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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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In an unknown inner world, the beautiful painting of a divine scenery was elegantly painted.

Thousands of flowers spanned across a field of lush green grass, each dripping with rich fragrances and the smallest droplets of water that reflected the high hanging sun.

The river nearby was so clear that one could see to the bottom. Getting lost watching the koi fish swim about was a normal occurrence for anyone who stumbled upon this Holy Land. However, one might not know how rare such an event would be. The ruler of this land wasn't one to take kindly to any encroachment on his territory.

Following along the river and immaculate flowers, one would eventually reach a water fall that fell with weight far surpassing was a normal saint could withstand, and yet when it made contact with the river below, not only was there not splash, it was completely quiet… The only sound for hundreds of miles was the gently flowing river and the swaying of the grass by the wind.

Within the water fall, sat a young man, bearing the overbearing weight of the waterfall on his shoulders as though it was a trickle of rain. One might assume that this young man must at least be a celestial to do this so easily, but the truth of the matter was that he had only just stepped into the ranks of sainthood, having opened 8 meridians in the process!

Suddenly, the eyes of the young man snapped open, his gaze tearing through the falling water and into the distance.

A deadly killing intent suppressed the beauty of the atmosphere, causing the once clear sky to roll into a storm, rumbling with dark, massive cumulonimbus clouds.

The eyes of this young man weren't to be trifled with. They looked like two burning sapphires, laced with whites and blues that were only interrupted by the darkness provided by the slits of his pupils.

It was truly difficult to tell whether this young man was a beast or human. But, what was clear was that he was a worthy enemy, one that was currently pissed off that others had invaded his private territory.

In the distance, easily tens of miles away, a singular man trembled, immediately dropping to his knees and slamming his head into the ground.

Anyone seeing this scene would be confused beyond belief. The man was miles away, and yet didn't dare to take another step forward simply because the eyes of a young man hundreds of years younger than him had opened his eyes.

The skies continued to darken, rolling in agitation as a peel of lightning tore through the skies, followed closely by a rumbling thunder so profound that the earth itself trembled.

"Speak." The young man's voice rumbled along with the thunder. He didn't like being interrupted, but for this person to dare come here, even at the risk of his own life, he understood that something of unprecedented importance had occurred.

"I apologize for intruding, esteemed young master Falkor, but there is something that requires your attention."

The young man remained silent. He knew he didn't need to repeat himself. There were very few things he would allow anyone to interrupt him for. As such, the kneeling man should also understand that if this information wasn't at least as important as those things, he was dead.

"There's been movement on the rankings."

A formless pressure flashed down from the skies, slamming into the back of the kneeling man.

His spine threatened to snap on impact. It was impossible to maintain his kneeling position as his body was laid flush against the ground.

The earth cracked, sinking the man further into it. It seemed like the young man was intent of crushing this subordinate to paste.

Why would he care about normal ranking changes? Was he really being interrupted for such a thing? If his faction wasn't being attacked by those he deemed as worthy opponents, he didn't care!

"Young master, please!" The man struggled, projecting his voice outward. "It's not a normal ranking, it's movement on the rankings of the God trials!"

When the young man heard this, he paused. Maybe he had acted too rashly, this was indeed worthy news.

Movement on the rankings only meant one thing: that someone new had just completed at least 3 or 4 God trials.

Never would the young man think such a thing would be possible after completing only a single trial. After all, what kind of concept was it for someone to change the rankings after only completing 20% of the trials themselves? That would mean their performance on one trial was so overwhelming that they already ranked higher than those who completed the trials in their entirety!

This possibility never crossed the young man's mind. However, when he heard the next peace of information, the possibilities he had thrown out of the window had suddenly come back in full force.

"Young master, that is not all. There is also movement on the first record tablet."

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The man trembled from his pathetic position, feeling the anger of the young man. For there to only be movement on the first record tablet only meant one thing. Whoever this one had only completed a single trial!

"Young master…"

"Speak." Falkor was losing patience.

"He… H – He beat the previous top record for the Eternity Maze by 9 years."


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