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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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669 Do Not 2

"As if stands now," Dyon spoke, "What are your odds of becoming Emperor of the Uidah?" Dyon spoke straight forwardly. Although having pawns was great, he would much rather them be willing to follow him.

When Dravil heard Dyon's question, his blood began to boil. Many saw his caution as unambitious, and rightfully so. But, the truth of the matter was that Dravil had dreams of his own, he was just too apprehensive to pursue them.

"The current most talented person in our clan is first saint son." Dravil replied honestly, "He is by far the most likely candidate. Usually, the candidate is chosen from the celestial sons and daughters since first dao son is our Emperor, however, first celestial daughter is a woman and also currently betrothed to first saint son."

Dyon found this a bit weird, but this was only because he still held onto his mortal realm beliefs. After all, less than ten years ago, he was a teen working with computers and engineering parts all day on a less than healthy diet that his metabolism somehow made up for. Although, now that he thought about it, it was likely his soul making up for it.

This was odd to him on two fronts. For one, the age difference that had to exist. To climb to first daughter status, she had to be near the peak of the celestial stage, which meant, at a bare minimum, thousands of years of cultivation without the Epistemic Tower resources. Saint son was at most hundreds of years old.

The second oddity was even more glaring… They were family!

However, when Dyon saw the starry eyes Dravil got when he mentioned his own sister, he couldn't help but to turn his gaze away and ignore it for dear life.

In reality though, an age difference of thousands was nothing when comparing two who would without a doubt become dao formation experts.

Secondly, the main issues with incest were wiped away with the martial world. Children would be birthed perfectly healthy because any possibilities of disease would have been cleansed by the cultivation of their parents.

In addition to this, first saint son and first celestial daughter were definitely very, very, very distant relatives. Although they shared the Uidah blood line, so did billions of others. The number of family branches, and branches of branches, were innumerable. So, logically speaking, them marrying was no weirder than anyone in the mortal world marrying. After all, technically, everyone from the mortal realm originated from the same family branch.

"Are there any factions that disagree with this?" Although Dyon knew much about the Uidah, the intricacies of their inner workings could only be explained by someone who lived there.

"There are hundreds of family branches, each with their own interests. However, not all of them have viable candidates for such a role, so they can only acquiesce. Before my birth, there was no need for competition. However, when it was found that I inherited a faith seed, there were some stirrings.

"The problem is that catching up to first saint brother would be exceptionally difficult. He has been training in an entirely different quadrant for the past hundred years. If what you say is true, then he was without a doubt powerful enough to earn a spot in the Epistemic Tower. This means he likely has a leg up on me…"

Dyon nodded. He realized this as well from the late fifth son's intel. Both Hela and first saint son had left to investigate. It was only recently they got word back, but that didn't mean they had just gotten there. In all likelihood, they had spent at least a few decades enjoying the benefits of that universe's tower.

This may sound like a leap, but it wasn't. According to Zabia, that quadrant didn't work with a clan system, it works with a sect system. How could Hela and first saint son not be talented enough to receive proper backing from such a place?

The other problem was that first essence son couldn't spend all of his time in the tower like first saint son presumably could. Because of their plans, first son could raise the suspicion level of this tower for at least 20 years. If he wasn't making his presence felt, then that would of course be suspicious.

Dyon thought about having first son fake his death, but that would likely be more detrimental than anything. A large part of becoming the emperor of such a large clan was networking and building a trusted faction. How could he do that if he disappeared?

In the end, this was a secondary matter. Although it would be great for first son to become leader, that was only the second step. He had another purpose first, and Dyon would let him know when the time was right. The only reason he brought this up now was to give first son some incentive.

"If you follow me well, I can guarantee that first celestial daughter will be your wife."
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Dravil's eyes widened as he nearly choked on air. The goddess he had worshipped for all his life? As his wife? He could hardly believe what he was hearing.

"Massacring a whole population of people for no reason isn't my style," Dyon shrugged, "After I kill those Uidah who are responsible for harming the family of a friend of mine, someone needs to rule them. After all, I can't manage so many places alone."

Seeing the eagerness in Dravil's eyes, Dyon was satisfied. For such a cautious human being to be swayed so easily wasn't all that surprising to Dyon. After all, Dravil already understood that he didn't have much of a choice left. The fact that Dyon was willing to give him something in return was already more than he expected.

After a few more miscellaneous details were handled between them, Dyon sent Dravil off, reminding him that they needed to take down at least two towers.

Having dealt with that, Dyon turned his attention to the tower. It was time he spoke with his grand teacher.


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