially, he was bound by similar laws to the Dragon King. Both had to follow the laws of the treasure they resided in, which was why the Dragon King couldn't betray Dyon even if it wanted to.

Therefore, when Dyon was given his meridians to circumvent the seal placed on him, his grand teacher had justified it as a reward for completely mastering his aurora. But, that reward fell far short of what Dyon deserved for such a feat!

'Pft, you were born with a perfect aurora, how can that be the same thing?'


For the first time, Dyon's response made his grand teacher uncomfortable. It was a weird experience for him, not being able to read the minds of non-transcendents, that is.

'You realize the affinity I have for weapons, right?' Dyon said slyly.

'Yes?..' Dyon's grand teacher knew about Dyon subduing the Dragon King.

'Aren't your precious Epistemic Towers exactly that?' Dyon's gaze pierced through the void as he leisurely walked around the room.

'You wouldn't.'

'I can and I would. Unless I get some proper compensation.' Dyon said slowly.

'This is extortion.'

'That's exactly right.'

'Fine. You can choose two peak level rewards from this room then.'

Dyon smirked, before a serious expression replaced his features. He knew that all he had to do was find the core of the tower in order to claim it as his own. The fact of the matter was that his affinity for weapons was too overwhelming. However, he also knew that the core of such a treasure would be in the hardest place to reach, which was definitely the top floor… A place only accessible to half step transcendents.

'I'll take all of my rewards after I complete all of the trials. If I accumulate merits, will I have access to even better rewards?' Dyon was quite interested in collecting more soul type 33 heaven weapons. He was also interested in seeing the body type ones as well. As for the energy type ones, they were his lowest priority.

'You are thinking of those 33 weapons, aren't you? Even transcendents want those things, yet you have 3. 4 if you include the fact the Dragon King doesn't lose out to them at all. Aren't you being a little too greedy?'

'Actually, I'm being magnanimous. You and I both know that the soul type 33 heaven weapons want nothing more than to bow to me.' As Dyon spoke, he walked to the exit, arrogance dripping from his voice. What Dyon didn't say was that with his improved body talent, 22 of the 33 weapons would drop everything to be by his side.

Dyon's grand teacher just shook his head and let Dyon go.

What Dyon didn't know was that even if he was the most uninterested in energy type 33 heaven weapons, there was one in particular that he soon be heavily reliant upon.

Luckily for Dyon though, the soul type 33 Heaven weapons were the ones with the highest requirements for usage. As such, they rarely accepted masters and were likely ownerless. As for whether the Epistemic Tower had them, only time would tell.


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