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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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655 Chance 3

A couple weeks later, the massive Earth force had moved its way near the center of the gates and were now standing outside of the massive forest that surrounded that circular abyss that held the Epistemic Tower. By now, there was no question that the Uidah were aware of their arrival. It was just that they couldn't be bothered to care. After two successful defenses, even knowing how powerful characters like Ri and Madeleine were, they hardly worried at all. However, what they didn't know was that there was a new wild card at play.
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Dyon stood at the window of the Demon Sage Tower, looking at the forest below.

The last time he had campaigned, he had taken it so seriously to the point where he even wore his white leather battle changpao. But now? He saw it all almost as though it was a leisurely vacation. In fact, this coming battle wasn't even the foremost thing on his mind. Instead, he was thinking about how he'd confront his grand teacher about his sins.

Dyon was snapped out of his thoughts by faint groaning going on behind him.

He turned with a grin on his face, only to see three naked bodies entangled with one another, apparently devoid of strength.

"Stop laughing," Ri said faintly.

"Why would I ever laugh at my lovely wives? You asked and I obliged, nothing more." Despite his words, the smirk on Dyon's lips firmly read 'I told you so'.

His stamina was more than enough to go for days. However, when the three of them woke up from their lustful states, their bodies were very much regretting it.

"Couldn't you have showed some restraint?" Clara chided, but immediately regretted her choice in words.

"I tried to resist, in fact I said no multiple times. But, you ravenous beasts defiled my innocence. What could I do?"

At these words, even Madeleine groaned, turning over and covering the three of them in blankets.

"Aww, you guys are gonna miss the show."


Dyon laughed as he dodged three pillows that flew toward him at breakneck speeds.


"It seems like they're finally here." First son Dravil Uidah looked off into the distance from the deep crater that held the Epistemic Tower. Although, from their angle, it was impossible to see the Earth army's position, his senses were sharp.

A robust young man stood behind Dravil, nearly salivating. This was the second son of the essence gathering Uidah, known as Fri Uidah.

"Those beauties. They'll be back, right?" Fri shifting the rod in his pants, trying to remain composed as he thought back to flashed of Ri, Madeleine, Clara and Delia. He could hardly contain himself. "We gotta capture them this time. All I got to do was cross blades with them, but I need to touch them this time. Why can't our kingdom have such beauties!"

Fourth son snorted, "You spent all your time holed up training just so you could do something so demeaning. Your motivations are pathetic. But, I hope you understand first come, first served. You better not try to take any of the ones I capture first."

Second son stared daggers at fourth son. However, unlike the meridian formation rankings, aside from Dravil, the essence gathering rankings were much closer in power. So, the power disparity between fourth and second son wasn't so wide that second son could just ignore fourth son's wishes. The truth was that while Tau thought he could fight fourth or fifth son. In reality, he would lose to each and every one of them.

Seeing the odd atmosphere, Tau decided to interject.

"Young master Uidah, it is very much likely that they will be more dangerous this time around." Tau Aumen spoke respectfully, making sure to only speak of how powerful Earth was, as opposed to saying the Uidah couldn't handle it.

"Why was this again?" It wasn't that Dravil didn't remember, it was more so that he found it nonsensical. The only reason he even considered listening was because the Aumen's had sent their crown prince. No matter how arrogant he was, he wasn't stupid. For a clan to be willing to risk the life of such an important piece to their future, they wouldn't do so just to lie.

"It is because of an innate aurora user by the name of Dyon Sacharro." Tau responded.

"And why should I take seriously that one person against ten of us." Dravil had asked all of these questions before, but this just proved how prudent of a man he was. In the Uidah clan, where everyone was basically chasing after his position, he had learned to be cautious. After all, the clan only protected him because of his faith seed, however, they wouldn't stop someone more capable from stealing it from him. Such was the way of the Uidah.

"This is no normal person. He has been in a coma for the past two years, but once we Aumens received word of his awakening, we knew we had to contact you no matter what. In fact, it is because of his awakening that the security around out clan loosened. That is how much confidence he instills within the people of Earth." Tau's words felt like poison in his mouth, but they were without a doubt the truth.

Dravil raised an eyebrow. This was the first time Tau had mentioned this. But, this point brought up an interesting line of questioning. However, before he could ask, a sudden realization hit Silvyr and Kaeghan at once.

"It's him!" The spoke in unison.

Dravil looked over in curiosity, but what he found was an interesting view of Kaeghan shaking in anger while holding his artificial hand, and a Silvyr whose eyes were clearly flickering with dense lust causing ripples to wave across her ample and exposed chest.

He immediately understood that this Dyon was the one who killed fifth son, and also the one to take Kaeghan's real hand. It also seemed that he was the one who handed Silvyr that devastating loss that lost her, her seat as second daughter. In fact, she had only just now earned it back.

"Responding to Young master," Tau continued respectfully, "Two years ago, he was wanted dead by an alliance of celestials. In the end, he was kidnapped by two of them. I'm not sure of the details, but considering that he is now alive, the only explanation is that he survived this ordeal. In addition, our Aumen family hasn't had contact with those celestials since… Which means…"

Dravil furrowed his brows. "Impossible."

No matter how cautious of a man he was, who would believe such a ridiculous story? According to Tau, Dyon had to have been a peak meridian formation expert two years ago. What kind of nonsense would have such a weak ant escaping, or, even worse, killing two celestials? There had to be another explanation.

However, before Tau could explain further, a booming voice stretched out over the abyss as a Demonic tower cleared the cliff's edge and came into view of everyone below, followed by hundreds of thousands of warriors.

"I'll give the Uidah one chance," Dyon had appeared in the air, his pair of wings lightly flapping, and yet somehow sending winds that cut through the air careening through space. "Piss off. Or die."


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