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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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654 Chance 2

Dyon sat quietly on a large cushioned throne, his legs crossed and his eyes closed in meditation. He knew more than anyone else that he had lost his temper, but it wasn't something he could control, not yet. Although he was no longer affected by his black flames, on the other side of the coin, he was also no longer affected by his white flames.

For some reason, he found it easy to interact with his wives. He didn't lose his temper when Ri or Clara teased him, nor did he feel frustrated when they were too worn out to match his stamina. Although his body protested, his mind and heart would never allow such a thing. However, it was also likely because of this that Clara, Ri and Madeleine were unaware of how bad the situation had gotten.

Dyon suddenly snapped awake from his thoughts as he felt a soft and delicate body slip into his lap. When he opened his eyes, he smiled realizing that it was Ri.

He felt an injection of cool ice will, following the purity path, seeping into his skin, filling him with a calming feeling.

"I've neglected you." Dyon wrapped his arm around Ri's waist, resting his other on her legs as she sat across his legs to rest her forehead on his cheek.

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Ri raised up her arm and flicked Dyon's forehead, "I came here for you, not me. You haven't neglected me at all."

Dyon shook his head. "It's been weeks and we've only mentioned your mother a sparing amount. How could this be considered my doing my duty as your husband?"

Ri trembled slightly before burying her head into Dyon's neck. "It's been two years, I've gotten used to it. There's no need to dwell."

"I'm sure my grand teacher knows something." Dyon said reassuringly. "No matter how difficult it is, we'll find a solution. I promise."

Ri smiled lightly. Dyon's words obvious instilled a sense of confidence in her no one else could. How many times had she heard these exact words from others while he was gone? And yet this was the first time that they truly got to her.

"Stupid husband, I already said that I came here for you, and look at you changing the subject." Ri pouted.

Dyon laughed lightly, "It's no more than I deal with usually."

"Deal with?"

"The Demon Sage's blood has many pros, but also has its cons. Unfortunately, those cons are harder to control without full use of my soul."

Ri frowned. Dyon had never really mentioned this to her before, not in any real tangible way, anyway.

"How does it effect you?" Ri asked.

Dyon thought for a moment, trying to understand how best to explain it, when he suddenly thought of an idea.

The throne room was empty, except for him and Ri, likely because everyone was enjoying the food courtesy of Amell's pain. So, Dyon decided to call up Clara and Madeleine. Since they were so close, it only took his intent for them to know he wanted them here.

A few moment later they walked in with confused expressions. It wasn't often Dyon did something like this. In fact, it was never. They immediately decided that it was likely something important.

Dyon smiled, understanding their confusion. "I just thought I should show you guys something."

Originally, Dyon thought that because of their soul connection, his wives would understand exactly how his body was feeling. But, it seemed that it had limitations.

Because Dyon was always dampening the feelings his blood essence gave him with his soul, it didn't exactly translate to how he was feeling. It was quite an oddity of the martial world. However, when you thought about it, it made sense. After all, if a soul connection meant seeing through every and anything, Little Black would feel quite uncomfortable every time Dyon had some quality time with Ri, Clara and Madeleine.

That aside, Dyon didn't keep them waiting. He diligently explained his problems and that he knew how to fix it, it was only that it was clearly affecting him either way.

Dyon's women were intelligent, so they also understood that something that could counter balance the Demon Sage's blood was at the very least as valuable as the blood itself. That meant it would be something very difficult to earn, even in the tower. However, they were happy Dyon told them about this.

"Pft, sounds like you just want an excuse to go out and do perverted things." Ri voiced Clara's opinions before Clara even got a chance, causing them to look at each other and nod like they had just achieved something great.

Madeleine giggled as usual, but even she felt like Dyon embellished the story a little bit. Really? Uncontrollable lust? Sounded like exactly what a pervert would say.

Dyon looked at his three wives with a raised eyebrow before an evil expression surfaced on his features, causing them to shiver and involuntarily take a step backwards.

"No no no, no running away now. I called you all here for a reason. How about we test your hypothesis?"

"What do you mean?" They asked.

Dyon didn't respond. Instead, a curved blade jetted out from the Dragon King's band on his wrist, effectively cutting a shallow gash in his finger. If he didn't use this weapon, who knows how hard it would be to cut through his skin.

"Come, come. Don't be shy." Dyon's evil grin spread.

The three beauties stared at Dyon's finger, suddenly understanding his meaning.

"What's this? You guys were so sure before? Don't tell me you're afraid of becoming perverts too?" Dyon took a step forward, grinning wildly.

Eventually, Clara stepped forward with a defiant look in her eye. She clearly didn't believe that Dyon's bloodline could be so overwhelming, so she grabbed his finger and sucked.

At first, she wanted to quickly move in, then pull out and gloat. But, the moment the blood hit her tongue, she felt a wave of heat overwhelm her body, charging through her throat, down her chest, and resting at her loins.

Suddenly, a single suck turned to two… Then three…

Dyon smirked, watching Clara's delicate caramel skin taint into a furious blush as she breathed heavily.

Without a second thought, Clara's eyes burned with lust as she looked up to Dyon. Her sucking had gone from purposeful, to completely lewd.

Ri and Madeleine watched this scene with astonished looks on their faces. But, when they noticed Dyon pricked his other finger and looked toward them, their curiosity got the best of them.

The next few days were a blur, but it was safe to say that three more people earned the title of pervert.


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