Reaper of the Martial World
659 Cripple 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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659 Cripple 1

The Uidah army was stunned.

Within their territory, how many hundreds of smaller families and clans were there? And how many dared to disrespect them like this? Not a single one.

They were the overlords of 24 universes. Unmatched through all of them and having a vice grip on the lives of anyone and anything that lived there.

How long had they viewed this universe as a silver plater, ready to be taken whenever they wanted? The only reason they hadn't was because they disdained this universe breaking them through the watershed of an Emperor God Clan.

And yet, this universe dared to have such a bold genius within it? One that treated their second and fourth son like canon fodder?

They simply couldn't believe their eyes.

Dyon ignored the gazes he was receiving, focusing instead on the two necks in his hands. Despite his words, even if second and fourth son wanted to speak, they couldn't. Dyon's hand was restricting them too much!

"It's in your best interest that you don't speak." Although Dyon didn't turn toward him, it was clear to everyone that he was speaking to Dravil.

This was obviously a massive problem. Although Dravil hardly cared about the life or death of his brothers, that didn't mean he didn't care for the prestige of the Uidah. If he allowed this Dyon to trample on his allies right before him, how would he have the face to show himself anywhere?

However, even with that thought process, Dravil still remained a cool-headed and cautious man. Despite his emotions, he wouldn't act rashly.

"I understand that my brothers have offended you, but it's also in your best interest that you remember why you agreed to have this meeting in the first place."

As martial artists, second and fourth son could handle not breathing for hours, even days, if need be. But, the feeling of having your entire body controlled by your neck was completely uncomfortable to them. Even worse, Dyon was squeezing to tightly that it wasn't just oxygen they were losing, even their blood had stopped flowing properly. Martial artist or not, that wasn't something anyone could handle.

"You think you understand why I accepted this meeting?" Dyon didn't look at first son as he spoke. Instead, he leisurely leaped off the table, slamming second and fourth's faces into the ground before landing on the back of their heads with each foot.

The rage in the two sons had reached an all time high. Waves of Ethereal Permeation spread out from the both of them, hoping to make Dyon pay for his actions. But the usual rampant and volatile energy couldn't penetrate Dyon's tough skin at all. If anything, Dyon felt as though he was getting a foot rub.

Seeing this, Dravil's eyes contracted. He was hoping to not have to step in personally, but there was a limit to everything.


Dravil froze. He didn't know when it happened, but the blade of a halberd had found its way to his neck…
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However, that was the most poignant point… This person… Was without a doubt a saint!

"How!" Dravil's eyes widened. Never in his life had he received such a surprise.

He had felt that Dyon's body was powerful. However, the gate didn't care about any cultivation other than your energy cultivation. So, it didn't matter how powerful his body was, he would be allowed in. But, this person had broken into sainthood for sure!

Thadius leisurely held his halberd at Dravil's throat. He hadn't expected to be called out by Dyon, but he had no reason to refuse. He had absolute trust in Dyon, so if Dyon said he could survive in this gate, he could survive. It was that simple.

Immediately, everyone understood why Dyon was so confident in winning. While everyone was thinking about restricting the gate access, Dyon completely flipped the script. Not only did he increase the access, he made sure he was the only one in position to take advantage of it!

With the use of his spatial ring, Dyon could freely change the cultivation limit of the gates and all he had to deal with was a brief earth quake.

He had already changed to the cap of the gate to sainthood a few days ago. Even if the Uidah noticed the change, they would be too far out to make it here in time! And, couldn't Dyon just also lower the requirements whenever he wanted? While Thadius could hide in his spatial ring if he did such a thing, where would the saints of the Uidah hide? They would effectively be coming to their deaths!

Although Dravil didn't understand how Dyon did this, he fully understood those matters. If Dyon could control the gates in such a way with ease… The Uidah would never take control of this universe…

Just like that. Without saying a single word. Without shedding a single drop of blood. Without even a speck of effort. Without even needing a large army or an overly clever move. Dyon had single handedly changed the situation for the entirely of the universe.

From this day forward, it wouldn't be the Uidah who dictated when they wanted to conquer this universe. No, from now on they would think twice before making any moves. Because on the day they did, they'd have to be willing to deal with the monster that was Dyon Sacharro.


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