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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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653 Chance 1

Dyon's eyes were vicious. There was an edge to him that hadn't been there just two years, and maybe back then he would have talked down to Elwing until he understood just how stupid his words were, but the Dyon of now didn't have that kind of patience.

Years ago, even from the very first moment Dyon stepped into the Elvin Kingdom for the first time, he had been aware that his inherited bloodline, from the Demon Sage, had been having an effect on him. However, in all this time, he had still not managed to find a suitable balancing blood essence. After all, how could it be easy to find a body cultivator as strong as the Demon Sage? And even if you could, how could they be willing to hand it over to Dyon so easily?

This had even spilt over into his sex life with his wives. Even with Ri and Madeleine's eagerness in the beginning, it was simply impossible for them to keep up with his lust – a lust that had grown exponentially after Dyon stepped into bodily sainthood. Of course, Dyon had a kind of self-control most couldn't match, so he had never once thought about going overboard with those he cared for, but what his current nature wouldn't tolerate was bullshit from those he didn't have a good impression of to begin with.

"Keep your irrational anger to yourself." Dyon's words were like daggers piercing into Elwing's heart. It was clear from this one line that Dyon understood exactly what Elwing's gripe with him was. "Be happy that I wasn't awake when your brother's punishment was being decided, or else I would have directly killed him regardless of what was said."

The flames of anger wanted to spark in Elwing's eyes, but he simply didn't have the courage to let it happen with Dyon staring directly at him like this. He couldn't even speak because Dyon's large hand was clamped over his face.

Dyon lifted his hand and stood up, leaving Elwing's head in a small crater formed on the ground.
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"If you'd like to witness how I save your kingdom, oh great prince, do follow. But, don't try and stop me again because even a trillion of your little supporters mean nothing to me." Dyon's eye swept over the entourage that followed Elwing, but in the end, they had nothing to say.

Elwing remained silent even as Dyon walked away.

As for those who were on Dyon's side, they had mixed feelings about what they had just witnessed. Those like Zabia and Alidor could hardly care. This was the martial world and Dyon was meant to be their leader. Tolerating disrespect would only cause those under him to question his viability as a leader.

However, those who had feelings for Dyon beyond just sheer respect, felt troubled by his actions.

Dyon's balance had been tipped unfavourably. With his soul and energy cultivation sealed, his body cultivation would be ruling his body for at least the next few decades. Who knew if his behaviour would get worse?


Later that day, Elwing had managed to gather himself and begin to act sensibly.

His reason for stopping Dyon earlier that day wasn't for an entirely selfish purpose. Dyon hadn't told anyone what his plan was, he only made large and seemingly impossible promises to keep. So, Elwing was rightfully worried. However, he would be lying to himself if he didn't admit that he hadn't stepped up to Dyon with malicious intentions.

But, Dyon had ironically knocked some sense into him. At the end of the day, it was Lionel that had put their entire family in danger and was also nearly the reason why their father, who Elwing obviously loved, almost died.

Elwing worshipped his elder brother, and his hate for Dyon hadn't disappeared. But, he also understood that there was nothing he could do in this situation. Dyon was simply too powerful, and those who followed him? Even more so.

Understanding this, Elwing could only give up.

Knowing that this would likely be a decisive campaign, and that asking Dyon for details was likely no longer an option, Elwing could only leave administrative duties to the Sapientia that were usually by his side before rounding up some of the better remaining talents to follow Dyon and his followers. He didn't know if he could help, but he couldn't sit by and do nothing when it was his kingdom on the line.

It was suffice to say that Elwing was very frustrated with his father. After Dyon left those words behind at the banquet, King Belmont had treated this matter as though it was done with. He didn't call any more meetings, he didn't discuss it with anyone, in fact, he entered secluded meditation and closed himself off from the world entirely. It was clear that the ripple effects of the battle were still very strong.

Dyon noticed Elwing's army following them, but, he said nothing. Why should he bother? He didn't plan on coming back to his universe for a long while after this, so someone needed to go back and inform them of what happened.

As a last remaining courtesy, Dyon decided to use a few dao stones to extend the forcefield of the Demon Sage Tower to protect the troops following them below. It would only slow them down if they had to stop and constantly fight against the drastic changes in the gates. One couldn't forget just how dangerous traveling to the center of a gate was.

So, just like that, an army of a few hundred thousand followed a large and slowly flying black and red tower, heading toward a decisive battle for the fate of their universe.


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