Reaper of the Martial World
672 Humanity 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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672 Humanity 2

Dyon was stunned. Although he was happy, he had very mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, it was great that his friend could spend as long as he wanted by his loved ones. On the other hand, he understood Eli's character. It would eat him up inside if he couldn't be of use, especially when his wife was out fighting battles for him. To someone like Eli, the fact the universe was protecting him should mean that he should be the one protecting everyone else.

'He'll be disappointed…' Dyon said in a soft voice.

'A man who can't die until he does of natural causes would be disappointed in such a thing?' The old man, who was near the end of his life, couldn't understand such a thing.

Someone could walk up and slice Eli in half and the universe would just mend him back together as though nothing happened. In fact, it would probably make it so Eli felt minimal amount of pain too.

'You don't understand. Something like this wouldn't make Eli happy unless he found out it was someone he cared about who had such an ability.'

'No, you don't understand. He's likely the most useful person you have here. The universe doesn't just break its rules in terms of this Eli's life and death, there are other aspects it effects too.

'For one, there's Eli's children. Each and every one will be, at a minimum, as talented as your demon generals with a very high likelihood of being born at the peak of their evolutionary chain.

'Meaning, if Eli has a human for a wife, his child will very likely be born with an angel bloodline. If he copulates with a Dragon, I have little doubt another Dragon Sovereign would be born. Even more pointedly, this dragon child would definitely have a reverse scale of the gold grade, and considering the potential for rule breaking by the universe, might also be of the King or higher grade.

'He isn't restricted by race either. Even if Eli takes a woman who has chosen the beast path, as long as she is in her human form, she will be able to birth. Because, again, he breaks the laws of the universe.'
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Despite the weird look on Dyon's face, the grand teacher continued.

'If you managed to find a way to break Heaven's chains on him, not only would he be able to keep all of these abilities, he would also be capable of cultivating at a speed that far surpassed even your soul cultivation. This wouldn't be because his soul would be more talented than yours, it's actually a form of nepotism.

'Basically, unlike others, Eli, should these chains be broken, wouldn't have to temper his body with incremental increases in energy. He could skip essence energy, saint energy, and celestial energy and directly jump to enigmatic energy because the universe would protect him.

'Just like parents never truly stop loving their children even when they feel betrayed, the universe would never stop helping Eli.

'However, don't bank on accomplishing such a thing. Imagine the universe as super mom times whatever number is beyond infinity. Its hold on its children is stronger than you can imagine. The only way to do that is by making the universe submit, and if you could do that, you wouldn't really need the overpowered Eli by your side anyway, now would you?'

Dyon sighed. He had to admit that he was very much tempted by the idea of releasing Eli from his shackles. After all, he couldn't very well use Eli like a breeding horse, now could he?

'You're basically saying my best friend has his best use as a stallion…' Dyon felt like face palming.

'He truly can be used like that. Again, he breaks the universe's rules. It's not difficult for him to have children, even with the most talented women in existence. In fact, your Delia friend is pregnant right now although she seems to want to hide it.'

Dyon's eyes widened. He almost made Delia go through all of this intensive training while she was pregnant? Eli would kill him!

'Oh please, how could the universe let its grand children die? Until they're birthed, Eli's children also have Heaven's Love. Afterwards though, they will be normal people. Well, normal and overly talented people.

'However… Everything comes at a price. It is very likely that Delia will not be able to handle the birth of such a talent. If they baby isn't an angel, it would be fine. However, if it is…'

Dyon's happiness immediately melted away. He saw Delia as his little sister, how could he be okay with such a gamble?

How could he not realize that nothing in the universe could be so easy. There was a reason why it was difficult for those with more talent to give birth, it was part mercy. Although this 'mercy' was detrimental when both people were highly talented, in the case of where there was just one talent, this barrier would essentially be saving the life of the less talented individual.

But, Eli completely broke these rules. Without knowing it, he had put his wife's life in danger!

Dyon's grand teacher immediately sensed his agitation, so he didn't beat around the bush.

'In the end, Dyon, it is still just a baby. Although it will still be difficult, as long as she becomes a celestial before giving birth, she can survive.

'Also, since we're all aware of the situation now, we can be of help. Not every form of extending pregnancy is healthy. In fact, it can be highly detrimental to do so. However, that's only in the case where the herbs and pills aren't of a high enough grade. We can delay it for hundreds of years and still have it be healthy.'

Dyon sighed a breath of relief. He had found of recently about Delia's mother and how she extended her pregnancy and how that had almost cost her, her life. But, his grand teacher's words reassured him.

'Additionally, there are two other abilities of heaven's children that I haven't told you that will be of great help.'


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