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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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680 Change 2

The new information sent waves not only through the God level key wielders, but through their factions and quadrants as well.

One had to know, for anyone to even attempt the God level trial was a rare occurrence. Of course, there would always be a couple dozen per generation to try. After all, they were all arrogant in their strength. How could they not think that they had the ability their predecessors didn't have? However, for one to actually cause a change in the God trial rankings was ridiculous in its own right.

The truth was that the God rankings only contained those who had no transcended. However, the record rankings contained the top 100 of all time. This meant that from the very beginning of the existence of the Epistemic Tower, Dyon had beaten the very best by almost a decade! Even now, there were only three current key wielders who were in the tower currently who had made it onto the exclusive list… Well, now the number was two…

The name Demon Sage Dyon Sacharro etched itself into first place, standing domineeringly above the Eternity Maze rankings.

However, this wasn't the only surprising thing. It wasn't surprising that no one had heard the name Demon Sage Dyon Sacharro before. After all, with the trillions upon trillions of warriors across the quadrants, who could boast in knowing every family or clan name in existence? So, simply not recognizing the Sacharro name meant little. What was surprising was the change on the quadrant rankings!

The name of the Celestial Quadrant had been dragged through the mud. After the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect, the storied quadrant that had once stood domineeringly within the top 20 had slowly been forgotten by history.

This may sound unimpressive, but one must remember that the number of quadrants used to number in the thousands. Of course, now only the most powerful remained. After all, they had to survive the onslaught of the Dark Phoenixes.

All in all, the Celestial Quadrant used to be a quadrant the stood at the top of the cosmos. However, in recent years, it gathered dust at the hundredth spot, not producing even a single genius. In fact, no one had heard word from its key wielder.

Just when everyone had begun to forget this quadrant, it suddenly shot upwards, not stopping until it stabilized itself at the 81st spot.

A move of such magnitude, how could it be missed?! For a single person to contribute enough to outweigh the effort of 19 quadrants alone, it could be seen just how overpowering Dyon's debut into this world was.

That said, with every success, there would always be jealousy and envy. How could anyone fully respect a faceless man? To those in the tower, Dyon had been too scared to show his face before, and only now made waves before he would enter hiding again. They acknowledged his talent, but disparaged his character.

However, those who were more intelligent saw a different story. What if there had been no key wielder for the Celestial Quadrant at all until this Dyon Sacharro appeared? Wouldn't that mean in as little as half a century more, he would step onto this floor and face them all? The ranks of the God key wielders now had one more, and at the moment, he stood atop them all.

There were two individuals though whose eye contracted when they noticed the Celestial Quadrant name shoot upwards.

Hela Ragnor. A woman with a dark and sensual kind of beauty.

Her voluptuous breasts were so large that she didn't bother to form her armor around them entirely, instead, they covered the bottom half, just barely covering her soft pink nipples. She truly gave an all new meaning to cleavage.

Her blond hair was long and bright, completely contrasting her sleek black and tight-fitting armor. She was also tall. Standing at more than 6ft, her long snow-white legs were almost all anyone could focus on.

Hela had only just recovered from the injuries of her celestial tribulation. So, she had been clearing the final challenges of the top saint floor before she continued onward to the lowest celestial floor. After all, she had an Emperor God Clan backing her although those of her sect weren't fully aware.

This wouldn't be too eye catching. The requirement to step onto celestial floors was to have Royal God Clan backing. Even the weakest members of an Emperor God Sect would have such credentials. So, no one would question how Hela got them.

However, when she realized that her home universe had moved up in the rankings, she wasn't so shallow of naïve to believe that she was the reason. Nor did she think that it was first saint son either. If it was them, they would have made an impact a long time ago. And yet, even with the two of them working, their impact was too minimal although they had both become Dukes. In fact, one of Hela's current goals was to tackle the King trials.

'I need to report this… Whoever this Dyon Sacharro is…' Hela's blue eyes flashed with a cold light. 'You'll have to pay a price for making a fool of the Ragnor family.'

Elsewhere, first saint son had reached the very same conclusion as Hela. That said, they both understood the problems their anger would cause.

This Dyon was a no name to them. This meant that there was no way he came from one of the three main clans.

The Ragnors controlled 29 universes. The Pakals controlled 30. The Uidah controlled 24. This meant that there were 17 universes completely unaccounted for, and they couldn't be searched in a short time.
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This may sound like a small amount, but even Dyon's universe, which was only connected to a single other, had 5 gates. Universes nearer to the middle of the quadrant could be connected to even up to half a dozen universes, making for at least 30-40 gates. Such a number to check, while also have to fight, was ridiculous!

Of course, there was also the possibility that their enemy clans were hiding the fact they had found the tower, which increased the number from 17, to however many universes they didn't control.

Even worse, none of this accounted for the perks a key wielder would have in protection. They knew they'd have no chance to see this Dyon Sacharro until he was forced to step into levels that required King God Clan verification.

This all meant one thing: If they wanted to find this Dyon, it would have to be in this very inner world!


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