Reaper of the Martial World
661 Cripple 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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661 Cripple 3

Dyon continued to speak unperturbed.

"Among those 150 edge gates that you must defend, you're flanked solidly by both the Pakals and Ragnors who have ensure to suffocate you in the corner of the quadrant.

"The only reason they haven't committed to destroying you is because they also happen to be flush against each other. It's quite an adorable three-way stalemate you have you have going."

Dyon continued to speak as though he was at a social event as opposed to standing on the heads of two geniuses.

"Luckily for you, the Ragnors have limited youthful talents and can only make it up with superior numbers. As for the Pakals, they're limited in their warfare because of their body cultivation focus. As such, the damage they can do is limited. Quite pathetic if you ask me."

Dyon was almost offended when he read the things the Uidah said about the Pakals. Of course, he had gotten all of this information from fifth son's spatial ring. Luckily for him, fifth son had been quite an avid reader and statistician. He was the very first to notice the fact that only this gate had an odd number of towers, whereas others ignored the pattern.

From what he saw, the overall grade of this quandrant was quite pathetic in general. After all, he was looking at the best geniuses a King God Clan had to offer right now and he was trampling them beneath his feet.

Truthfully, though, it wasn't that the Ragnors lacked in talent, it was more so that so few of them actually survived having that talent. After all, not every gate had an essence gathering cap like this one. When the Ragnors had to send in saints or celestials, with how dangerous tribulations were for them, how could they have many people to send?

As for the Pakals, they didn't have the same troubles, but their manner of war was lacking. Because of their body cultivation focus, their armies had the least diversity and especially lacked in long range combat.

"The plan is simple, really. You sacrifice a bit, to earn a lot.

"The mere fact you've concentrated all of your talents here wouldn't go unnoticed by the Ragnors or Pakals. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they had increased the pressure on those 150 gates of yours. If they manage to infiltrate your territory with their suppression, even if you break into the Emperor God Clan ranks, you'll be severely weakened."

Dravil nodded. This was all true. He was actually under immense pressure to end all of this now. The Ragnors had noticed the apparent lack of sons and daughters and thus made moves. Although the Uidah had sainthood and even celestial sons and daughters in play, there were gates among those 150 that could only be headed by Dravil because of their cultivation cap.

Under normal circumstances, Dravil would travel between tens of gates per campaign, letting his presence be felt. He would collect information, then appear at the appropriate time. However, these past two years were different. He hadn't appeared on those front lines at all! This caused the Pakals and Ragnors to increase pressure on those specific gates.

"Everyone here will be leaving with an array within them that prevents them from speaking of these matters, so feel free to listen carefully.

"After this talk, I'll be teleporting half of you all to an essence gathering capped gate. You'll disguise yourselves, then decimate two towers, making it easy for the Ragnors to conquer them. I'll be choosing a gate you previously had an upper hand in, so the impact is better felt.

"You'll have to make use of your overwhelming numbers and your surprise attack. You can in no way use techniques that are easily recognizable by your kin, nor can you leave any clues. Not that it really matters, I wonder how your clan would react finding out you attacked your own towers."

A cold breeze passed over the Uidah army. Even second and fourth son stopped struggling… This man… He was too fearsome…

"This is only the first step.

"The second step is the story you'll have to sell happened at this gate. It's simple really, you just have to say that you never tried to conquer Earth Tower.

"The gates are quite unpredictable and you were trying to mess with a tower you knew nothing about. Under normal circumstances, if it wasn't already conquered, 80% of you would have died just stepping into this abyss."

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The Uidah froze. This was completely true. Before Dyon, the spatial field here was so violent and dangerous that no one dared to conquer the tower. It was because of that that the strategy became to conquer the other 8 towers first, this would somehow cause the spatial field to shut down, and then it would be an easy victory.

This is what made this story believable. The spatial field disappeared without reason. So, why couldn't it come back without reason?

When the Uidah realized that half of the number they sent in was coming out, they would have no reason to be suspicious. After all, teleporting between gates was impossible for anyone not named Dyon Sacharro.

"This way, although you'll be blamed, the punishment will likely not be severe, especially considering you hold a faith seed. Couple this with the heavy loss at the Ragnor front, and the elders of the Uidah will double think concentrating your forces here.

"While your Uidah army is "dying" to the spatial field, we Earthlings will be reconquering the gates you've taken. This way, the stalemate will be back in full effect.

"After this, the Uidah won't dare to concentrate their forces anymore.

"In my estimation, this should stall the Uidah higher ups for about 20 years. Considering your financial situation, the pressure of the Ragnors and Pakal, as well as your bids for the future, it will take at least that long for them to presume that sending a small elite team here is worth the price.

"As for what you get for doing this? How about you get to keep your life and I let you take a look inside the tower you've been stuck outside of for so long?"

Dyon finally looked at Dravil, but all he saw was fear.

Those from Earth looked at Dyon's strong back with awe on their features. They had spent so long with him that sometimes they almost forgot just how intelligent he was…

Dyon had analyzed the entire structure of a King God Clan… An empire ruling over 24 universes… Without even stepping outside of his home… Then, he devised a plan to cripple them for 20 years without lifting a finger!


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