Reaper of the Martial World
666 Dragons 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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666 Dragons 2

When Dyon finished explaining all of this to Zabia, he was in shock. Was it really possible for to cultivate so quickly without any resources at all? What kind of ridiculous concept was that?

But, even more shocking, they had no cultivation technique? The demon generals were essentially blindly following and creating their own methods following the same path as the very first cultivators! And yet they still had such achievements!

It was no wonder they were overwhelmed when Dyon suddenly handed them divine level techniques. However, because of Dyon's ignorance on this matter, he never gave them energy cultivating techniques because he naively assumed they had their own!

It was suffice to say that when Dyon found out the truth, he was in shock. However, that was also when he realized he was completely wasting the potential of his demon generals.

His solution? The Epistemic Tower.

"Is this really possible?" Zabia still had some doubts. Even if the demon generals were really so talented, there was a limit to what the Epistemic Tower could do for them, no?

Dyon smiled, "From your quadrant, how many have the right to enter the tower?"

Zabia's eyes widened with a sudden realization, "As long as you meet the talent threshold… You're allowed…"

Dyon didn't need to say anything else. He was already aware that the talent threshold was that of a 4th grade expert, which meant at least 73 opened meridians.

In this universe, that was amazing. Even some of the celestial heads were only 4th grade experts, so one can see just how lofty such a goal was.

However, the truth of the matter was that in this quadrant as a whole, among the trillions of warriors there were, millions, if not billions, would meet this level.

So, if an Epistemic Tower had enough resources to fuel billions of warriors… How potent would those resources be if there were just 3000 of them?

This was Dyon's goal. By taking advantage of the time where he could hog the Epistemic Tower to himself and his allies, he would be able to build a core so solid that it would be unbreakable.

"I want every single one of my demon generals to be perfect grade experts. And I also want them all to cultivate my [Inner World: Sanctuary] technique. Only then will I have the perfect army."

Zabia took a deep breath. There was clear excitement in his eyes, hiding an anticipation that threatened to boil over.

"What's the plan for the next 20 years then?"

"As much as I'd love to improve all of the soul talent, such a thing is foolhardy. Those with talented souls are simply too rare. Among the demon generals, there's Alidor, Kaeda, and maybe a handful of others. Those others would likely be among those who grasped music will, so there'll only be about 10 of them.

"However, when it comes to energy cultivating, they're all unmatched."

"But if they practice your technique, their souls and energy cultivation will be locked as well."

Dyon nodded, "Yes, this is true, but only for about the same time as me."

With nonexistent energy and body cultivation talent, Dyon would have taken centuries to complete his inner world. When he received the dragon king's talent, it cut down to about 5 to 10 years. But, now that his soul was damaged, the time had extended to 20 years.

Using that logic, the same time span could be applied to the demon generals. Their poor soul talent could be equated to Dyon's damaged soul, while their other talents were so overwhelming that they were close approximations of the Dragon King. Even if the time limit was above 20 years, it wouldn't be by much.

In addition, this also meant that those demon general with higher soul talent would finish closer to the 10-year mark, making them even faster than the rest.

As for how long it would take them all to cultivate to the essence gathering level to trigger this change? Dyon was even less worried about that. Remember, it only took Ri 8 weeks climb to the peak of the meridian formation realm, and that was using a highly complex void kitsune technique. But, even more poignant was the fact she wasn't in the energy dense atmosphere of the tower!

Dyon estimated it would take them, at most, a month to trigger the start of the inner world creation.

"However, I only plan on having them cultivating this technique after a year or so. Not from the very beginning."
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"Why's that?"

"Remember the very first floor of the Epistemic Tower?"

"Those rooms… They have very strict requirements for allowing people in. Often times the directly boot you out if you're unworthy. Also, you said a year, but it often takes even those who are deemed worthy about ten years to master just one of them."

Dyon nodded, "In fact, those are only the most basic levels of the techniques as well. After all, these are the five most powerful techniques of the entity that created these towers, how could a person only take ten years to grasp them fully?"

"So you're saying?"

"For one, I don't believe that my demon generals need ten years. It is only an average. Secondly, I don't particularly care for the techniques themselves, as much as the rewards we receive for completing them to perfection.

"I know already that those awards are rarely and almost never get handed out. But, we're about to change that.

"The most important thing we need for a growing army is resources. And while I have a lot now, you can never have enough.

"When my army expands from the 3000 it is now, to millions, then maybe billions or trillions, if I can't support them, what kind of king would I be?"

Zabia shook his head, laughing. Maybe only Dyon could say these things without sounding absolutely ridiculous.

"Also, I think you've misunderstood a bit. I'm not giving them a year to master a single room. I'm giving them a year to master at least three."


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