Reaper of the Martial World
671 Humanity 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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671 Humanity 1

Dyon thought over his grand teacher's words, but in the end, not a single morsel of fear entered his heart.

In Dyon's life, there was only one instance that had ever caused him to tremble. The memory was still burned into his mind and it was a brand of shame that he etched into his heart. Although he recovered moments later, that was only due to anger he felt toward the entity chained within Earth. How could he rely on such a thing? No… Dyon felt the need to temper his heart.
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He would never allow anything to cause him to fear again.

'You're right, I probably won't listen to you.'

Dyon's grand teacher sighed. He could feel that something within his and Dyon's relationship had shifted, and with his intelligence, he likely knew what it was, but he still decided to remain quiet for now.

'I do need your help for two more things.' Dyon suddenly said.

With that, Dyon began to explain Eli's situation. It was much too odd.

Although they all understood that those from the area Eli was from were usually around his talent level anyway, they also knew that that was also a product of poor resources. Needless to say, Eli obviously didn't have a resource problem, he had an outstanding dao partner, and he had friends willing to support him. It just didn't make sense that his talent would be so poor. Even his elder sister was improving by leaps and bounds in recent years.

More interestingly, none of these oddities even touched the fact he was seemingly immune to poison and pills. For obvious reason, Eli wasn't testing this immunity, but his time with the Cavositas should have been enough of an indicator.

After hearing this, Dyon's grand teacher was silent for a long while. In fact, he spent that time observing Eli, who was currently outside gladly helping Clara and Alidor in distributing the cultivation cleansing pills.

'Your friend…' For the first time, the old man was speechless. He had no idea how Dyon had amassed such a group of people around him.

His demon generals were easily some of the most talented youngsters he had ever seen. And, from his observations, each one of the cultivation methods had a unique genius to them he had never seen. It took him a moment, but when he realized that he didn't recognize these cultivation methods because they were created from scratch by them, he couldn't believe his eyes or thoughts.

Then there were his wives. Not even mentioning Ri and Madeleine who both had two of the most sought after faith seeds by women, coupled with the fact their God level constitutions were unmatched through the universes, even Clara was a ridiculous talent unto herself. Not everyone could be the same monster Dyon was. The mere fact Clara had a peak 2nd stage soul was enough to cause an uproar. That wasn't even mentioning the fact her body constitution was an entire level or two higher than Ri and Madeleine's now, considering her origin primordial yin.

There was not even a need to speak about Alidor, whose soul was equally as talented as Clara's, or Delia, whose body constitution didn't lose out to Ri or Madeleine, or Zabia, who quite frankly, had potential to unlock a legacy equivalent to that of his Time Lock.

What Emperor wouldn't drool over this collection of talents? Even having a handful of them could build a dynasty, and yet Dyon had another one hiding.

'Quite a special body indeed…'

Dyon didn't say anything. He instead chose to sit quietly and listen.

'I'm sure you've heard of Heaven's Blessing. However, there is a higher form of this known as Heaven's Love. Those who receive Heaven's Blessing are gifted the favor of the universe, however, the universe will never break its own rules for these people, no matter how much it favors them.'

Dyon nodded. Although he wasn't awake at the time, the Dragon King had recounted the event to him because he was curious about how many meridians he had filled during his break through. It seemed that the universe wanted to help Dyon more, but stopped itself from doing so.

'Those who have Heaven's Love are different. It is only them that the universe shows bias toward, only they are treated like the children of the universe.'

This obviously raised many questions for Dyon. If Eli was so favored, why was his cultivation so poor?

'I know what you must be wondering,' Dyon's grand teacher continued, 'But, the matter isn't so straight forward as it seems.

'Imagine the universe as a parent, but an overly protective one. If you were an over protective parent who only had one, or very few children, would you ever let them out of your sight?'

'You're saying that the universe purposefully makes Eli's cultivation talent poor to protect him?' Dyon's demeanor crumbled as a weird expression surfaced on his features. If this was the case, he didn't understand what rules the universe was breaking for Eli. Well, other than the making him immune to poison matter.

'Didn't you already say it yourself? Your friend survived experimentation no one else could, completely unscathed. Even the matter of his life span isn't something you have to worry about. Considering your recklessness, he'll likely out live you.'

'You mean?'

'Eli's current life span is millions of years old. Unless you become a transcendent, you have no chance of outliving him. Such is Heaven's Love.'


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