Reaper of the Martial World
663 Second Step 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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663 Second Step 2

Dyon eyes narrowed at these words. How could he not know that the Uidah had already guessed that those geniuses were seemingly looking for something?

However, there was a bit of hope left in his eyes as well. From the quotes that fifth son noted, those geniuses seemed to be disappointed by the showing of this quadrant's geniuses. In fact, it was because of this that the Ragnor, Pakal, and Uidah all sent capable geniuses to the adjacent quadrant in order to investigate just what those teens were looking for.

If Dyon had to guess, those geniuses likely came here to challenge the Epistemic Tower geniuses of this quadrant, but left disappointed. How could they not have been disappointed? While their quadrant raised their best geniuses with the resources of the tower, this quadrant had done no such thing. As such, there was a massive gulf that they couldn't close easily.

Dyon wasn't about 70% certain that this was the truth of the matter, but he had an inkling that it wasn't so simple.

With such overbearing geniuses, if the adjacent quadrant really wanted to find the Epistemic Tower, there was no way that they'd tell all of them about it. It was more likely than not that they'd tell a select few. That way, they could pretend like Zabia's first guess was the correct one, while all along, they were playing by the rules of the second guess.

As for why they hadn't been back in a hundred year? That answer was even simpler. It was for the very same reason that Hela only just got word back to the Ragnors, although Dyon didn't know of this. It simply took a lot of time and resources. In addition, they had no idea exactly which universe the Epistemic Tower was in because even citizens of this quadrant had no idea. That means that if they wanted to come back and fulfill their goal, they'd need to invest even more into it.
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The old fogies of the martial world were had lived countless years. To them, even a thousand years was a short time. With something as important as controlling a second Epistemic Tower on the table, they'd have to be as careful as possible. And there was another thing.

Every quadrant, no matter which is was, would have at a minimum, two Emperor God Clans. It was simply much too difficult to control 100 universes alone without any enemies cropping up – as far as Dyon understood, anyway. As such, every move one of those clans wanted to make, would likely be highly monitored by its rival clan. So, how could it be easy to sneakily conquer a second Epistemic Tower? For something so important, when adjusting for spies, intel, and odd movements, it would be impossible to hide.

As a result, those clans had no choice but to take it slow, first sending a team of youths to check out the situation, before they themselves made moves. Even if it took ten thousand years, it would be worth it to them.

When Dyon thought through all of this, he relaxed. He knew that if they really took that long, no one in any quadrant would be able to stand up to him. By then, they could only cry over their own spilt milk.

"What exactly is your history with these dukes and duchesses?" Dyon decided to cut right to the heart of the issue after his conflicting emotions had settled.

"Seems I can't hide much from you," Zabia chuckled. He knew that he wasn't very good at controlling his emotions to begin with, so he expected someone as sharp as Dyon to notice his change in tone.

"You could say that it's because of their families that my Jafari Clan is the way it is now. I'm sure you've noticed that I'm too young to be king, and I'm sure you've guessed why that would be." Zabia's jaw set, clenching tightly. But, he was completely unable to control the anger in his eyes. Even his darkness will imperceptibly leaked from him.

"That said, the story is much more complex than just revenge. We didn't flee to this universe, we chose this universe. There's something here that's the key to our revival as a clan. Unfortunately, I'm not powerful enough to wield it although we were lucky enough to find it. To be honest, I'm not sure if it makes sense for any one person to wield it."

"A weapon of the 33 heavens?" Dyon asked.

"To be honest, I'm not sure. If it does what my ancestors says it does, it would have to be at least that powerful. But, it's not just a weapon or treasure, it's also a spirit."

Dyon smirked, "You mean an abyssal core."

Zabia raised an eyebrow before he noticed Dyon was just messing around. "Sure," Zabia chuckled, "Quite frankly, it's much too dangerous, so we left it where it was. To me, such a thing hardly matters if we can fulfill our goal without it. It's an unnecessary risk…"

Those words were a cause to pause for Dyon. It told him, for one, that Zabia might be straight forward, but he was blindly so. Secondly, although Dyon was aware that there were many abyssal cores that had been forgotten, this one in particular intrigued him mainly because of the Jafari's specialty: time.

Maybe this abyssal core was a key to using time will like the supreme law it was meant to be. Or even more poignant, maybe it was a key to why his grand master was so fond of the Jafari.


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