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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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649 Ally 3

"Are you sure about this?" A nervous Eli looked out into the Belmont natural moat, unable to remove his eyes from the swirling portal in the distance. As much as he wanted to by Delia's side when he fought, he knew enough to know that he'd be nothing but a burden. That was why he spent months of his time refining the herbs he grew and concocting pills for her, so that he could support her from afar.

Dyon patted his friend's shoulder. Surprisingly, despite having grown to 6'6, Eli seemed to have followed him in height again. In fact, Eli was three inches taller than him! That said, he was still the same scrawny boy, although his features had matured a bit.

"Of course. You don't even have to step out, just stay in my spatial ring and I'll make sure to protect you."

Eli felt a soft hand slide into his and couldn't help but feel reassured. Despite his nervousness, Dyon knew his friend well. Eli wasn't nervous because he was afraid to die, he just didn't want his death to make Delia sad.

"Regardless of what that useless old man says about you, he'll accept you no matter what. He owes me." Dyon didn't explain his words any further, but anyone around him could feel that he was very much serious. Maybe only Dyon could speak like that about a transcendent being and make it feel natural.

Suddenly, the sound of foot steps caught Dyon's attention. In fact, they made the very boat the were on sway more than the waves should have allowed.

Dyon curiously looked behind him only to find a hulking 3-meter-tall dark-skinned man picking him up in a bear hug to end all bear hugs.

Laughter sounded out all around as the good will spread, but to Dyon, his bones were creaking, and he could hardly breathe. He had a saint body, what the hell?

"Zabia," Dyon groaned, "Let me go."

Zabia's uproarious laughter made the bright morning even brighter as he set Dyon down.

"From today onward, you are my brother." Zabia smiled wildly. It was clear to everyone by this point that he was nothing more than a gentle giant.

Dyon smiled, reaching out his hand to clasp Zabia's. Why would he not want another ally this strong?

While the other quadrants were scrambling and fighting amongst each other for placement in their towers, they would work together toward a single goal. Dyon wasn't so arrogant or naïve as to believe he could do it alone, only with strong allies would they reach the pinnacle of cultivation. And only then could they live in this shit world without worries.

About an hour later, the rumbling of the gate indicated that the next campaign was about to begin in just a few minutes. But, that was when some unexpected guests arrived.

A group of seven, led by Amell and Nora, lightly touched down on the boat to face Dyon and his friends.

There was a complicated look on the couple's features, and they couldn't help but inadvertently glance between Dyon and Madeleine, but in the end, they could only sigh.

When Dyon noticed the bandaged up Iaachus nursing swollen cheeks, he couldn't help but burst into a fit of laughter.

"How are you doing Iaachus? Do you need ointment for that?"

Iaachus glared at Dyon, but when he noticed Amell turn back to him, he immediately pretended as though he had heard nothing.

Amell sighed, "I know we've made mistakes, but I can only promise that if I had another choice, I would have never done what I did.

"I only ask that you don't punish my disciples for my mistakes. Can you take them with you?"

Dyon scanned the sorrowful Amell before looking back toward his five disciples. It seemed like, of them, Iaachus and Trot weren't willing to meet his gaze, but the other three had respect in their eyes.

"The more, the merrier." Dyon said with a smile. Despite his domineering defeat of Trot, they were still talents, how could he pass them up so easily? They at the very least had heaven level bodies like Ava.
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Amell and Nora sighed a breath of relief at these words. They were happy that Dyon wasn't a petty person, or else they wouldn't know what to do with their regret.

With that out of the way, Amell and Nora seemed to become concerned about something else.

"Are you sure that you can handle the Uidah King God Clan alone? They're no normal King God Clan. For all intents and purposes, they're practically an Emperor God Clan. If the Pakals and Ragnors weren't suppressing their growth in other directions, they would have already become an Emperor God Clan.

"It's just that each universe acts as a base of power to any clan. So, the Uidah were a bit reluctant to add such a weak universe to its total.

"However, they seem to have thrown away that idea. It's more than likely that they've comprehended the secret, at least in part, of the Epistemic Tower. It's best to be cautious."

Dyon nodded at Nora's words. He could appreciate her concern, but there really would be no issues. In fact, Dyon had never been so sure of a victory in his life.

"There's no need to worry. I can't promise that the Uidah's animosity will disappear after this campaign. In fact, it will increase hundreds of folds, I can guarantee that."

The couple frowned at these words but could only continue to listen as they felt the blood of the youths around them boiling to the words of this young man. They had an unwavering confidence in him… The kind of confidence only borne to an Emperor by his subjects.

"However, all they'll be able to do with that anger is hold it in, unable to vent.

"After today, not only with the Uidah army of Earth Gate be destroyed, they won't dare to attack this universe from any gate so frivolously or arrogantly again!"

The words Dyon spoke during his first campaign, he meant with every fiber of his being. This universe was his home and he wouldn't allow anyone or anything to encroach on it.


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