Reaper of the Martial World
674 Humanity 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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674 Humanity 4

Dyon sucked in a deep breath. However, unlike what one would expect, Dyon wasn't disappointed about the fact he'd only be able to 'use' Eli for a short time. What he was, was pissed off.

These people hadn't acted yet, but his grand teacher was telling him that it was practically set in stone that they would.

Since they had already made their decision, Dyon had already made his. He wouldn't allow them to take away his best friend just because they thought they understood what was best for him. Eli had a wife here. A child here. A family here. If they dared to try and rip that apart, even if they were unkillable, Dyon would give them a life worst than death.

Dyon steadied his breathing. It seemed his enemies had increased by one.

'There's just one last thing. My wife's mother, how do I save her?'

Dyon knew he didn't need to explain much. His grand teacher would likely just check Ri's memories to understand the situation.

'That is indeed a tricky situation… For most, they would be helpless. But, you have access to the dao of array alchemy. With it, there are millions of ancient pill recipes that have long since been lost. Along with it also comes plant rearing information that your friend Eli would find very useful.

'The pill you need is a comet level pill. Although, considering the pitiful standards of today, they probably see it as a star level pill.'

Dyon's teacher added this with disdain because he had likely just seen the fact a supposed moon level alchemist in Nora couldn't even make a master level pill.

'Anyway, the pill is known as a Barrier Breaking Pill. Its use isn't limited to just what your mother in law needs it for, but it will be able to help without any side effects.'

'Thank you. Enjoy the show.' Dyon didn't explain his words any further, he just directly got up and headed for the exit of the cultivation room.

Although Dyon couldn't see it, his grand teacher had quite a complicated look on his face. In the end, he managed to call out to Dyon one more time.

'Dyon wait.'

Dyon froze just as he was about to reach the door. His back was straight and almost lonely. But, the beating of his heart told a different story.

'He wasn't my first disciple. He was my second. I can't explain anymore, I can only say that I'm sorry.'

Dyon was silent for a long while. But, in the end, his tight shoulders and back relaxed as he nodded.

Without a word, he left the room.


Soon afterward, Dyon sat in a room with his most trusted people. Aside from Delia and Eli, there were his wives and Ava. When news like this had to be explained, he wanted to tell the fewest amount of people possible. But, he knew that Delia and Eli would also need an emotional support structure around them as well.

Delia blushed profusely when Dyon mentioned the fact she was pregnant. And after Eli lovingly berated her for hiding it, he too was quite happy.

However, when Dyon explained the rest of the situation, their emotions seemed to fluctuate wildly thereafter, especially when Dyon mentioned the likelihood of Eli being taken away some time in the future.

"As much as I want to believe in the rationality of people, and that they truly have your best interest at heart, I just can't." Dyon explained. "In all likelihood, they're using the guise of helping you in order to do the very thing they're supposedly fighting against. If not, there would be no reason for them to take you away by force. Things aren't adding up."

Eli's face was ashen, but he still slowly nodded. He saw anyone who would take him away from his wife and child as an enemy.

It was clear to anyone with a brain that this supposed utopia for heaven's children was actually just as ambitious as any other organization. And, considering they couldn't die until their natural time came, who knew just how much planning they had done and just how deep their roots went?

"For now, let's focus on the good." Dyon smiled, patting Eli's shoulder. "It may sound odd, but in a few decades you'll be able to hold your baby in your arms.

"I'll give them a chance first." Dyon's smile disappeared before a dense killing intent drastically lowered the temperature in the room. "But, if they dare to mess around with your happiness, I don't care how many years they've lived or how deep their roots are. I'll crush them and bring you back home."

Eli's eyes glistened as his blood boiled. Dyon was the one person in his life that helped him without needing anything in return. He saved him from Darius Storm, he uplifted the array alchemy faction he loved so much, and he saved his family even knowing it would make him the enemy of three God Clans.

Now, Eli finally had an opportunity to pay Dyon back. He lost count of how many nights of sleep he lost thinking about just how to not be a burden. For the first time in his life, he felt like he had a purpose.

Eli didn't say a word, but his eyes conveyed everything. He and Dyon had a tacit understanding.

Looking around the room, Dyon suddenly felt saddened.

"Over the next twenty years, I'm not sure how often I'll see you all. The trials for the key wielder are no joke, but if I don't do them, I won't be able to have the face to see you guys."

Dyon's voice was a bit hoarse as though the words he spoke were the heaviest in existence.

He knew well that a key wielder had no obligation to take the peak level trials to the climb the tower, however, Dyon had no intention of taking any short cuts. The truth was, he didn't even know if 20 years would be enough for anyone to finish those trials.

He could see the sadness in the eyes of his wives, but he could only pull the three of them into his embrace. Their frames were so small compared to his that he didn't have any issues wrapping his arms around them all.

In the end, Dyon left everything to them. All of his spatial rings, weapons, and cultivation manuals. The only thing he hadn't handled was the Daiyu, but he had long since had Clara and Alidor place arrays on them, so he left them all in the charge of his most trusted people. Although Dyon didn't tell anyone, they would be really helpful to Little Black in the future.

"Big brother, are you going away for a really long time?" Little Lyla's large pink diamond eyes blinked away tears as she wrapped her small arms around Dyon's kneeling figure.
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"I'll come back stronger for you, okay? I'll make sure no one makes you cry again."

Little Lyla didn't say anything, but she couldn't stop rubbing her small and soft cheeks into Dyon's neck, staining him with tears.

"Make sure to listen to the old man, okay? He'll make you strong."

"Mhm." Little Lyla managed to squeeze a sound out between her sobs.

After a few minutes, Ri had pry the sobbing Lyla away, which only made Dyon's heart hurt more. He knew well that he was Lyla's first connection to the world outside of her late parents, she relied on him heavily. But, he repaid her by leaving for months at a time with little to not explanation. And now, it would likely be for years.

With the maturity Lyla shows, they sometimes forgot that she was just a 7-year-old little girl. Regardless of what her talent or future held, she had to be treated as such.

Soon afterward, Dyon knelt in front of Little Zaire who was rubbing his reddened eyes and trying not to cry.

"One day, you'll be an Emperor," Dyon smiled, pulling his little brother into his embrace. "But for now, make sure to enjoy your childhood, okay? Let big brother handle everything. When you're ready, we'll rule the world together."

When Zaire heard this, he couldn't hold it in anymore and started sobbing himself.

With those last words said and that last hug given, Dyon disappeared.

Dyon didn't know it now, but over the next few decades, these last cherished moments with his loved ones would be all he had left to cling to his humanity.


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