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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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670 Do Not 3

Dyon walked into a secluded cultivation room. The smell of herbs immediately assaulted his senses despite the room being devoid of anything but a meditation platform.

He couldn't recognize the scents despite his expertise, simply because he didn't spend enough time working on his alchemy. Much of the knowledge he had was theoretical, and although it was also in depth, he didn't have hands on experience. That said, considering how he felt his mind open up and his comprehension speed increase with a single breath, he immediately had tens of guesses for what these herbs could be.

'You've brought quite a lot here. But, I see that you're also quite selfish. And to think you can hide your mind from me now, how rude.'

Dyon had only just crossed his legs when his grand teacher began to speak to him.

Every one of the weapons of 33 heavens had a passive ability that didn't require any energy input – it was what made them pseudo legendary path weapons. The Soul Tome could purify the soul. The aurora steps could awaken auroras. And The Seal? It could protect its owner's mind from any poking and prodding, even by True Empaths.

Before, this hadn't worked for Dyon since The Seal was technically still under his master's ownership. But, now it was his entirely.

'How many across the quadrants do you allow to enter your 5 main technique chambers?' Dyon didn't bother with his grand teacher's antics and directly asked what he wanted to.

He needed an understanding of just how exclusive such a place was. After all, much of the reason he wanted to use those rooms for the rewards they gave, as opposed to the techniques themselves, was that he thought they might just be too ubiquitous.

Think about it, if almost every genius across the quadrants could use those 5 techniques of his grand teacher to some capacity, it wouldn't be unique, and maybe the less shallow point was that everyone would understand the ins and outs of the techniques, making it much easier to counter. The last thing Dyon wanted was a predictable army. Especially when it came to his demon generals.

However, when Dyon thought back to how Alidor had brought many basilisks with him the first time he entered the tower, and yet they were all kicked out, Dyon thought that just maybe it was more exclusive than he originally thought.

'No hello, no how are you doing, no concern for your elders… Who taught you your manners?'

'Old man, you're testing my patience. Do you have any idea why I've been gone for two years?'

The truth was Dyon's grand teacher had no idea, he couldn't read Dyon's mind right now. He had to probe the others to find out. After a few moments, he realized Dyon was in a coma for the past couple years.

'You have the luck of a cockroach. Surviving such a thing, even I can't believe it. No wonder why you're so cranky.'

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Dyon didn't respond to his grand teacher's words directly. He couldn't explode just yet. He first needed to know some things that only his grand teacher could tell him.

'Do you have an answer?'

'It depends on the power. They're all exceedingly difficult, but some still have higher returns than others.

'True Empathy can only be learned by a handful of people. It requires not only exceptional soul talent, but also a pure soul. I'm happy that you brought your little sister along with you, she truly is the best I've seen. Honestly, the basic level door may be too easy for her.

'For the Aurora gate, anyone can enter. The difference is that how much you get out of it, is again, limited by your soul talent. The aurora is one of my most refined techniques, so it reached a level of melding with the will of the universe, this is why everyone is born with one, whether it's awakened or not.'

In layman's terms, Dyon's grand teacher reached the highest possible mastery of a technique, only possible when said technique was self created and of a high enough grade. Even then, there were other special requirements Dyon wasn't aware of.

Because of this, it essentially made it possible for any and everyone to learn it. However, the difficult part was learning it to perfection.

'For the Ethereal Permeation gate, I'd say a few thousand can grasp it. More than I thought originally, honestly. However, the number who improve it to an intent are less than a hundred. And as for a dao? Less than five all time. I don't believe any one of them is in this plane anymore. Actually, maybe one is. I don't keep track of these things honestly.

'The last two abilities are quite… Special. That's also not to mention the fact that only they are actually dangerous to learn. Technically, Ethereal Permeation is also dangerous, but it's more about pain tolerance than anything else. However, when it comes to those last two, no one in this generation of warriors has passed through even the basic floor. They either die, or are smart enough to give up.

'Time lock is one you understand already. However, using time will like this is the same as breaking the shackles that bind it, thus breaking it into the supreme law status it's meant to be. This sounds great, but the shackles exist for a reason.

'The truth is that the room is only titled Time lock to deter interest. If I was to be accurate in naming it, it would more than likely be title similarly to Ethereal Permeation.'

Dyon eyes narrowed. When his grand teacher said this, he immediately thought of his odd response to the Jafari, who also happened to be time experts. But, even more importantly, he thought of the odd item Zabia mentioned. Would it be easier to use after mastering that room?

'This said, the last room… Cycle of Reincarnation… That is a room I regret adding at all. It's the reason why even as a transcendent… I am blind.

'You are stubborn, and you don't like to listen. Even without seeing your mind right now, I know that my words only make you want to enter more. I won't stop you. After all, it's my greatest wish that one of my disciples succeeds where I've failed. However, if there was ever one piece of advice from me that you did listen to, let it be this.

'Do Not Enter.'


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