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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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656 Dare 1

When the Uidah heard Dyon's words, they felt like cleaning out their ears to make sure they heard properly.

They were an army of millions. Although they weren't very organized currently, having set up thousands of camps around the Epistemic Tower, Dyon's situation seemed even worse than theirs. In fact, much of the reason why they weren't ready for battle right now was because of the geography around the tower.

Although Dyon's voice seemed close, that was merely because of his cultivation. He had a saint body, of course he could project his voice even hundreds of kilometers if he really tried. However, in terms of how close he truly was, he was still about a hundred kilometers away.

In terms of mortal realm thinking, the crater the tower was within was nothing but a death trap. They had low ground, while their enemies had high ground. But, this wasn't truly the case.

For one, the supposed crater was almost 200km in diameter, that meant Dyon's supposed high ground advantage meant next to nothing unless he could send attacks from a hundred kilometers away. This would be foolhardy.

That meant that the only option was to enter the abyss itself. This was why Elwing's army consisted solely of essence gatherers who had the ability to fly down themselves. However, when they made it down, they'd lose any semblance of an advantage they had. They'd have to meet head on with an army that was not only stronger, but also larger in number. And that was not to mention by the time Dyon's allies made it down, the 'unorganized' Uidah would have long since prepared.

At their fastest speed, it would only take a few minutes to reach the Uidah. But, weren't the Uidah also cultivators? And didn't that mean that they could use their speed to prepare themselves?

All of this added up to Dyon's words sounding like a complete joke. Instead of seeing a domineering young man flying in the skies, they saw a clown.

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However, even as the Uidah wanted to begin laughing, Dravil's voice sounded out.

"I would very much like to meet the famous Dyon Sacharro. I wonder if you would allow me the courtesy?"

Dyon smiled, seemingly pleased to be dealing with someone with intelligence for once. He had chosen his words to be as provocative as possible on purpose, it was the easiest way to save time, but it also would cause anyone with even a bit of caution to have reason to pause.

The truth was that as much as Dyon would love to wipe out the entirety of the Uidah, he was also aware that pushing a monster too far was detrimental. He wasn't worried about himself, but there were many people he could be said to have some relationship with left in this universe. He couldn't just leave the elves and Jafari to deal with his mess.

Some might say to leave the matter to Amell and Nora, but Dyon was very clear on the fact that they were just two people, and from his analysis of the situation, they were hiding from something, which is the only reason he wasn't even more harsh with them. This meant that the two of them were heavily limited.

That aside, even if they weren't limited, how could a King God Clan be lacking in dao formation experts? If they had enough reason to believe that their universe was special, which it was, then they wouldn't have any issues sending out their dao formation elders.

If you could only travel between universes with the gates, everything would be fine. But, unfortunately, that wasn't the case. If the Uidah were willing to pay the price, they could send a small elite team to decimate their universe.

Hearing Dravil's words, Elwing couldn't believe it. But, he didn't have time to think because in the next instant, Dyon began moving downward with his tower following directly behind him. The forcefield around them that had once protected them from the wilds of the gate, turned into a transporter, carrying the entire army down and landing before the Uidah camps.

Once the tower touched down, Dyon stood and waited as a few of his own people decided to follow him. Although those like Eli, Delia and Ava decided to stay behind, his wives, Zabia, Alidor and Arios did follow him. Seeing that Dravil was being followed by the nine of sons and daughters, they were unwilling to let Dyon go in on this alone.

Dyon was actually surprised that Alidor decided to follow, but he said nothing about it.

A group of people that seemed like servants worked as fast as they could between the two groups, setting up elegant tables and chairs.

A moment later, the respectfully bowed out, leaving the center of the two camps open for the two parties to sit.

Dravil and Dyon sat at the center of side of the table.

Although Dyon treated his wives equally, for formal settings like this Madeleine was given her rightful place as his first wife. She sat as the only woman to Dyon's right, making her status clear. Ri and Clara sat to Dyon's left, while Arios, as a demon general, took Dyon's right hand after Madeleine, while Zabia and the rest extended toward that direction as well.

As for Dravil's side, odd numbered sons and daughters sat to his left, with even numbers to his right, perfectly arranged by standing. This, much to Ri and Clara's disgust, left both second and fourth son sitting across from them.

Just like that, an odd meeting of geniuses began.


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