Reaper of the Martial World
673 Humanity 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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673 Humanity 3

Dyon perked up when he heard this, focusing his attention on his grand teacher's voice.

'The first is that Eli can give other portions of his Heaven's Love through his blood and soul. In fact, his wife should have received portions of it already, this will help with her cultivation greatly. It will also reduce the difficulty of her tribulations when she crosses into sainthood and beyond.

'Through this same vein, if Eli is present, he can pardon you of having to partake in a tribulation at all.'

'What?!' Dyon nearly jumped up from his position.

'You have to be very careful of using this method.' Dyon's grand teacher reminded sternly. He could already tell what Dyon wanted to do. He had refrained from absorbing the energy kernel all this time because of the issue of heavenly tribulations, so the moment he found a way out of it, he wanted to benefit from it immediately. But, as Dyon's grand teacher had said before, everything comes with a price.

'If you use Eli in this way, and if for any reason he is unable to be present during your next tribulation, the heavenly lightning will increase by at least a hundred-fold of what it was before. This becomes ten thousand fold if you use Eli twice, and he is unable to be there for the third time. Do you understand?'

When Dyon heard this, he fell into deep contemplation once again. He knew that Eli could never die, but that didn't mean he couldn't be captured. It also didn't mean that Dyon couldn't be captured too.

Dyon was already aware that sometimes, it just became impossible to suppress cultivation any longer. If he somehow spent an extended period of time away from Eli at the wrong time, things could take a turn for the worse.

'I understand.'

'Good. However, his blood is still useful. It can increase the grade of weapons, pills, even plants. Depending on the quality of the material, of course. Basically, it raises most things to its full potential.

'As you've probably gotten used to it by now, you must understand that there is a limiter on this as well. Depending on the material, the amount of blood necessary varies. If Eli wanted to improve your 33 heaven's weapons, he would need thousands of times the amount of blood in his body right now. So, it's best you stick to the simple things. I'm sure you're smart enough to find a good use that doesn't have your friend in a coma for half his life.'

'You said there were two things, but all of this has been under one big umbrella.'

'The second thing is a bit of understanding by the universe. Those who are blessed with Heaven's Love live for millions of years, but it would be depressing if they wielded no power.

'As such, heaven's children will always have one skill that they transcend others in. You could call them savants, without the mental detriment.

'I'm sure you already know what your friend Eli's ability is.'

Dyon eyes sharpened. 'His affinity for plants and gardening… It's more than a little impressive.'

'I see that you've noticed already. Although you have your array alchemy, not every plant can just be magically conjured up. Or, more accurately, they can't all be conjured up in a state where they're useful to you.

'There are pills that require plants that have been tempered with very specific things that an array alchemy creation formation can't replicate. If you continued to use such a method for your alchemy, you'd eventually reach a bottle neck.'

Dyon understood this point as well. He couldn't very well use his arrays to replicate, say, age. That was the very first thing he thought of. If a pill recipe called for a 1000-year-old plant, it was impossible to replicate such a thing.

This bottle neck also existed for plants nurtured by abyssal cores. Unless Dyon understood the will of that specific abyssal core to the extent of a peak dao, he wouldn't be able to replicate it.

Considering it was impossible to learn every will in existence, especially to such a level, it was obvious what importance plant experts and gardeners had.
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At the moment, the most any pill recipe of Dyon's had asked for was a common level plant. However, as he improved and entered higher ranks, that would change.

Knowing all of this, Dyon sighed in relief. His friend wouldn't fall into a pit of depression, lamenting over his uselessness. In fact, Eli was probably only second to Dyon in importance to their little mini kingdom right now.

There was something else in Dyon's heart that he kept to himself though. On the day that he could look down on everything in existence with disdain, he would remove the shackles the universe placed on his friend and let him soar through the skies.

'But, what about other people with Heaven's Love? Where are they? Wouldn't a quadrant with one of them benefit heavily?'

Dyon was a bit worried. He wouldn't be so naïve as to hope that Eli was the only one of his kind.

'Any that exist would be closely guarded secrets. Any in under the power of an empire, that is. However, in most cases, they are forgotten like your friend Eli.

'Imagine a child being born into a family with poor cultivation talent. What do you think happens to them?'

Dyon immediately understood. In most cases, such a child would be looked down upon, maybe even disowned…

'However, those with Heaven's Love can survive anything. So, when they realize that the years are passing by, and they're somehow not get old, it's only then that they realize that they're special.

'Interestingly enough, there are at least a few hundred heaven's children in existence. So, although it's rare, it's not as rare as some other things. But, because they have no power to defend themselves, they remain in hiding. They definitely should not be underestimated, though. Those few hundred can rival the power of an Emperor God Clan simply by virtue of their otherworldly talent.

'It's likely impossible that you'll ever come across their society. Rather, it is a certainty that they will come across you.'

Dyon's eyes narrowed. Just from this sentence alone, he had already understood many things.

'It's good that you understand.

'These people will not be sympathetic to your and Eli's relationship. In their lives, they've been tossed away, exploited, used. They will never be able to understand that you truly see Eli as a best friend. All they will see is yet another ambitious warrior seeking to use one of their own.

'Do you understand why I warned you now? Unlike those powerful clans that have hidden their heaven's child away, you don't yet have the power to do so. Whenever Eli is out of this tower, he is in danger. In fact, considering the skills of those heaven's children, even this tower can't stop them from taking him away.

'They will find out he exists. Maybe it will take ten years. Maybe a hundred. Maybe a few days. But, they will find out.

'And if you've already accepted Eli's blessing and had him turn away a tribulation for you… Your life will be on the string of a ticking time bomb.'


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